Monday, 2 November 2015

Make up your mind October

The problem when you have quite an addictive personality like me is when you commit to something, you kind of do with it all guns blazing. And that's no exception when it comes the way I dress. Transitional wardrobe? What transitional wardrobe? 

It's wrapping in every single dark winter accessory you own - hats, boots, scarves - the whole lot...
Or it's either legs out in pretty pastels...
Hi, am I Britney yet? Well, when you're going on a night out when it specifically Beyonce vs. Britney, how can you not don your metallics leather skirt, fluffy heels and stick some glitter on your face?

But of course, pretty pastels have their place in all the autumnal shades too - coats that the Sugarplum Fairy and Elle Woods would be envious of are all you need to survive the British chill.
Oh, and always make sure that your undies and socks match under all the layers that you've piled on. You know. Just in case.
And then there's those times in Autumn when you go for stroll around a park in your dungarees, and because it's a lazy Sunday, you put your hair in a hun and whack on your shades thinking you look pretty rockin' with Caroline Flack vibes. But then your friend shatters your dreams when she tells you that you look like Belle's father - the inventor - from Beauty and the Beast.
Cheers mate.

And of course, being October, there's Halloween. I flipping Halloween (despite hating all things spooky like scary movies) and this year I really grabbed the day by the horns and did a double Halloween and double fancy dress.
 Literally couldn't have been two more split personalities. From a zombie cub scout where everything went horribly wrong down at the woods at cub scout camp, to going as the sultry dark mistress of the Addams family that is Morticia. (Seriously - may throw out all my pastels and become a goth...)

And when the morning after the night before rolls around and you may be a bit worse for wear to think of what to wear, you can't really go wrong with a jumper and skirt combo, whether you want to go sensible or silly.
 But there are days when that's even too much and you just have to ride out your hangover with a dungaree dress, hot dog sweatshirt, glittery sunglasses and a glass of milk in a flamingo glass. 
Happens to the best of us...

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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