Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Met Gala 2015

It's that time of the year again when the A-list's finest put on their glad-rags and make it to the fashion event with a capital 'F'.
We're talking men looking dapper in suits, and ladies looking glam in full length gowns, with a some pretty epic headgear and bold sheer material thrown in there for good measure.
I know you've probably seen enough photos of the Met Ball to last you a lifetime (believe me, I spent 2 days at work writing about it), but in case you missed it, here's the highs and the oh-so-lows...
First of all, Sarah Jessica Parker - just...WOW. I know the theme was China: Through the looking glass, and you're all Sex and the City. But, I think looking like a Chinese emperor from centuries past is a bit overboard, but, that's just me.
Oh Anne Hathaway. The new Star Wars film is very exiting for everyone, but maybe a film marathon would've been enough? That being said though, at least you're prepared for any rain that may come your way and if anyone's going to look good in a metallic gold hood, it's gonna be you babes.
And it was May the 4th, so pretty apt for Star Wars day and all. 

We've all seen the memes of Rihanna as an omlette - my personal fave is her in frying pan while SJP provides the heat.
But have you actually seen how beautiful she actually looks behind the eggy internet sensation?!
Beautiful Bajan, as per.

While Rihanna seemed to be wearing all the material in the world, a lot of the stars seemed to be wearing hardly any at all. 
J.Lo, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé: I'm looking at you. (Also, is it just me who's also getting a Britney Spears - Toxic kinda vibe from all these see-through sparkles?)
THAT pose from Bey though. Ouff. And her high ponytail is basically how I pile my hair on top of my head at the end of the day, but I don't look anywhere near a fierce. Dammit.
With slightly bit material, and a whole load more ink on her body, was Cara Delevigne. Can someone come paint flowers on me everyday too please?
Sheer was clearly a theme, and Diane Kruger NAILED it with sheer, lace trousers, complete with a tassel of gathered material. Who knew eh?
Chloe Moretz and Zendaya were both pretty princesses, with Chloe going for more an American beauty and sleek look, and Zendaya looking like a royal warrior of the sun. But what I love most? They both looked fierce while still dressing for someone their age. Love, love, love.

And although some people might have taken the theme too literally - ehem, SJP - others absolutely got it beautifully spot on.
Helen Mirren, Gigi Hadid and Amal Clooney all went in oriental red - from long sleeves and lacy to deep plunge and high slits. And also, props to Josh from Grazia for his comparison to Amal as the flamenco dancing girl emoji. YES.
Adding some fierce gold, cut out sections and major flower power was Karen Elson, Jennifer Lawrence and Poppy Delevigne.
While Emily Blunt, Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller all has a different and fierce take on the theme. Traditional cheongsam vibes complete with a cape? Tick. All gold trailing on the floor? Check. Red trouser suit with open blazer and a black obi belt with tassels? HELL YES.

The Met Ball, you've been a pleasure to look at and dissect, as always, and 2015 was definitely a year to remember.

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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