Monday, 12 October 2015

Week by Numbers: culture vulture & pop princess

IT'S OCTOBER HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN. While I freak out over how quick time's going, the weeks have just completely bypassed me and before I knew it, it's not a week by numbers anymore, it's just recently by numbers. So without further ado...

7 favourites...
1.) This was my September. It's filled with family reunions, odd exhibitions and confusing feelings about relationships and dating.

2.) Two of my friends from school came down to visit me in London, and they're the first ones to do so, so it was really nice to kinda bring my old home to my new home. Both being rugby fans, we went to the pub to watch England play - and sadly ultimately lose - against Australia. Despite feeling a bit confused at what on earth was going on watching my first ever rugby match, the night completely spiralled out of control from a couple of pints at the pub to tequila shots and dancing to Depeche Mode. And my god, was it glorious.

3.) How did a weekly tv programme about baking become such a vital part of my week? With me and my flatmate making something every week in the theme with the show, the final was worthy of a four-tiered, pinata filled, ombre cake. It lasted a whole week in our flat. It was a monster. I know it's just a show about cakes but it's so not - it unites the whole nation together is such a ridiculous and stereotypically British way and produces wonderful quotes from wonderful people like this:

4.) The words 'Britney Vs. Beyonce night out' is like music to my ears. So when a night out consisted of exactly that, I immediately got my best Britney gear out and was more excited than a kid at Christmas. I was doing body rolls and arm pops in the club like nobody's business - THE CORRS WAS EVEN PLAYED. It felt like a school disco and it was brilliant. 

5.) Recently I made my way to The Strand to see the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition, and it interesting to say the least. Forget your standard views of what you thought exhibitions were like - this had mirrored rooms with flashing lights, catwalks shown in a room full of screens and a live workshop or artisans constructing LV products. Oh, and I think i've got the LV Parisian posing down haven't I?

6.) My mum and dad have been away in Hong Kong for 5 weeks, and even thought I've gone that long without seeing them before, with them not having internet access there, I forget how easy we have it now when it comes to communication. Needless to say I missed them like mad and FaceTimed them as soon as they got home.

7.) I'm on a bit of a hair journey at the moment. Apart from a few regrettable blonde highlights and my on-off fringe that I got cut because of Zooey Deschanel, I've not really been that experimental with my hair. It's pretty much just been long and the same since I was 15, so, I'm having a bit of fun now - and I'm dead excited, like.

3 tweets...
"My flatmate gives stellar love advice: "tell him it's waiting his texts and YOUR time" she says while slipping her shades on. SASS "
"Just woke up to be told I'm 'more of a girl than @JessicaMPlatt will ever be' & shown a video of me drunk singing by @joannaolivia92"
"Am loving the combo of legs out, long autumn coat and sunglasses on right now. This British autumn weather man "

1 outfit... 
top:ASOS, skirt:Girls on Film, shoes:Topshop
So a Britney vs. Beyonce night out is worthy of a Britney-poptastic outfit right? That's why the metallic leather mini skirt was whipped out along with the fluffy heels. Add a sassy side-swept style into the mix and you're set for your school disco girl.
 Oh, and some glitter on your face is always a must.

Stay happy!
Until next time...

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

September scarves & sillyness

Autumn is well and truly here. And for the first time EVER - I'm welcoming it with open arms.
Being a proper summer bunny, usually when the temperature and the leaves start to fall, I am clutching onto those last few rays of summer sun and refuse to give into the cold.
But this year, I'm saying 'yes' to the open fires, 'yes' to long coats and 'yes' to being wrapped up in layers.

And what better layer than the humble scarf? Seriously, where would me and my cold neck be without you?

Whether to top off a school-girl worthy denim ensemble - complete with rucksack - or fluffy enough to brighten up any pint-sized outfit
Outfits with all the fiesty skirts a girl could own may I add - leopard print and pink leather? Yeah, go on then.

And the perfect way to top such outfits? With your trusty hat of course - instant chic points, zero effort into doing your hair. Win-win all round.

But when those glimpses of sun still do manage to peep through, make sure you're got your glittery sunglasses and a plait in your hair before you leave the door. Oh, and any kind of floral dress will gain you compliments of lovely elderly women at the park.
If you thought September was all about the autumnal cover ups though, how wrong you were. September's just as silly as the rest of the year.

Enter, the glittery lucky cat bag. Putting the fun in functional!

And all sensible layers can be removed when it comes to bedtime in exchange for the most fun and flirty pjs you ever did see.

And yeah sure, when England rains, it really rains, but who needs a boring waterproof when you can have a yellow fisherman's jacket to shield you from the weather?
Oh, and looking like a french ballerina is always an option for work if you've got your blue stripes and lilac tutu to hand.
And if not, then get ready to go back-to-school with a polka dot heart shirt, topped off with your denim dungaree skirts.
Add in a swishy and sassy ponytail and your light-up rollerskates and you're ready to take on the world.

And anyone who tells you otherwise? Well, you can just tell them to kiss your sweet behind!

Stay happy!
Until next time..