Monday, 27 October 2014


As the new week begins, I spent the past few days back at home, with family and as always, lots of food.
But last weekend was a whole other story.
I was meeting my friend and former roomate, Hannah (Who's been featured on this blog many a time!), for a late lunch, as she had an event to go to first, and work at.
Next thing, my phone rings - ringtone being 'Boys Don't Cry' bu The Cure, natch.
"Hey! So, we're having an event for Cara Delevinge's new collection with DKNY. We can't post anything on social media at the moment, but do you want to come? There's cocktails!"
I immediately jumped on the tube.
When I got there, I was greetd by beatboxers, cocktails and champagne aplenty, angelic singers, and dancers whose bodies may as well have been made out of liquid.

Hannah was running around, snapping away, and doing her thing - it was really cool to see her in her element, working her lil bum off!
I felt an odd sense of motherly proudness!
The even was kept under wraps and drove up lots of excitement, with teaser tweets from Harvery Nichols, and Cara posting cryptic clues on her Instagram - it was like a fashion scavenger hunt!

 When she arrived, it was absolute mayhem.
And the goddess herself was just as beautiful, and pulls just as many ridiculous faces in real life, as she does on social media.
And despite the look of absolute shade that I'm throwing at Cara here, the fact is, I actually love her and her power brows! But this photo does make me laugh, every time haha.
The collection is the perfect mix of the effortless style of Cara, and the New York chic of DKNY - it just oozes 'cool'. I'm completely loveing the bomber jacket with the embroidered lion on the back - RAWR!
After the mayhem, we went to China Town for dim sum, which I always love!

We chatted jobs, careers, life, and food.
Always food.

We then decided to do something as silly as the both of us - we went to a Japanese photobooth.
And it was everything we could have wished for and more.

With me as a lover of all things kawaii, and Hannah fawning over all things asian, this couldn't be more perfect.
I wish I had a video of us scrambling around in the photobooth - we were climbing up frames and throwing on wigs.
Afterwards, we scribbled on animal ears and donned unidentifiable Japanese and Chinese symbols, to create our works of art.
We were taking it much more seriously than we probably should have done.

But what emerged wwas a sparkly (literally) masterpiece! - I absolutely love it and all it's ridiculousness haha.
Images: mine and Hannah's
It makes me smile every time I see it!

This past weekend was quite the contrast. I lounged around in my bed while reading. I had tea and watched Strictly with my parents. I baked till my heart's content.  I shared laughs with my brother and sister-in-law. And stole lots of cuddles off my lil nephew.

I think having a balance is so important.

Through all the fun and event-filled weekend, you also need time to wind down with the ones you love, because fun times usually also equals hectic times too!

What have you been up to this weekend?
Have you been chilling in, or going out?
Stay sassy & stay happy!
Until next time,

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Oscar de la Renta

Yesterday, Ocar de la Renta died at the age of 82 after a long battle with cancer.
And the world will be a little bit less glamorous for it.
Oscar de la Renta has been one of my favourite designers for as long as I can remember having any remote interest in fashion.

From fellow colleagues, models, artists, actors, musicians, and everyday folk like me, he was loved and admired by millions all over the world. 

So much so that Sarah Jessica Parker even got him to splash his name all over the his own design when she wore it to the MET ball earlier this year.
He bought a sense of old-fashioned glamour into a world of fast fashion.
His designs were dripping in style, and he always got the perfect balance of grace from a bygone era, and working that into a busy 21st century lifestyle - come rain or shine.
In a society where so many fashion shows that dons onto the catwalks, includes something to shock or be scandalous, it's so comforting to know that there's someone out there who's care and devotion is still on design, quality, and attention-to-detail.
This is especially true for me. For a girly girl through and through, who loves all things feminine and floral. 
A girl who thinks it's a bit of a shame that people don't dress to the nines anymore, and lusts after the dresses when I watch Mad Men. 
To me, Oscar de la Renta was like a orchid in the midst of a field.
Oscar de la Renta pieces were simply femininity and elegance personified.  
And I think he emphasised the female form so much, because he himself admired it so.
He injected so much beauty throughout living his very full life. And always did it with a smile.
He was one of a kind, and will be sorely missed.

Stay happy,
Until next time,

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hey! I don't know about you, but I'm feeling...older than 22....

Taylor Swift - I hear you.
I often feel happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time, and I like to cook the occasional breakfast to eat at midnight.
 But I've got to say, recently, I've been feeling much older 22.

You know those compilation albums where they collect a whole bunch of songs from an era, and smoosh them into one CD for you? Like the 'Now, that's what I call music!' series. (I'm found out I'm actually part of the 'Now' 40s era...and they're now up to number 88...)
Apart from the fact that no-one really buys/needs these anymore - who needs them when there's making your own playlist? - an advert for one came, that was a throwback to the noughties. And all the songs that was being played out of the TV, were all ones that I grew up listening... I couldn't believe that something from my era, was now being marketed as retro!
So, along with that, there were a few more things that were maker me feel older than I actually am.
After years of being on the younger side of the generational gap, the tables have suddenly turned!

22 reasons, why I feel older than 22:

1.) Like I said, when the era that you grew up in, is now considered as retro...
For me, that's everything from music, gaming and fashion - Gameboy colour and 90s chockers anyone?

2.) When a stranger refers to you as 'that lady'...
"No, wait....I'm only like 2 years older than you! You're very polite, but you don't need to refer to me so seriously. I'm young and fun like you too - call me 'dude'!"

3.) When I don't understand a phrase or acronym that's being used...
In the sea of 'baes' and a new meme being born everyday, it's hard to keep up with all these new words.

Even though I had to write out a definition of 'slay' for a friend the other day...
 with new ones being hashtagged everyday, who can even keep up?

4.) When you judge people who are younger than you...
"How are you out in this weather without a jacket on?! You must be so cold - Here. Have a cup of tea!"

5.) When someone has no idea about something, despite coming into contact with it on a daily basis...
You know that 'save' button? Yep. It's an actual, real-life thing that we used to physically save documents on. Boys & girls, I give to you - the floppy disk.

6.) When you can't work a piece of technology, and have to ask for help...
I like to think of myself as a pretty tech-savvy person. But when my 7-year-old nephew knows how to work my phone better than I do? I'm in trouble...

7.) The fact that TV shows you lived and breathed for, are now having anniversaries...
The O.C - I was obsessed with that show. 
I had pictures of Seth and Ryan stuck onto my homework diary with love hearts scribbled all over them. I quoted Sandy's quick quips and Julie's sassy sayings, and lusted over Mischa's wardrobe and Summer's hair. And I can't believe they had their 10-year anniversary last year....surely it can't have been a decade ago since I was singing 'Californiaaaa' at the top of my lungs?!

8.) When new popstars are younger than you...
This is especially worrying when you find them attractive, and have to google their age to see to let yourself know if it's morally ok or not. (I've checked - Aston from 5SOS is 20. It's all above board.)

9.) When you hear about a death, and the names become more and more the people that you know...

10.) The realistion that some kids will ony know songs that are covers of one that you love and grew up with, and think that they're actually the original version...
As much I love myself a bit of One Direction and their cover of 'One Way of Another' was for Comic Relief and helping a great cause. When I heard a girl saying how talented they were for writing such an amazing song, I just wanted to throw her a Blondie album. 
Debbie Harry is the goddess of rock 'n' roll! 

11.) When you have to ask someone how old they are when they ask if they can have your number...
Tragically, this has genuinely happened to me more than once. After a bit of chatting and a drink:
"So , can I get your number?"
"That's really nice but, aren't you a teenager?..."

12.) Things that you love, have now been discoutinued...
Myspace, Bebo, Piczo - I logged into these recently and was devastated to find that all those memories, and sweat and effort that were into HTML formatting, were all good. 13-year-old Amy was super emo about the whole situation.
Genuinely one of my old profile photos from MySpace...

13.) When everything seems to be more expensive nowadays...
"In my day!...." 
Yep. I've become one of those people.

14.) When people consider the popstars that you idolised, to be irrelevant now...
I don't care what you say, Britney will always be my Queen.
No-one else rocks a red PVC catsuit like Britney!
15.) When you see freshers pack off and move to uni...
And kind of wish you were going too, and doing it all over again.
But also really happy that you'll be safe in the knowledge that you're not going to be drinking a questionable concoction of spirits in a sticky venue...

16.) When child actors and popstars that you grew with, are now dating/getting into trouble...
"MACAULAY CULKIN! You're not old enough to get arrested for drugs and going to're 12 and still setting up booby traps for unsuspecting burglers!"
Oh wait. You're actually an adult and can do whatever you want.

17.) Bands you went to watch and learnt dance routuine to, are now having reunions...
Oh, S Club 7 - you used to take pride and joy plastered as posters on my wall. But with S Club know, some things are just better left in the past, as a happy memory...
(Saying that, an official SClub7 Twitter account has just been verified - EXCITEMENT!)

18.) That Polly Pocket, isn't so pocket anymore...
And also, after 10 years after my favourite trio, The Powerpuff Girls, retired from the TV screen, they've made a return. But much to my disappointment, with a new and not so improved look....

19.) When you don't understand current trends...
So, is it a 'thing' for boys to wear t-shirts 5 sizes too big and jeans 2 sizes too tight nowadays?

20.) When you're closer to ticking the '+25' box than you are the '+18' that you've grown so so accustomed to...
As if filling in tedious forms wasn't depressing enough.

21.) When the re-packing or new versions of something you grew up with, just bamboozles you...
It's like that old saying: 'if it's not broke, don't fix it'. Now if someone was to hand me a new version of Bop It, I wouldn't even know how to play it, with 20 extra buttons on it.

22.) When you stop caring what other people think, and realise you're not always right...
Because there comes a time where you stop doing things to stop pleasing others, to be popular, or because it's cool. And you just do things because you like it and it makes you happy. Whether that's the kind of music you, the people you want as friends, the clothes you wear - you stop caring about what other people think about you, and start caring about yourself, and being proud about the person you're growing into - and that's undoubtedly one of the best things about getting older!

What things make you feel older than your age? And what do you love and miss from your past?
Let me know in the comments below!

Stay sassy & stay happy!
Until next time,