Monday, 9 May 2016

Absolute April!

April is one of my favourite months, and I'm not gonna lie, part of the reason why I love it so much is because it's MY BIRTHDAY! And what better way to celebrate getting older and not really that much wiser, than with a LBD (psst, it's backless! oo-er.) Oh, and 2 metallic silver MASSIVE balloons to let everyone how old you are. Of course.

And let's face it, getting older was never going to stop me wearing ridiculous and silly things now was it. There's too many moving sequinned tops, heart sequinned bras, cactus printed shorts and tassled slogan sweatshirts to get through.

But don't worry I'm practical too! If by practical you mean a sport Space Jam basketball jersey and an equally as sporty Adidas jacket. SPORTS.

Oh, and there were stripes involved - colourful, tied-up stripey numbers...

ALL the stripes. From jeans to go with bright lemon-yellow midi skirts.

See, told you it went with yellow. Even when that yellow is in the form of a fisherman-style raincoat. Which go perfectly with floral embroidered jeans. All the essential one needs to go away on holiday right?

But that doesn't mean I can't do dar and mysterious as well! Look at that dark lipstic, strappy cami and metallic leather skirt. All the many, mad dimensions to how I like to dress y'all.

But let's face it, I'm just gonna end up back to comfort. Whether that's a slouchy jumpsuit, a shirt worthy of a sleepover, or your actual pyjamas. Comfort is king kids.

Until next time,

Friday, 6 May 2016

Month by Numbers: holidays, birthdays & drunken haze

7 favourites...

1.) April is one of my favourite months. Yes, it being the month of my birthday might have a little something to do with it (just maybe). But honestly, it's the time that Spring really starts to kick in, which gets me all giddy for Summer approaching and all the fresh starts that can be made. Not you could tell with the recent downpour of snow. YES SNOW IN APRIL.

2.) Yes, it was that time of year again I got yet again a bit older. It's funny, but I was talking to a friend about how organising something to do for your birthday is so stressful, when you should just be having a laugh and a half. You worry if people will like the place you're going to, that they'll all be busy and you'll be a billy-no-mates. But after all that, you realise that that's all just quite silly and all the people who love you and you truly care about, actually care about you too and you'll recieve cards you didn't expect to get a text off, thoughtful gifts from friends who've moved to the other side of the world, dance with you favourites, and find your parents at Euston station with 2 massive balloons that are nearly bigger than you teeny tiny mum. Thanks amazing humans - you're all swell and I love you quite a bit.

3.) And what better way to celebrate turning 24 than to go see Disney's new animated bundle of goodness - Zootopolis. I went to go see it with one of my best friends and fellow Disney-loving nut, and amongst a see of children and parents on a Saturday afternoon, there were us haha. I cried. A LOT. 4 times to be exact. And the 1st time was only about 10 minutes into the film. It's so funny, and real, and charismatic. You'll fall in love with the characters and it's got such a good message - it's just good for your heart and your soul guys!

4.) Along with cartoon bunnies and foxes (2 of my fave animals FYI), I went for many a drinks to celebrate my increasing old age - no surprises there. There were tropical tipples at Ridley Road Market Bar, cake and coffee at Wes Anderson playground Drink, Shop & Do, magical moments in Alice in Wonderland themed bar Callooh Callay, right antics with some scoundrels in an old underground tube station at Cahoots, and relaxed in the lap of luxury in the pink paradise that is Sketch. I never stop finding fab places to eat and drink in London, and that's reason no.39840234 why I love this mad city.

5.) Like the love child of Hozier, The 1975, Tame Impala and Miguel, comes east-London duo Honnes. Not even joking, it was love at first listen when I first heard these two. I Shazam-ed them as I exclaimed 'omg who's this? I love it!', and the rest, as they say, is history. Their words make my heart break, that voice makes me melt and the beats they create are criminally indulgent. My life is changed. You should change yours too.

6.) The month, I've realised that I comprise a lot. Being a fully-fledged adult means that you DO have to compromise on stuff and I have no problem with that. But it dawned on my recently that I compromise a lot of my own feelings, opinions and happiness, to make sure other people are ok. As much as I want people around me to happy, that shouldn't be a compromise on my own happiness, so I'm slowly but surely learning that it's OK to put my self first sometimes.

7.) To top off a pretty marvellous month, I jetted off on a pretty impromptu weekend getaway to Amsterdam and oh my, did I fall in love with that city. I love most places that I go away to, but this was the first time I felt like I wanted to pack up my life and move there - the people are so friendly, it's such a chilled environment and all the wonky and discombobulated houses make me feel like I'm walking in a scene out of Aristocats. Despite nearly getting lost at midnight and getting locked in an empty tram carriage, the capital of Holland provided good beer, sunshine through the cold weather, beautiful tulips, amazing waffles, and I was blown away by the oh-so-cute windmills. Amsterdam? More like AmsterDAMN.

5 tweets...

1.) Good thing is by now, I've got my game face down to an absolute art now. House party? Yeah no worries - hand me the eyeliner 💅

2.) With my Adidas jacket & Lola Bunny phone case, passengers on the tube might not think I'm a 
9-5er but the bags under my eyes say otherwise 😴

3.) Went for pub food & had ham in my hair - why do I always have meat in my hair?! If that's the biggest problem in my life, I'm ok with that  🐷

4.) You know when you go out and you only realise how drunk you are when alone in the toilets? Yeah. That's me today but with being tired 😴

5.) Shoutout to the security guys @Gatwick_Airport who were funny & friendly at 5am (and didn't judge me on my animal pjs in my case)  👮🏻👏🏼

3 songs....

1.) Drank - One Dance
I think my love for 90s throwback UK garage plays a big part of why I can't resist dancing to this but dammit, I just can't stop. (The proper version isn't on YouTube, but here's a pretty badass cover from Radio 1's Live Lounge)

2.) Honnes - Baby Please
I mentioned already why I love this so much, see above for reasoning ok, thanks.

3.) Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This Is What You Came For
This is just proper good dance-pop. If the beats, subtle clever drop, and smooth as butter vocals on this don't get you psyched for the summer, I don't know what will