Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Week by Numbers: Flowers & fangirl-ing

Praise the lord, it's only been a flipping bank holiday! And you know what that means right? A whole extra day of weekend to fill up with fun and frolics - BLISS.

7 favourites...

1.) My best friend, sadly left where we work together to move onto bigger and better things (because she's brilliant like that), and what better send-off to have then go and have a Q&A with The Hoff himself, filled with more than enough Hoff puns - 'Cool Hoff' bottles of water anyone? But even better, when you're 2 Parks & Rec loving NUTS like us 2, and you see Jean Ralphio sat in the screening event, and you lose your minds, and you go to talk to him, and he's lovely as heck, and it takes everything in your power to not sing right in his face while he takes a photo with you...well...night made right?

2.) One of the best things about the fact that I now earn a living - apart from the fact you know, I can afford to eat and live - is that I get to treat and spoil my nephew and nieces just like did for me. It may not be Barbie houses and Nike trainers yet. But just being able to buy some stickers and send them off inside a dinosaur card, and getting sent a photo of my nephew's beaming face when he opened it, well, it just warms up my fuzzy lil' heart.

3.) I love live music, and I have no idea why I don't spend more of my time and money on it, because whenever I do, I have THE best time! Recently, I got some last-minute tickets to go see Brandon Flowers with my childhood besties. We both listened to The Killers to death when we were in high school together, and to have a couple of beers and jump around together to his amazing new stuff, AND Mr.Brightside, was amazing and oddly poetic in a way. Not only that, but Chrissy Hydne from The Pretenders made a surprise appearance and sang one of my fave songs, Don't Get Me Wrong, with Mr.Flowers, just made my absolute life.

4.) It was Bank Holiday - hurrah! Which means an extra day to catch up on sleep and chill out, and if gin just happens to be involved in the plans, then so be it...

5.) My friend Hannah and I planned a whole day out this bank holiday weekend, which kicked off with afternoon tea at Sketch. You know the day's going to be good when that's how it starts right? We've both wanted to try it out for a while, but as a pretty special place to go, it's not somewhere you go on a whim on your lunch break, y'know? So we went, sat in a haven of pink and lights (I think I was in heaven), gorged on unlimited tea, dainty sandwiches and sugary treats that made us go all in a giggly tizzy. But the unique thing? The toilets are egg pods. Yep. You heard me right. Egg-shaped pods that you pee in. Just let that sink in for a bit...

6.) After our afternoon tea, we had a little mooch around Kensington before finally getting round to seeing the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at The V&A. Even if you're not a follower of fashion, or could care less about it, you need to go. So often, I feel that he's remembered as a brand that's known for shock value, when he was actually a beautiful, intelligent, creative and emotional human being, who pushed the boundaries of what is considered as beauty. It was genuinely one of the best curated exhibitions I've ever been to - it touched all the senses, the settings were out of this world, and it was surprisingly touching. Go. NOW.

7.) Flat hunting is stressful and time-consuming enough at the best of times, but when you're in London. Oh lordy, is it 10x worse with added heart-breaking exspenses. Here's how things usually happen: 'OMG. I've found the flat of my dreams! Oh it's out of my price range. And is a 45283490 minute commute to work. And it's not gone...'Wish me luck guys.

3 thoughts...
"Cancelling. AGAIN?! C'mon dude - this is getting old now."
"Why do adults not have half term?"
"Oh hi Wes Anderson-eque bumbling dude on the tube. Want to run off into a sunset together?"

1 outfit...
top:Primark, skirt:ASOS, sunglasses:Vintage, floral tattoo:Pepper Ink
Being off for an extra day for a 4-day bank holiday weekend, made me feel like I was on half term, and apparently forget how to dress like an adult as I roll up into work with a Barbie crop top on. Well done 23-year-old Amy.

Stay happy!
Until next time...

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Floral-filled April

April is the month of my birthday - hip hop hooray! - and when you receive animals pyjamas which feature unicorns, a flipping gold crown AND a Cinderella worthy blue Michael Kors bag, well, what more can a girl ask for?
Oh, a birthday dinner with her oldest and dearest friends you say? Yeah, that'd be swell thanks! Especially when that dreamy pastel blue follows through into a plunging jumpsuit, and some tropical heels. 
Or, if feeling a bit more bold, how about some brighter blue (not suede) shoes? Matched with my favourite floral trousers, that look like they've been plucked straight out a sketchbook, naturally - is there any other way to pair plastic, floral flatforms?
'Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.' Yes, I know, all you Devil Wear Prada fans - myself included - but I am just an absolute sucker for florals all year round. Even ones in temporary tattoo form. I'm way to much of an indecisive wimp to commit to the real thing, so I'll stick to my unhealthy obsession of sparkly temporary ones thanks. Then I can pick and choose which one to have on to go with my feathery bag. These are important life decisions y'all.
And if a bag made completely out of feathers wasn't enough, a hat with a feather trim should do the trick. Particularly when it's a 'Congrats on the new job!' present along with some heels that look like you stole them from a bridesmaid. That you bought for yourself. Before you've even received your first paycheck... The perils of being a responsible grown-up kids!
Amy Lo. In ALL the denim. Who'd have ever thunk it? But the dungaree obsession still lives on strong! Whether it's with a sheer, lace, lemon yellow top for lunch with the girls, or a cropped black tea and khaki jacket for lazy Sunday fry-ups. 
Or, you could completely surprise your skirt-wearing self by slipping into a pair of good ol' fashion jeans - say whaaaat?! With my specs on and a leather jacket along with it, I could hardly even recognise myself. That is, until the daisy printed white top. Phew.
Oh, some more denim you say? Yep - when one goes for bubblegum ice-cream, bowling and karaoke for their 23rd birthday, you gotta get the balance right between 'Hey, I'm a legit functioning adult now!' and 'I'm going bowling and doing all the fun activities and no amount of turning older can stop me!' And what is that balance I hear you ask? 
Shimmery, orange, crocheted halter top - tick
Button-up denim skirt - tick
Pink tassley bag - tick
Nike high tops - tick
Socks with a pompom trim - tick
Gold stars in hair - tick
Definitely ticking all the grown-up boxes there am I right? At least the cocktail is 18+

Stay happy!
Until next time...

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Met Gala 2015

It's that time of the year again when the A-list's finest put on their glad-rags and make it to the fashion event with a capital 'F'.
We're talking men looking dapper in suits, and ladies looking glam in full length gowns, with a some pretty epic headgear and bold sheer material thrown in there for good measure.
I know you've probably seen enough photos of the Met Ball to last you a lifetime (believe me, I spent 2 days at work writing about it), but in case you missed it, here's the highs and the oh-so-lows...
First of all, Sarah Jessica Parker - just...WOW. I know the theme was China: Through the looking glass, and you're all Sex and the City. But, I think looking like a Chinese emperor from centuries past is a bit overboard, but, that's just me.
Oh Anne Hathaway. The new Star Wars film is very exiting for everyone, but maybe a film marathon would've been enough? That being said though, at least you're prepared for any rain that may come your way and if anyone's going to look good in a metallic gold hood, it's gonna be you babes.
And it was May the 4th, so pretty apt for Star Wars day and all. 

We've all seen the memes of Rihanna as an omlette - my personal fave is her in frying pan while SJP provides the heat.
But have you actually seen how beautiful she actually looks behind the eggy internet sensation?!
Beautiful Bajan, as per.

While Rihanna seemed to be wearing all the material in the world, a lot of the stars seemed to be wearing hardly any at all. 
J.Lo, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé: I'm looking at you. (Also, is it just me who's also getting a Britney Spears - Toxic kinda vibe from all these see-through sparkles?)
THAT pose from Bey though. Ouff. And her high ponytail is basically how I pile my hair on top of my head at the end of the day, but I don't look anywhere near a fierce. Dammit.
With slightly bit material, and a whole load more ink on her body, was Cara Delevigne. Can someone come paint flowers on me everyday too please?
Sheer was clearly a theme, and Diane Kruger NAILED it with sheer, lace trousers, complete with a tassel of gathered material. Who knew eh?
Chloe Moretz and Zendaya were both pretty princesses, with Chloe going for more an American beauty and sleek look, and Zendaya looking like a royal warrior of the sun. But what I love most? They both looked fierce while still dressing for someone their age. Love, love, love.

And although some people might have taken the theme too literally - ehem, SJP - others absolutely got it beautifully spot on.
Helen Mirren, Gigi Hadid and Amal Clooney all went in oriental red - from long sleeves and lacy to deep plunge and high slits. And also, props to Josh from Grazia for his comparison to Amal as the flamenco dancing girl emoji. YES.
Adding some fierce gold, cut out sections and major flower power was Karen Elson, Jennifer Lawrence and Poppy Delevigne.
While Emily Blunt, Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller all has a different and fierce take on the theme. Traditional cheongsam vibes complete with a cape? Tick. All gold trailing on the floor? Check. Red trouser suit with open blazer and a black obi belt with tassels? HELL YES.

The Met Ball, you've been a pleasure to look at and dissect, as always, and 2015 was definitely a year to remember.

Stay happy!
Until next time...

Monday, 4 May 2015

20 pieces of fashion advice from younger me

We all have photos from our past that make our cringe glands flare up - whether that be a picture of you naked in a bath as a kid, or a snap from that precious first time Vodka got the best of you. 

Or, y'know, when your mum dressed you up in the cut-offs of her curtains, or orange leggings layered under checked dress (literally WTF?)
But sometimes, perhaps your younger self knew better - you frolicked through life footloose and fancy-free, and you didn't care what anyone else thought, because opinions weren't even a thing in your cartoon & nap-filled world. You just wore whatever the hell you wanted!
So, I think it's about time I took some tips from lil' Amy when it comes to all things fashion and style.

1.) Always make sure your shoes are shined & buffed to the max
There's nothing that ruins an outfit more than mucky shoes - am I right? So make sure you can see your beautiful reflection in those babies. And if you want to team them with frilly socks and a preppy, pleated skirt, well, then you'll look all the better for it.

2.) Match your bag to your trousers
Especially when said bag features a Disney fashion icon, and those trousers are checked and cute af.

3.) Sometimes all you need is a matching set of leggings and sweatshirt
If casual-sporty-chic is what you're going for, then look no further. Oh, don't forget your light-up trainers as well.
Especially when that set features your boy Bugs Bunny and your homegirl Lola, all wrapped up in a poweder blue background - I wore this lil' duo to death. God I loved this outfit, I legit wish I still had it now.

5.) In fact, you can't go wrong with a co-ord set
Literally wore a striped long-sleeve with a red skirt the other week. And lemme tell you, look is still looking strong.

6.) Sassy slogan tees are always appropriate
Sometimes words are just too much effort, and all your need to say can be done so via a sassy slogan. 'Fashion goes first'? 'Cute not just clever'? Yep. Definitely all very important points to make as a teen.

7.) You can never wear too much sparkle
Can I have a garland made up of stars around my neck everyday please? Don't worry, I've already got the glittery tutu.

8.) A pair of shades will take your outfit to the next level 
Whether it's for protecting your eyes or blocking out the haters, you should always have a pair of sunglasses on hand. Essential y'all.

9.) Yellow is a killer colour 
Yellow is one of my favourite colours, and not only just because it's so goddamn cheerful and happy, but also cause it compliments olive-asian skin tone like a godsend. Work. It.

10.) Sometimes all you need is a throwback sweatshirt
Animaniacs and chill-out sweatshirts are both as brilliant as each other. And you know it.

11.) Remember that hats are always an excellent option 
Especially if that hat is worn backwards, and features a tuft of your fringe spilling out of it. That's how all the cool kids wear it right?

12.) Especially when you're being a baller
Sometimes, you listen to some Biggie Smalls, and just want to rock the day with some Stussy and an Air Jordan tracksuit.

13.) Collars and tartan go together brilliantly 
Look how smug I look on the right that my coller's so darn frilly and cute. And who do I think I am flashing the inside of my checked coat so you can see the full beauty of that tartan and chain get-up?! OOTD in the making.

14.) Never forget to use knitwear as a cover-up
As someone who is quintessentially British as hell, knitwear is always the right option - cardigans, jumpers, cable knits - you know it makes sense. (Odd rolled-up hairstyle: optional)

15.) Always remember to represent your idol
Remember to cross your arms because you're wearing an Ariel jumper and that means your DA BOSS, or if it's in the wash, then don't forget to leave the house without your My Little Mermaid colouring-in kit.

16.) When in doubt, remember your hair accessories
Minnie mouse ears, gemstone-studded cowboy hats - it's all good. 

17.) Don't forget your roots
Just like my homegirl J.Lo says, "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block." Remember where you came from guy and gals, and represent yo.

18.) Denim denim denim
Denim jackets back then. Denim jackets still now. Denim sandals worn with socks - not so much...

19.) If all else fails, STRIKE A POSE
WHO DO I THINK I AM. Arms in the air like I just don't care apparently. And I'm thinking I need to bring back those crossed legs as my signature move, right? (Also, is it mad to think the velvet-floral emsemble on the right is kiiiinda channeling Alexa Chung vibes? Long shot? Ok.)

20.) Oh, and the best accesory?
A great big, fat smile! 
Even when your sunglasses aren't properly on your face and your Barbie heart-shaped watch doesn't even tell the time, your outfit will always look on point if you're wearing the emotion, Happy No.5

Stay happy!
Until next time,

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Week by Numbers: perseverance & magic

7 favourites...
1.)  Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. I have some brilliant and exciting news! And no it's not that the Royal baby has been born - although, congrats to Kate & Wills and the new gorgeous princess! No. It's that after nearly a year of interning, uncertainty, literally hundred of cover letters written, endless interviews gone to, and feeling pretty low at points...
Like, I'm a legit, proper journalist at a national publication - say whatttt?! I cannot tell you how the sheer joy and relief I feel at the stability and security I now have, and the fact the all the hard work and grief was all worth it. If you stay true to your ambitions and keep plugging away, you'll get there eventually. Am very grateful and just all kinds of happy!

2.) Apart from landing myself a job, here's what the rest of my April looked like - pretty gutted that my bday month is now over tbh, booooo.

3.) Sometimes, wading through floods of people on the tube isn't what you really wanna do with your weekend. So when that happens, and your friend lives a quick 30 min train journey, the sane thing to do is to jump on that train and head for a land of all things green and surrounded by trees. You get welcomed with creamy mushrooms on toasts and the chance to have a big, deep, breathe of fresh air. Bliss.

4.) After being appalled by myself for not having watched all the Harry Potter films when they first came out, I bought the whole series on DVD during my last year of uni, and blasted through them all in one weekend, sat on the edge of my seat. That was it. Hook, line and sinker, I was in love with the world and the characters. So, me and my 2 besties and housemates from uni booked ourselves to go to the Harry Potter studios for a birthday present for each other and OH MY GOD. It was amazing. There's a surprise round every corner and I genuinely felt like a big kid. From being in Diagon Alley to having my mind blown by the props team and the mechanics behind the mythical creatures, it was such a fun day that I feel sad to be back in reality now. Even if I did genuinely get scared by a deatheater...

5.) I always end up having a song on repeat, and at the moment, it's the Oliver Nelson remix of All Cried Out (which I love anyway) by Blonde ft.Alex Newell. When the sun's shining and I'm skipping along the streets of London, it instantly makes me happy and wishing I was sat on a rooftop terrace , with a cocktail in my hand, cherry blossom raining from the sky and the warmth of the sunshine beaming on me. Heavenly.

6.) Don't get put off by the name, but Scrotal Recall, is an amazing series on Netflix. It's heartwarming, witty, oh-so-British and makes your heart feel all warm and smooshy. Think major 'Cold Feet' vibes.

7.) I have a small hoard of small nephews and nieces now, so that means when I usually see my brothers, it's not without the presence of small humans who I love. But midway through this week, my brother was in London for meeting, he treated me to congratulatory cocktails and dinner. It was so nice to chat and catch up as 2 adults with no lego about and feeling shattered from pushing swings all day. Going from teaching me how to ride a bike (unsuccessfully I might add), to sharing after-work drinks together. Siblings rule y'all.

3 thoughts...
"I'm so excited there is a high possibility I may be sick"
"If you don't want to be an asshole, then you have the choice to not be one y'know?"
"Imagine if you're Kate Middleton and the whole world's waiting for you to push a human out of you..."

1 outfit...
We had a couple of heatwave days in April, so I assumed like any normal person would, that the weather was on the rise, and we were entering a solid Spring. Oh, how wrong I was. It's England. Of course good weather being on the cards isn't a certainty. So a striped poloneck it is, but that doesn't mean I can't flash a bit of leg with a midi-skirt, and channel some sunny shades with a lemony-yellow, embroidered skirt. Add lots of black and gold accessories and a seashell bad and hey presto -you've brought spring to yourself!

Stay happy!
Until next time...