Wednesday, 18 November 2015

"Are you asian? Cus I'm Chin-a get on you!"

You won't believe some of the things I've had shouted, catcalled, yelled and just thrown in my face before.

"Your legs look tasty, just like a pair of golden spring rolls!"
"Do you want to come home with me and practise some Kung Fu moves in bed?"
"Yee-haw cowgirl! Where are you trotting off to today my love?"
"Would you like a taste of my sweet and sour chicken balls?"
"They don't make them like you back in Thailand!"
(Yep, sadly, all of them have happened...)
Some of them have been just plain racist. Some have been pure sexual and gross. Most of them inaccurate. Many of them just don't make any sense.
But all of them, are not ok!
This is not me bragging about getting attention - I'm perfectly happy and confident in myself, but on the other hand, I'm also not a leggy Victoria Secrets angel strutting down the street, you know what I mean? I'm just going about my day y'all.
This is me just sick of this happening. And the worst thing is, when you talk about it, there are those people who just DON'T get it and will no doubt say 'Oh, but they're just trying paying you a compliment! It's nice! Stop being such a whiny cow about it!'
It's almost like if you're a female, and you take the courage to speak out about something you feel uncomfortable about, you're labelled a mardy, feminist, bitch.
First of all, comments like that aren't a compliment! 
You have nice eyes, I really like how passionate you are about your career, that bag is amazing ,  you're make me proper LOL, I really like spending time with you - THOSE are compliments!
Second of all, these are strangers. I don't know you from Adam mate - what do you expect to happen when you shout comments like that to people? That they'll think 'my god, that's what I've always wanted to hear! Please let's go on a date so I can hear more and we can talk about how we're going to spend our lives together' No. Nop. Big bag of nop. Not gonna happen now is it?

If you were with your girlfriend, sister, daughter or female friend and someone shouted something like that to them down the street, you wouldn't be OK with it would you?
But you see, the thing is, you'd never see that happening because sadly, it only happens really happens when they're not with any guys or if you're alone. Cowards. 
Instances like this, I like to stand up for myself. I like to tell people that, 'Dya know what? I don't feel ok with that and it made me a bit uncomfortable' and hope that they maybe even realise why and think twice about doing it in the future. 
But it's sad when you end up have to pick and choose which battles you're gonna stick up for yourself, because you simply don't have the energy to tackle them all.

I've honestly been too intimidated to walk past a bunch of lads shouting stuff at me before, so have crossed the road or gone a different way. That's what it comes down to.

And there is no reason on earth I, or any other girl or person, should ever have to feel like that.

So, can we just not please?

Until next time,

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week by Numbers: Grey, ghoulish and girls galore

Yep. I've done it again - i've done that thing where life gets hella busy and plans get in the way and this blog type thingamabob takes a back seat (not that anyone's keeping a watchful eye on it)

But enough with apologies and excuses, let's just into this shall we? 

7 favourites...
My October consisted of singing drunkingly into my phone, autumnal walks and plenty of bleach.

2.) Hopefully this too busy and constantly tired thing I've been doing of late will ease up a bit as there's been some changes to my career and job and there's going to be a bit more wriggle room and freedom in my life. All a bit vague but I don't deal with confrontation well so let's just leave it as this, for now anyway.

3.) I may be apologised a bit already, but you know what I'm not sorry for? Liking Sorry and playing and dancing to it on repeat. IT'S AN ABSOLUTE BANGER PEOPLE.

4.) So after 3 trips to the hairdressers and sitting there with bleach on my hair, I've finally achieved my dream hair goals thanks to my hair angel Shannon and the babes at Bleach Salon. My mum can't quite understand why I've gotten a grey balayage when she's spent the past decade of her life getting rid of her grey but MY GOD I LOVE IT. Also, any dark hair babes who want to bleach their hair - Olaplex is an absolute godsend and somehow makes your hair not feel like straw. All. Prayers. Answered.

5.) And what better time for grey hair than the spooky season that is Halloween. And once again, like I have done the past few years, I've sacrificed my vision all in the name for creepy contacts. But c'mon, how else are you supposed to look like a Cub Scout who had a horrific time at camp? (Aka, I found my Cub Scout uniform at home and ta-da, costume done). Also, when you go on an impromptu 2nd Halloween night out and need to find a last-minute costume, having long hair and a long black skirt can do wonders - Hiya Morticia Addams!

6.) 2 of my friends from home are moving over to Australia and it's exciting and sad all at once But what better send-off than a night out back in my hometown with an inflatable kangaroo? Look on the bright side? This is surely a clear-cut sign that I need to go to Oz now, right?

7.) Speaking of childhood friends, I actually went to my 5-year reunion at school yesterday. It was bizzare to be back in the building that I was once was learning algebra and Shakespeare in, but so unbelievably lovely to see all my old teachers and spend some time catching up with close friends and friends from the past.

3 tweets...
"What I've realised about life after uni is that I live as a baller for a week after payday, and then am skint for the rest of the month..."
"It's that time of the year again when I wonder why on earth adults don't have half term"
"Packed a pair of hair crimpers to take back to London because that's the kinda gal I am "

1 outfit...
dress:Topshop, boots:ASOS
Hi. The 70s called and their want their cords and Brigette Bardot boots back please. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Make up your mind October

The problem when you have quite an addictive personality like me is when you commit to something, you kind of do with it all guns blazing. And that's no exception when it comes the way I dress. Transitional wardrobe? What transitional wardrobe? 

It's wrapping in every single dark winter accessory you own - hats, boots, scarves - the whole lot...
Or it's either legs out in pretty pastels...
Hi, am I Britney yet? Well, when you're going on a night out when it specifically Beyonce vs. Britney, how can you not don your metallics leather skirt, fluffy heels and stick some glitter on your face?

But of course, pretty pastels have their place in all the autumnal shades too - coats that the Sugarplum Fairy and Elle Woods would be envious of are all you need to survive the British chill.
Oh, and always make sure that your undies and socks match under all the layers that you've piled on. You know. Just in case.
And then there's those times in Autumn when you go for stroll around a park in your dungarees, and because it's a lazy Sunday, you put your hair in a hun and whack on your shades thinking you look pretty rockin' with Caroline Flack vibes. But then your friend shatters your dreams when she tells you that you look like Belle's father - the inventor - from Beauty and the Beast.
Cheers mate.

And of course, being October, there's Halloween. I flipping Halloween (despite hating all things spooky like scary movies) and this year I really grabbed the day by the horns and did a double Halloween and double fancy dress.
 Literally couldn't have been two more split personalities. From a zombie cub scout where everything went horribly wrong down at the woods at cub scout camp, to going as the sultry dark mistress of the Addams family that is Morticia. (Seriously - may throw out all my pastels and become a goth...)

And when the morning after the night before rolls around and you may be a bit worse for wear to think of what to wear, you can't really go wrong with a jumper and skirt combo, whether you want to go sensible or silly.
 But there are days when that's even too much and you just have to ride out your hangover with a dungaree dress, hot dog sweatshirt, glittery sunglasses and a glass of milk in a flamingo glass. 
Happens to the best of us...

Stay happy!
Until next time...