Thursday, 14 March 2013

Funny for money!

A while back, i posted about the Comic Relief t-shirts for this year's Red Nose Day, by the cool cat that is Stella McCartney.

I loved them and finally got round to picking one up, and with ALL of the profits going to the amazing cause that help not only those less fortunate living in difficult conditions in Africa, but also in the UK, it's a no-brainer.
Being as it is Comic Relief, what could be more fitting than the iconic and ever-so-comical, Tommy Copper.

Not only does his face on this t-shirt just make me smile everytime i see it, but it just reminds me of watching him with my nan when i was younger, i've also recieved so many compliments on it! A fab, stylish top AND helping an incredible charity...what is there to lose?! 

I may even need to pick up the Marylin Monroe or Beatles one...i just think they're brilliant!

 I altered my Red Nose tee slightly (as i hate high, round necklines!), and styled mine with matching red lippy, and ditched my contacts and embraced my specs.

I hope you pick up on, or even grab a red nose and take part, and if you want to go even futher, TK Maxx are asking all you gorgeous people to snap up a picture of you in you RND gear. By uploading it to the free '50 Ways To Wear It' app (which is avaiable on their Facebook page, on iTunes, and Google Play), you'll be helping even more, as for ever photo that's uploaded, TK Maxx donate a £1 to Comic Relief!

Remember to tune into Comic Relief on BBC1 on Friday at 7pm, for lots of funny moments and inspiring pieces, and a special performance of this year's RND single,  from those cheeky (and beautiful!) chappys that are One Direction.
An enthusicatic take on a classic! I love these 2 songs, and Blondie are one of my favoruite bands, but i think the lads do a great job of it :)  
Once upon a time, they were a hidden guilty pleasure of mine, but since, i've embraced being a Directioner!

I hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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