Sunday, 12 March 2017

Holographic happenings through February

What that I see? A hint of spring trying to peek through?! 
So I'm trying to lure out the sunshine and warmth with florals - groundbreaking, I know - but when they're in the form of a choker or on a background of a metallic silver leather jacket, it's hard not to strut into a new season feeling like a rockstar.
If a David Bowie-esque jacket wasn't enough, then shimmery culottes, a metallic pink mini skirt or Dolly Parton worthy glittery boots should do the trick.
And nothing goes better with a holographic palette than a sassy slogan. U ok hun? Well, everything is more than OK when there's a slogan tshirt in town. 
Espeically if that slogan tshirt is for an amazing cause supporting Breast Cancer Haven AND it quotes Fergie. What else do you need?
But why go subtle with a slogan tee when you can go the full-hog with a Space Jam basketball jersey. Gotta support my homegirl Lola Bunny y'all.
My girly heart can not get over this uber-cute and uber-glitzy heart shaped choker. Real Marie from Aristocats vibes going on here.
But it's not always pink clouds and fluffy unicorns round these parts. Especially when there's crimped hair and dark lipstick to be worn.
At the end of the day though, you can't go wrong with old faithful. Red lippy, you've never done me wrong girl. 

Until next time,

Monday, 6 March 2017

Month by Numbers: gals & good times

7 favourites...
1.) One of the reasons I love my job so much is because of the people. So when there's a chance to drink and be merry with said people, that's time well spent, especially when that day is Valentines Gal-entines Day. A day of love spent with my loves!
 And you can beat anytime that the Bella Babes are out on the town, there's bond to be prosecco, espresso martinis, Instagrams on fleek, laughing in unison and hazy memories the next day.

2.) Continuing on my bid to see more of the country I live in, I headed to Oxford to spend some time with some of my favourite uni babes, and Oxford just happens to be the same distance for all of us to travel. We ate, we drank, we wondered around feeling uber-British and we climbed up a castle in the rain. Time. Well. Spent.

3.) I got my bake on this month y'all. Because when you need to bake a surprise cake for your bff's birthday, only a chocolate cake with Nutella frosting and a peanut butter glaze will do. Oh, and covered in gold stars and glitter of course. 
And would you just LOOK at this bad boy! Not only is it the first time I've ever made a swiss roll (hence some cracks on it...don't worry, just throw some glitter on it, that's what I do for everything else in life anyway), but it's drench in motherflipping emojis. You're welcome. 

4.) If you know me in any capacity, you'll know how much I love Adele. She's gotten me over heartbreaks and gotten me into sassy 'over you' mode. She's hilarious, engaging, has ALL the emotions and let's not even get started on her voice. 
So when she won Best Album at the Grammys and said she couldn't accept her award because she though Beyonce deserved it, and then shared her award with her Cady Heron outta Mean Girls style? Well, my love for her just went up another level. 

5.) After nearly 3 years of living in London, I finally got round to seeing some of the iconic sights. And all it took was for a London newbie to move into town so I could use the excuse to show them around. Lizzie was in the royal house and Big Ben was chiming. 

6.) And on the flipside of all the London tourist sights is all the greenery that the big smoke has to offer. Some Sheffield huns came down to visit and we spent all day just meandering around Hampstead Heath, coo-ed at all the doggos, sang Disney songs, and the sun even came out for the occasion. 

7.) Social media is fucking great. Not a surprising statement to make from this millennial here, I know. But there I was, scrolling away, and then came across someone sharing some pretty badass t-shirts, and as a slogan tee obsessive, I clicked on it straight away. But they were so much more than a sassy slogan tee. Lolli, aka Girl Stole London, is the genius behind these tees, and also the babe that is kicking cancer in the tits. She writes about her battle in a really honest, real and hilarious way in which her personality really shines. As someone who's seen their loved one go through cancer, it can be scary and you can have fear instilled into you constantly and it's refreshing to hear about it from a down-to-earth and logical way (read more here boo).
So if you love a slogan tee as much as I do, get one from here, look great with 25% of proceeds going toward Breast Cancer Haven, do a great thing while doing so.

5 tweets...
1.) Work wifey @anna_tabs: "I'm looking at houses to buy" 🏠
Me: "...I'm looking for lace0up bodysuits to buy" 👯
2.) Woman in the office: 'you always wear nice clothes, I have wardrobe envy!' Girl, I've been curating that shit all my life 👗
3.) I'm wearing a mini-skirt & the lipliner is ON...I think I'm over the worst of the illness guys! 
4.) Booking a Jacqueline Wilson event & drinking honey & lemon, while in my boxing kit listening to Skepta...I'm multi-faceted ok 💎
5.) Finished a double page health & diet feature at work, just in time for cake o'clock 🍰🙌🏻

3 songs...
1.) Katy Perry - Chained to the Rhythm

This pop bish is back y'all, and doing what she does best. Good, ol' pop, but this time with an important message to say along with the catchy tune.

2.) DJ Khaled, Beyonce & Jay-Z - Shining

All the swag you could ask for to accompany you on your morning commute.

3.) Starley - Call On Me

This makes me so ready for summer, WHERE ARE THOU?!