Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Playtime July

July saw the welcome of a heatwave. Yes, a heatwave. And not like a measly 22 degrees British kind of heatwave, like a proper legit one - it was 33 degrees! 
So thinking of what you can wear on a packed commute in that heat is enough to make any girl's head tizzy. As little as possible basically if what you want on your body, and unless you have the confidence of Beyonce to rock up to work in a bikini or something of that ilk (which if you do, props on you and WHERE DO YOU WORK?), a strapless, short playsuit should do the trick. 
Bonus point if it's got palm trees printed all over it - it is summer after all! (and god knows they never last for long in ol' UK!)
Or if going all out on the skin front is too much for you, exposing your back will do wonders - c'mon, give the guy some space to breath. Whether it's in the form of a bright and cheerful Hawaiian-eaque floaty and floral cami top, or a long pastel maxi dress complete with side-splits and a lace-up back. Background of Kensignton gardens optional.
People seeing the back of you has never looked as stylish.
You know what else you do in the summer? Splash around in the ocean. And you know who else lives in the ocean? Mermaids of course. 
If you're sat in the office working and can't have a little paddle in the water, you'll be safe in the knowledge that you can look down at your watch and get lost in the aquatic gemstones that you picked up at Greenwich market. What a beaut.
Or y'know, there's the much less sensible option of a rainbow holographic t-shirt with a 90s throwback vibe - Sega Mega babe yo!
You know what else is not really that sensible? Going to dinner with your friends and having them greet you as Princess Jasmine because you've got oriental patterned culottes and an amethyst tiara on. Some say niche, I say AMAZING.
Also, for the longest time, I think culottes wouldn't flatter a 5 ft 5 girl with not the longest legs in the world. Oh how wrong I was. I'm sorry I ever doubted you my chic and comfy friend.
Or if that's just all too much to take in, let's take it back to basics. I'm talking denim and clean white threads (do kids even say that these days?) From ripped jeans and frayed, vintage dunga skirts covered in pockets, to holographic hi-tops and sheer, netted tops.
On a more serious note as well, can we just talk about how on point the message on this sweatshirt is? Not to mention just how darn comfy this bad boy also is.

Shirt too jazzy? It is a LITTLE jazzy...
(10 points to you if you get that reference)
Although I'm all about the patterns, they're usually floral and-or pastel, so autumnly colours and shimmery Morcoccan vibes? It's  like someone took the typical Amy and actually made her look like an adult. Topped off with a hat and plain denim or any sort and job's a good 'un.
Ok, serious time over, let normal scheduling resume! And that means initialled bags and multi-coloured pom-pom shoes - oh, which are also holographic by the way.
Couldn't be happier than when I'm in denim, with heart sunglasses on, with a pint and a hot dog in my hand. Life's fucking great ain't it?

Stay happy!
Until next time...

Monday, 10 August 2015

Weekends by Numbers: Bae-hoven, slides & squad goals

So, I've been a bit rubbish with updates and blogging recently because life and work has been so busy and I always feel like I'm having the best time but that it's going about 80mph! And whenever I finally do have a moment of serenity, I end up putting everything at a halt as I catch up on sleep and life-admin. So here's my proposal boys and girls - instead of telling you what I've been doing this week, I'm going to jot down all that's been going on during my jam-packed weekends - Ready? Let's go!

7 favourites...
1.) Just as I was getting used to making plans with friends in July, we've somehow now ventured into August....the 8th month of the year...HOW. Well, before August passes us by in a flash, here's my July, filled with pianos, pedelos and pints.

2.) One of the things I wanted to do more of this year, is spend money on experiences and days out, rather than on materialistic things, and although my ASOS habit hasn't quite been kicked, a lot more live music and weird and wonderful activities have entered my life too, and that's included Citadel festival which my fave bedtime and chill out babe, Ben Howard headlined, which was the perfect relaxing end after jumping around in the blazing heat all day. Throw in some cider, fairground rides and new music that's been discovered and you've got a crackin' day right there my friend.

3.) Another sunny weekend, anoth couple of pints of beer drank - standard. This time 
at Ally Pally at their summer festival, which basically means that there were stalls of yummy food and booze at Alexandra Palace, with fun fair rides and kick-ass singers distributed in between. And that made me super happy. How happy I hear you cry? THIS happy.
I mean - when you've got a hot dog, a pint, and heart sunglasses on, what more could you possibly want in the world?

4.) But if booze in the sunshine isn't your cup of tea (I mean - have you tried it?) then maybe a night at the BBC Proms in a motherflipping box (Yeah, housemates RULE) listening to Beethoven while sipping on bubbly and eating quiche. And since this isn't an everyday occurrence - would you believe it - we got dressed up for the event and no amount of typical British rain was going to put me off wearing this little backless number! 

5.) 'This sounds like a lot of activities Amy, what do you do when you're doing this with your weekends?', asked no-one ever. But one of my my favourite things to do of a lazy Sunday morning is to have a lie-in, crawl out of bed and enjoy a cup of tea while listening to Desert Island Discs while sat by the big ol' window in the living room. Utter. Bliss.

6.) A night out that is filled with Disney songs and musical songs you say? Right, i'm there with bells on it! That's how I spent one Friday night with my BFF, and how do you end such a magical night? By staying up to 4am playing Disney Trivial Pursuit and watching The Lion King obviously. Oh, then spend the next day hungover at Highgate Cemetery and spending 7 hours on a hunt for ice-cream, which ends with a MASSIVE sundae in your belly.
 And this is all done with said BFF, her boyfriend and 3 men that you met about 10 hours ago... Casual. 

7.) One thing - amongst many - that I miss about uni is house parties. Not needing to think about entrance fees and how much you're gonna spend on drinks or time you're gonna sacrifice dancing on the dancefloor because you're queuing up at the bar. Nop. Cus you're at someone's house, with a bottle that you've bought with you, and you can even kick off your heels as soon as your get in. My uni friend Hannah popped to London to attend such a party, and even stayed for a good ol' fashioned sleepover afterwards - n'aww! Unfortunately, I reverted back to my uni days a bit TOO much and ended up in quite a state. So much so that I sprained my ankle and spent the rest of my weekend with a fat ankle covered in bags of frozen veg. Whiskey - 1, Amy - 0.

3 tweets...
"Texted my flatmate with  this morning - is 7am too early for such an emoji combo?"
"Spending the weekend with a bunch of Northerners in London made me realise how much I miss people saying 'Ta love' to me "
 "You know it's gonna be a good day at work when your to-do list includes #GBBO and Spice Girls - YES then!  "

1 outfit...
You know THAT house party night I referred to where it all went Pete Tong? Yeah, well, while I may have looked like a 10/10 hot mess by the end of the night, the start of the night actually started off in a much more modest and monochrome manner.
With a black and white crochet bralet and striped pyjama-like trousers, this outfit was SO out of the realms of my usual ensembles, but I loved it SO much. Someone gimmie all the crochets crop tops please - they're flattering and oh-so-comfy.

Stay happy!
Until next time,