Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Music Crushes

Music plays a huge part in my life. 
I love music, all different genres and i love how a certain song or artist can conjure up a certain emotion or remind you or a certain memory.
They can make you jump up and dance like a fool, cry your weary eyes out, make you sing along thinking you're Adele herself, and some songs, well, they seem to make you feel an emotion you're not even sure how to explain.

There's having a a physical crush on someone you think looks attractive, but there's something different about having a music crush, where you're attracted to someones voice, their words and their emotions, which i think is deeper.

Ben Howard is my major music crush at the moment, and it's been going on for a while and still not died down.

His voice is so raw and is just filled with emotion. Not only is he an amazing singer but also an incredible songwriter, every word he sings, he means.

 Another one of my music crushes that have been on for a while also is Jessie Ware.
 The first song i heard from her was “Wildest Moments” and I instantly fell in love with it and am just as love with it today. Her music is just so refreshing to hear something a bit different, and with every song, you can feel her emotions and it provokes a emotion within you. She is beautiful inside and out, and has such a smooth, gorgeous and strong voice.

110% is still constantly on repeat.


Both of these artists' songs provokes a certain emotion within me that i can't seem to point my finger on, but it doesn't happen much. 
A lot of you will already know about these two brilliant people, but if you haven't already, you should definitely have a little session on Youtube :)
Also, Solange, who is the younger, but just a talented, sister of Beyonce, has a new song out which is unlike the other stuff I've heard from her before and i am just absolutely loving it!

 And if all of these are a bit too mellow for you, this song never fails to get me up and dancing like a maniac and smile with it's 80s feel.

I love all genres of music, everything from opera and hip-hop to rock and good ol' pop are on my playlists, so if you have any new music or amazing new artists you could recommend to me, please leave it in the comments below!
What do you think to these artists?  Are you crushing on them or not that keen?
Hope you're all well.
Speak soon.  

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