Sunday, 12 March 2017

Holographic happenings through February

What that I see? A hint of spring trying to peek through?! 
So I'm trying to lure out the sunshine and warmth with florals - groundbreaking, I know - but when they're in the form of a choker or on a background of a metallic silver leather jacket, it's hard not to strut into a new season feeling like a rockstar.
If a David Bowie-esque jacket wasn't enough, then shimmery culottes, a metallic pink mini skirt or Dolly Parton worthy glittery boots should do the trick.
And nothing goes better with a holographic palette than a sassy slogan. U ok hun? Well, everything is more than OK when there's a slogan tshirt in town. 
Espeically if that slogan tshirt is for an amazing cause supporting Breast Cancer Haven AND it quotes Fergie. What else do you need?
But why go subtle with a slogan tee when you can go the full-hog with a Space Jam basketball jersey. Gotta support my homegirl Lola Bunny y'all.
My girly heart can not get over this uber-cute and uber-glitzy heart shaped choker. Real Marie from Aristocats vibes going on here.
But it's not always pink clouds and fluffy unicorns round these parts. Especially when there's crimped hair and dark lipstick to be worn.
At the end of the day though, you can't go wrong with old faithful. Red lippy, you've never done me wrong girl. 

Until next time,

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