Sunday, 31 March 2013

Egg-cellent Sunshine!

So, it's approaching April, we are well into Spring, and there is still snow about...c'mon weather...get a grip! I suppose we're all to blame though, global warming is definitely evident, let's just hope everyone realises and does their bit for the environment.

Despite this though, this Easter Sunday, the sunshine made a cheerful appearance, and i couldn't help but smile.
Sunny, yet still bitterly cold, i slipped into a flowing maxi skirt, keeping my legs under wraps, and snuggled up in a chunky knitted jacket, with a fax fur collar.
jacket: River Island, top: H&M, skirt: Warehouse, sunglasses: Ted Baker, earrings: notonthehighstreet,com
 I love the fun scribbles on this skirt, yet remaining sophisticated with a monochrome tone.

To keep myself feeling more in the Spring spirit, I sprinkled some daisy earrings on, and twisted a plait in my hair.

The look of Spring seems to be kick-started, I just hope the temperature follows suit soon!

I spent this Easter Sunday sharing lots of cuddles, kisses, and cheeky smiles with my beautiful baby nephew, having a proper laugh over very silly stuff with my sister-in-law, spending lots of priceless qualty time with family, and of course, eating copious amounts of chocolate!

I hope you all have a lovely long Easter weekend :)

I have just over 20 working days left at Uni, which is a very scary thought! I'll share a bit more of my work soon, before it all flies by!

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Suit & Tie

As much as i was hoping for the weather of Spring to make more of an appearance, it seems the Winter is here to stay a while longer, let's just hope it's not for too long.

But Winter doesn't need to mean dreary colours and shades of beige and grey, so some cheerful red went into my outfit this cold and snowy day.
shirt:Gap, tie:M&S, skirt:Topshop (old), boots:Timberland
Buttoning my red, checkered shirt, right up, i topped it off with a swish lil' bow-tie and matching telephone booth red lippy.
I love having this cute lil addition to my outfit, and the lippy i think just ties it all together and tops it off with a feminine note.
Here's hoping though that the weather will pick up a bit and summer dresses and wedges will be making more of an appearance, keep your fingers crossed!

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Funny for money!

A while back, i posted about the Comic Relief t-shirts for this year's Red Nose Day, by the cool cat that is Stella McCartney.

I loved them and finally got round to picking one up, and with ALL of the profits going to the amazing cause that help not only those less fortunate living in difficult conditions in Africa, but also in the UK, it's a no-brainer.
Being as it is Comic Relief, what could be more fitting than the iconic and ever-so-comical, Tommy Copper.

Not only does his face on this t-shirt just make me smile everytime i see it, but it just reminds me of watching him with my nan when i was younger, i've also recieved so many compliments on it! A fab, stylish top AND helping an incredible charity...what is there to lose?! 

I may even need to pick up the Marylin Monroe or Beatles one...i just think they're brilliant!

 I altered my Red Nose tee slightly (as i hate high, round necklines!), and styled mine with matching red lippy, and ditched my contacts and embraced my specs.

I hope you pick up on, or even grab a red nose and take part, and if you want to go even futher, TK Maxx are asking all you gorgeous people to snap up a picture of you in you RND gear. By uploading it to the free '50 Ways To Wear It' app (which is avaiable on their Facebook page, on iTunes, and Google Play), you'll be helping even more, as for ever photo that's uploaded, TK Maxx donate a £1 to Comic Relief!

Remember to tune into Comic Relief on BBC1 on Friday at 7pm, for lots of funny moments and inspiring pieces, and a special performance of this year's RND single,  from those cheeky (and beautiful!) chappys that are One Direction.
An enthusicatic take on a classic! I love these 2 songs, and Blondie are one of my favoruite bands, but i think the lads do a great job of it :)  
Once upon a time, they were a hidden guilty pleasure of mine, but since, i've embraced being a Directioner!

I hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Sunday, 10 March 2013

China heart

This week, Spring seems to be making an appearance and creeping into the frosty mornings, and I couldn't be happier!

Brighter colours and less layers have been put on when I get ready in the morning.
Top: Anthropologie, Trousers: H&M, Shoes: Carvela
I love all the creases and folds on this pink jumper, which although subtle, change it from quite normal, to something quite different and quirky. And the colour just makes me happy!
I love these trousers as well, the print on them conjures up thoughts of William Morris and china plates at a tea party. Although being a girl a big skirts and dresses girl for years, I recently cannot get enough of all the printed trousers out there!

I really cannot wait for a change of season, weather and what I wear, and I've got my fingers crossed that it won't be long until summer dresses and sandal wedges can be dusted off!

And just as I'm typing this, it's started snowing outside again....i might be waiting in my fluffy hoodie for a bit longer...

Are you enjoying all the printed trousers at the moment? Or do you think they're a bit too snazzy (as my dad would say!) 
And are you looking forward to Spring?! Or are you more of a Winter bear?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Thursday, 7 March 2013


I always feel like there's two worlds when you mention the site of Youtube. There are those who use it to watch their favourite artists' videos on Vevo and watch cats and animals being cute and funny. And then there are those who watch all the million other talented stuff that it has to offer.

I definitely fit into the 2nd category.

I have watched vloggers and sketches on Youtube since i can remember, with AmazingPhil and Community Channel being the first people i was subscribed to, and who still remain to be regulars that i love to watch (come back Natalie Tran!)
There is just so much talent out there on the net it's insane, and because the internet is global, there is literally something to tick everyone's box.

I guess this post isn't really anything but to shed a bit of light onto the side of Youtube that some people may bypass, and point out a few of my personal favourites i think you should definitely go check out.
I've known people who have discovered a new genre of music they love to death, others who found their perfect foundation or tried a new products from beaut gurus and i felt like some sort of proud mother when AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire got their own show on Radio 1. I think they are both hilarious and charismatic and their videos are always engaging and have so much thought put into them, from the dialogue to the editing and even the sill roles the sometimes put themselves through. And i just felt like all their hard work paid off and am so glad they are getting more notice.
KickthePJ. He comes up with the most imaginative, bonkers and brilliant things, from sketches about a grandad falling over fruit, to scary clown characters. I also personally love the way he edits, with annotations and lil sound effects that echo back to my childhood, and being a bit a Nintendo geek, this just makes me smile :) A brilliant storyteller.
GunnaRolla. I love the music and humour he creates and think he is incredibly talented. I first stumbled upon him when i saw his song, "Comic Sans" and just thought it was hilarious and so catchy, i was singing it for days!
Crabstickz. Fucking hilarious and crackers. Simple as that. I think his acting is brilliant and that he's very honest about how Youtube has changed. His video of animal impressions cracks me up every time and still remains to be one of my favourite things. ever.
Community Channel. Some of the best sketches that are brilliantly funny and relatable. Beautiful and hysterical, and i hope her and her clone self comes back soon!
Goss Make-up. One of the most honest youtubers I've ever seen and i just think he's brilliant. Gives very simple yet professional and effective tips and tutorials and they're just so well-explained. And a brilliant sense of humour!
Daily Grace. Love her comments and reactions to popular culture, absolutely witty and the catchiest little jungles that get stuck in your head...
OMFGIt'sJack&Dean. Hysterical sketches that are brilliantly written, acted out, and shot. 2 hilarious guys, whose some of their sketches have become things i refer to in daily life..."BALLS DEEP!"
Sorted Food. Simple ye effective absolutely yummy and creative recipes. Explained clearly by a team of charismatic and cheeky chappys!
Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. Both seem so sweet, funny and friendly, and i just think the make beauty videos so much more entertaining and fun with their personalities shining through.
Benjamin Cook from Nine Brass Monkeys made a series called 'Becoming Youtube' that talked about and looked into a lot of the different aspects and sides of the community and was extremely interesting and well-made and i highly recommend anyone to go watch it. But in particular, the last episode really stood out to me.
I've mentioned before who i want to start Youtube, and in fact, since i joined the site in 2006 to subscribe to channels, I've attempted 5 times, and being too afraid each time to upload what I've recorded or made. I managed to start this blog and talk a load of rubbish that most of you aren't interested in, so how is that any different?  I think it's just different. Talking to a camera and basically letting people not only judge you but also they way you look, speak, act, compared to typing your thoughts down onto a screen. But i have always thought that, with beauty gurus aside, there is a lack of female youtubers. Don;t get me wrong. I love watching beauty videos, and the female youtubers i do watch, i love. But why are the boys dominating Youtube so much? Is it because girls just can't take criticism as well? Or do we get judged by looks more? Or are girls less willing to let other people see when they make a fool out of themselves? Who knows, but there is definitely an imbalance there.

Hopefully, that's about to change and there will be one more girl in the game. If the fear doesn't take over again.

These are just a handful of my favourites, there are a plethora or other people and channels that i love and am subscribed to, but if i went through the whole list, this post would go on forever! 
I really do hope you check out some of these channels and enjoy. I have discovered and love so much that have come out of Youtube, and i hope you do too.

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,
(promise there will be more fashion-related posts again soon!)