Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pottering about...

While my 2 housemates, Michaela and Hannah, came to visit me in Stoke, i decided to take them do something to do something completely...Stoke.
Stoke-on-Trent was once a place where a lot of the world's pottery came from, and even now is highly known for it's pottery, so i decided to take them, along with my other friend Sarah, to the factory and decorating studio of Emma Bridgewater, where we decorated and painted our own tableware.

  So, with our paintbrushes and stamps at the ready and our chosen weapon of paints in tow, we were ready to attack candle holders, mugs, and jugs.
Hannah and I have once been here before and highly enjoyed it, however, this time, there was the addition of festive stamps, such as Christmas trees, mistletoe and holly.
Sarah went for a jug, decorated with multi-coloured striped and spotted sheep.
Michaela went to town on her candle holder with a winter scene with lots of amazing attention to detail in her snowmen.
Hannah invested herself in a lil cute mug, as did i, and we both indulged ourselves in the festive decorations and decided that these were the perfect size for a tipple of Baileys.
 I had reindeers galloping around mine with a hidden, lil Christmas pudding surprise waiting at the bottom. 

 I also got a larger mug and made a statement with my love for moustaches

"I moustache you a question!"

 If you get the chance to come Emma Bridgewater, or anywhere else in fact, to do some pottery painting, i would highly recommend it. It's such a relaxing but fun activity to do with others, and lets you show off your creative flair as well.

We then went to Trenthams Gardens and mulled around, looking at mulled wine and yummy-sounding liquors.

We later went to have dinner at a restaurant that has been a ol' favourite of mine named The Swan and Two Necks, and we indulged ourselves in some fantastic food and a really amazing platter of desserts to share.
A lot of the time, gifts and partying takes over Christmas and we forget that spending time with the ones we love is what is most important and one of the best things about this time of year.

I hope you all get to spend time with the loved ones in your lives this year, and I know this isn't possible for everyone, so my thoughts are with you.
I hope all your days will be merry and bright!

I hope you're all well.
Speak soon.

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