Thursday, 19 June 2014

And...breathe again!

So, first of all, my apologies for my lack of presence on here lately. I've had a lot of deadlines for my Masters degree, and what first seemed like a completely manageable amount, turned into this monster of word counts, essays, page designs and colour palettes.
image: WhatOliviaDid
So a week ago on Friday, I finally handed in all my individual work for this degree. That portfolio included my own magazine concept, a business plan and market research into it, designing covers for it, thinking of contents, interviewing for it and not only writing features from our own magazine, but a variety of different features.

I remember one of the first days that I moved to Sheffield, I was sat at this pub with all these new people, and one guy mentioned how it was his birthday in June, and he wasn't sure if people would still be around to celebrate it with him, and it was a big birthday. The big 3-0.

Before i knew it, I was sat at the same pub, with the same people, on that said-guy's birthday, celebrating his birthday and our deadlines. It was kinda poetic in a way.

We went out and celebrated. For all the stress, teas, cups of coffee drank and late nights, it was finally done.
The upcoming week was a mixed bag of emotions. Despite the deadline, there was still an essay to do, but I got a few beers, a gin & tonic here and there, sang along (badly!) to a silent disco and quite lot of dancing in there too...
Since then, I've been getting on top of my life again. My actual life!
That includes doing boring things like banking and posting... But I've also seen my family at my nephew and niece's birthday party (how is my nephew 7 years old already?!), followed my own blog's name and frolicked in the park in the sunshine with ice cream, swang on some swings, laughed at movies and while catching up with Orange is the New Black, and I even got asked on, and went on a date!

It's not until  I've stopped and taken a step back, that I've realized how far I've come, from when I started this course less than a year ago. I'm happy and proud with how much I've learnt, and excited for all that's to come in the future! (I do still have summer project before I finish officially in September, but let's not concentrate on that...)

Regular blogging will resume!
Hope you're all well!
Speak soon,