Monday, 24 December 2012

May your days (and jewellery) be merry & bright!

The big day is only a day away! It's so close that i can smell the mulled wine and taste the brussel sprouts!
 When it comes to jewellery, i am quite minimalistic even though i think big statement pieces look amazing on others, i prefer pieces that are more classically feminine and delicate, that will be timeless.

However, this festive season, I've made an exception as my magpie senses tingled and caught my attention to something special.
I love Christmas, probably an unhealthy amount, and even though i love all the jolly, kitsch accessories that creep up at this time of the year, with flashing lights and fluffy bobbles galore, i recently hauled one or two festive items that i really enjoy and think they compass Christmas without being too garish.

This ring was from a local shop where i live and was only £3 (bargin!) and i love how it's simple but bold at the same time. Every time i catch a glimpse of it, it just makes me want to burst out into Christmas melodies! But, as it's just gold, it still goes with most things.
 I also picked these adorable earrings from Claire's which i think are so cute and festive but remain simple.

Baubles, fairy lights, wrapping bows and ribbons, tinsel, and the star on top of the tree. 
All things that glimmer at Christmas :)
 I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas, with lots of love and festive cheer with the ones you love, and that you eat yourselves into a food coma :)

Speak soon,

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Warm & Cozy

Tis the season of giving!

Two of my housemates have came to visit me in my hometown of Stoke during the Christmas holidays, and we were a bit naughty and opened our Christmas gifts to one another before the big day.
I recieved a lovely and very thoughtful gift, and along with that, a scrummy treat they got me due to my love of moustaches.
I got them some adorable animal socks from Accessorize, which i have been loving for a while now and indulged myself in a few cheeky pairs myself, with my favourite pair being the foxes.
This post isn't really about anything apart from that, and that if you're feeling stressed from a big workload or assignments, then i hope these adorable little faces bring a smile to you face :)
And if you feeling like treating yourself or are struggling for a stocking filler for anyone, these would be perfect and are on offer at the moment!
"Attentiooon!"- Pj bottoms: Cath Kidston
 Although i'm a big summer person, sometimes you just can't beat a warm and cozy night in your favourite pjs with hot coco and a Disney film.
It's Christmas Eve's so close now! Are you all excited?!

Hope you're all well and looking forward to Christmas!
Only 2 more sleeps!
Speak soon.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pottering about...

While my 2 housemates, Michaela and Hannah, came to visit me in Stoke, i decided to take them do something to do something completely...Stoke.
Stoke-on-Trent was once a place where a lot of the world's pottery came from, and even now is highly known for it's pottery, so i decided to take them, along with my other friend Sarah, to the factory and decorating studio of Emma Bridgewater, where we decorated and painted our own tableware.

  So, with our paintbrushes and stamps at the ready and our chosen weapon of paints in tow, we were ready to attack candle holders, mugs, and jugs.
Hannah and I have once been here before and highly enjoyed it, however, this time, there was the addition of festive stamps, such as Christmas trees, mistletoe and holly.
Sarah went for a jug, decorated with multi-coloured striped and spotted sheep.
Michaela went to town on her candle holder with a winter scene with lots of amazing attention to detail in her snowmen.
Hannah invested herself in a lil cute mug, as did i, and we both indulged ourselves in the festive decorations and decided that these were the perfect size for a tipple of Baileys.
 I had reindeers galloping around mine with a hidden, lil Christmas pudding surprise waiting at the bottom. 

 I also got a larger mug and made a statement with my love for moustaches

"I moustache you a question!"

 If you get the chance to come Emma Bridgewater, or anywhere else in fact, to do some pottery painting, i would highly recommend it. It's such a relaxing but fun activity to do with others, and lets you show off your creative flair as well.

We then went to Trenthams Gardens and mulled around, looking at mulled wine and yummy-sounding liquors.

We later went to have dinner at a restaurant that has been a ol' favourite of mine named The Swan and Two Necks, and we indulged ourselves in some fantastic food and a really amazing platter of desserts to share.
A lot of the time, gifts and partying takes over Christmas and we forget that spending time with the ones we love is what is most important and one of the best things about this time of year.

I hope you all get to spend time with the loved ones in your lives this year, and I know this isn't possible for everyone, so my thoughts are with you.
I hope all your days will be merry and bright!

I hope you're all well.
Speak soon.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Music Crushes

Music plays a huge part in my life. 
I love music, all different genres and i love how a certain song or artist can conjure up a certain emotion or remind you or a certain memory.
They can make you jump up and dance like a fool, cry your weary eyes out, make you sing along thinking you're Adele herself, and some songs, well, they seem to make you feel an emotion you're not even sure how to explain.

There's having a a physical crush on someone you think looks attractive, but there's something different about having a music crush, where you're attracted to someones voice, their words and their emotions, which i think is deeper.

Ben Howard is my major music crush at the moment, and it's been going on for a while and still not died down.

His voice is so raw and is just filled with emotion. Not only is he an amazing singer but also an incredible songwriter, every word he sings, he means.

 Another one of my music crushes that have been on for a while also is Jessie Ware.
 The first song i heard from her was “Wildest Moments” and I instantly fell in love with it and am just as love with it today. Her music is just so refreshing to hear something a bit different, and with every song, you can feel her emotions and it provokes a emotion within you. She is beautiful inside and out, and has such a smooth, gorgeous and strong voice.

110% is still constantly on repeat.


Both of these artists' songs provokes a certain emotion within me that i can't seem to point my finger on, but it doesn't happen much. 
A lot of you will already know about these two brilliant people, but if you haven't already, you should definitely have a little session on Youtube :)
Also, Solange, who is the younger, but just a talented, sister of Beyonce, has a new song out which is unlike the other stuff I've heard from her before and i am just absolutely loving it!

 And if all of these are a bit too mellow for you, this song never fails to get me up and dancing like a maniac and smile with it's 80s feel.

I love all genres of music, everything from opera and hip-hop to rock and good ol' pop are on my playlists, so if you have any new music or amazing new artists you could recommend to me, please leave it in the comments below!
What do you think to these artists?  Are you crushing on them or not that keen?
Hope you're all well.
Speak soon.  

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Donna Wilson

Once again, i got enticed by ASOS. Every Sunday they have a fantastic event called Savvy Sunday, where they have a particular offer on that lasts for just 24 hours, and a couple of weekends back, there was one particular offer one based around accessories, and i decided to have a little snoop around.



A snazzy little scarf caught my eye, it was bright and colourful, and made me smile in this bitterly cold weather, and had such a brilliant print on it and i found out it was by a print artist that goes by the name of Donna Wilson. I definitely needed to find out some more about this brilliant artist! 

(image: Donna Wilson)

She has a brilliant way with colour and create the most cheerful and fun and whimsical pieces I've seen in a long time. Being quoted as a 'material marvel' and being 'wonderful with wool', there are pieces that are  adorably wacky, such as the fox scarf, to pieces that are bright, fun and so different to other stuff that's out there,yet still extremely wearable. I'm just kicking myself that i didn't know about this brilliant lady earlier!


(images: Donna Wilson)
When i received this little beauty through the post, i was amazed at how soft it was! I love the little cute and heartwarming tag and the fact it's made in Scotland. Manufacturing in the Great Britain is dying down and i always find it inspiring when companies still do, and i try to support them when i can. 




I absolutely love this new addition to my winter wardrobe and can see it being a regular for many years to come as it's great quality. I think it looks great brightening up a neutral outfit, or teamed up with another item that is a colour out of the scarf to highlight it.


With all the cold weather and Christmas coming up, so many of these items would be ideal for presents for loved ones of cheeky ones for yourself, with toys and scarves for kids or kits, prints and cushions for big kids at heart.

Donna has her own blog and also a website where you can buy all kinds of wonderful wonders.

So if you're feeling a bit blue from the cold weather and have a horrific cold like me, or work and assignments are piling up, go check out her website as i'm sure there's soemthing there that will bring a smile to your face.
And i highly suggest you keep an eye out for these Savvy Sundays on ASOS as they have some great offers and most of the time, is where i rack up all my goodies as the discounts are pretty substantial, and you also sometimes get to discover new brands or designers that you may not have come across before. Even when offers aren't on though, the also have 10% student discount all year round which is perfect for any students like me who are naughty and love to shop.

What do you think to Donna's prints? A fun and whimsical addition to adult life or should be left for kids?


Hope you're all well and keeping warm in this weather!
Speak soon.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Baby it's cold outside...

I am a big Christmas person, so i get into the festive move pretty early on and it is just getting more and more intense as Christmas draws nearer. So, with my festive jumper protecting me, i braved the cold.

On my way into uni today with Hannah, the backdrop was just beautiful. The was frost caressing every twig and leaf on the trees, and it was just so goregously wintery, like it was right out of a christmas card scene.



Along with a fetive jumper, that has carefully placed sequins and beads that sparkle like fairy lights, i also wore a skirt that just sums up winter and Christmas for me.


With strands of wool and golden threads running through it, i love the texture and look of this skirt and is unlinke anything that i own.


Hannah was also wrapped up warm in her cozy grey coat from Zara looking snug, with her leather rucksack in tow, ready for any frosty, fun adventure.


Walking through this racecourse everday, sometimes i forget how lovely the nature is within it. The weather just enhanced this and altough it may not be the Taj Mahal, it definitely shoudl be not taken for granted.


Do you look forward to the winter weather and have yoru fingers crossed for snow? Or do you find it more of a pain and a hindrence?

Coat: New Look, Jumper: Monsoon, Skirt: Mango, Faux fur collar: Coast, Boots: Timberland

Hope you're all well.
Speak soon.