Thursday, 6 April 2017

Month by Numbers: Ice, ice, baby

7 favourites...
1.) I left on a jet plane and hopped over to Iceland and it was unlike anyone I'd ever been on holiday.
The sunshine was swapped for snowy mountain-tops and bikinis were out while thermals were in. 
We galloped around geysers, went chasing after waterfalls and soaked our troubles away in the Blue Lagoon.
I came back feel uber-zen and my soul feeling as happy as Larry.
(and skint. very skint. Reykjavik is expensive y'all.)

2.) But you know what doesn't cost a thing? Love. 
So when my lil' nephew ran and threw his arms around me when I arrived for a surprise visit, boy did my 
heart feel all warm and fuzzy.
Oh, and when he told me he likes me visiting and wants me to come back on a sunny day? 
Well, I'm done. No emotions left in me cus he's taken them all.

3.) Perks of my jobs are one of the best things about my job and this month has been particularly brilliant.
First thing's first is the opening of a new gaming bar. Four Quarters in Peckham is filled with old arcade games
and holds a special place in my heart. So when they invited me to the opening of their new bar, for a night
of beer, burgers and video games, well how could a girl refuse?
Also, I won Street Fighter, and my girl Chun Li came out with this, on International Women's Day nonetheless.
4.) Secondly, a night to galavant around the Harry Potter studios while I chomp on canapes and sip on bubbly?
Erm, YES PLEASE. I got invited to the opening of the new forbidden forest at the studios, and despite having 
been before, going after hours with booze somehow seems more mischievous. 

5.) Last, but not least, the third perk was a night to run around Thorpe Park like a bunch of school kids. 
And free beers, which I didn't take full advantage of because I didn't want to embarrass myself on rides!
I haven't been on a rollercoaster in about 10 years, and I used to get my kick out of them, and I'm proud 
to say that after some initial nervous-ness, I still bloody love them (and love to swear on them it seems...)

6.) Steps was one my favourite bands growing up, so when they reunited and released a new single that 
was everything I wanted to be and more, I was all over it. 
(Groups looking to have a reunion - THAT'S how it's done. Don't try and be 'relevant'. Don't lose your identity!)
So when me and friend went to a Steps themed night out, expecting an evening of fun and silly dancing,
and lo and behold, the actual band decided to show up!
We were excited to say the least.

7.) On March 22nd, an attack happened in Westminster and people were killed and injured.
I never thought I would see the city that I'm living in, trending on social media as people prayed for us.
My heart was breaking, and this happens all to much all over the world, all the time sadly. 
It's always horrific, always shocking. But when it's happening to London, to your home...
But I couldn't be prouder to be British and live in London. While the media were scaremongering and 
portraying to the rest of the world that we were stopped with few, in actual fact, mere hours after the 
awful event, the Westminster tube stop was open and running again.
Our Shaun of the Dead 'let's go to the Winchester' spirit will never be beaten. 

5 tweets....
1.) Woman next to me on the train has a bottle of wine in handbag, listening to Streisand & whipped out a
cheese toastie. She knows how to LIVE 🧀
2.) Back in the day I would've already started drinking & putting my lashes on for a night out.
Now, I've just cleaned the house & made a tea 👵🏻
3.) Papa Lo just fed some Pringles cus I've painted my nails and they're still wet. My dad's a babe 💅🏼
4.) Brother laughed that I have feminist badge on my jacket. C'mon bro, get with the programme, this has 
been the situation for years now! ♀
5.) It actually felt like spring today! I'm happy as my natural comfy state is in sunnies (which @anna_tabs 
points out is a Mariah statement 💁🏻

3 songs...
1.) Little Mix - Beep Beep

This is just pop-tastic, fantastic. Makes me feel like I'm a Pink Lady in Grease and about to break out 
into a synchronised doo-wop dance routine.

2.) Gavin James - I Don't Know Why

This makes me feel SO excited about summer and when Gavin goes all falsetto to sing the leading lines,
boy does it give me goosepimples.

3.) Sigala - Only One 

If Gavin James' song makes me think of summer in a chilled on the beach, watching the sunset kinda way. 
Then Sigala makes me think of summer in a 'opps, I accidentally got drunk by day-drinking in a beer
garden all day' kind of way. Very mad. Very excitable. Very happy.
It's the golden labrador of songs.

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