Monday, 2 September 2013

Skate Along!

This past weekend, I hopped on a train and traveled down to visit my uni friend Hannah, and we decided to have a fun-filled day out in the beautiful capital that is London.

We decided to do all the tourist-y things that we never do when we're in London, so we headed over to the South Bank and said 'Good Morning!' to this gorgeous sight.
I mean. Look at that!
It's days like that, that make me think, God, I do love in a pretty damn spectacualr country.

We then headed in to the Sea Life Aquarium and visitied all the little fishies, including Nemo and his friends!
I also got to see my favourites of jellyfish, sea horses and penguins!
In the Antartic section of the aquarium, there was a wall made out of ice, where you got to leave your mark and write your own message.
After swimming with the sea creatures, we hoped on the tube and headed over to King's Cross to do some roller-skating!

I read about the Skate King's Cross pop-up roller disco over on The Londoner's blog, and ever since you posted about it, I've been dying to go. So, with my bestie in tow, we head over, tied up our boots, and glided onto the dancefloor.
I was like Bambi on ice for a good deal of the beginning, grabbing onto the side for my dear life! Whereas Hannah just got straight into it! I think she's missed her calling in life! After a while, I got the hang of it, and with the music pumping, I had so much fun I cannot explain.
After all that hard work, skating along, we headed over to the Disco Bistro, and had literally, the best and tastiest burger my mouth has ever tasted. No joke.
Not exactly the most elegant thing to eat though! There was juices dripping and I must've used more than my fair share of napkins, but, my god, it was good. My mouth is watering just typing about it!
Going to the pop-up skating definitely made me think to do more things like this that I normally wouldn't do, because even though I wasn't that great at it, it was such a laugh that it didn't even matter!
What do you guys do when you take a trip to visit the big capital? 

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,


  1. your pictures of London look beautiful! I love going up to london but sadly I haven't been up in over a year! I'm hoping to go soon though! lovely blog too :) xx

    1. aw, thank you :) I went there a lot during my Uni course, but mainly to do research and go to exhibitions, so it was nice to have a change and just have a day filled with fun! where are you from? hopefully you'll get to go up there soon! x

  2. wuapisimaa! Me encanta el outfit! Te gustaría que nos siguiéramos a través de Google Friend Connect y Blogloving??