Saturday, 9 May 2015

Floral-filled April

April is the month of my birthday - hip hop hooray! - and when you receive animals pyjamas which feature unicorns, a flipping gold crown AND a Cinderella worthy blue Michael Kors bag, well, what more can a girl ask for?
Oh, a birthday dinner with her oldest and dearest friends you say? Yeah, that'd be swell thanks! Especially when that dreamy pastel blue follows through into a plunging jumpsuit, and some tropical heels. 
Or, if feeling a bit more bold, how about some brighter blue (not suede) shoes? Matched with my favourite floral trousers, that look like they've been plucked straight out a sketchbook, naturally - is there any other way to pair plastic, floral flatforms?
'Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.' Yes, I know, all you Devil Wear Prada fans - myself included - but I am just an absolute sucker for florals all year round. Even ones in temporary tattoo form. I'm way to much of an indecisive wimp to commit to the real thing, so I'll stick to my unhealthy obsession of sparkly temporary ones thanks. Then I can pick and choose which one to have on to go with my feathery bag. These are important life decisions y'all.
And if a bag made completely out of feathers wasn't enough, a hat with a feather trim should do the trick. Particularly when it's a 'Congrats on the new job!' present along with some heels that look like you stole them from a bridesmaid. That you bought for yourself. Before you've even received your first paycheck... The perils of being a responsible grown-up kids!
Amy Lo. In ALL the denim. Who'd have ever thunk it? But the dungaree obsession still lives on strong! Whether it's with a sheer, lace, lemon yellow top for lunch with the girls, or a cropped black tea and khaki jacket for lazy Sunday fry-ups. 
Or, you could completely surprise your skirt-wearing self by slipping into a pair of good ol' fashion jeans - say whaaaat?! With my specs on and a leather jacket along with it, I could hardly even recognise myself. That is, until the daisy printed white top. Phew.
Oh, some more denim you say? Yep - when one goes for bubblegum ice-cream, bowling and karaoke for their 23rd birthday, you gotta get the balance right between 'Hey, I'm a legit functioning adult now!' and 'I'm going bowling and doing all the fun activities and no amount of turning older can stop me!' And what is that balance I hear you ask? 
Shimmery, orange, crocheted halter top - tick
Button-up denim skirt - tick
Pink tassley bag - tick
Nike high tops - tick
Socks with a pompom trim - tick
Gold stars in hair - tick
Definitely ticking all the grown-up boxes there am I right? At least the cocktail is 18+

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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