Sunday, 5 October 2014

Make friends, make friends - Never, ever, break friends!

Last weekend, 2 of my old uni friends and housemates came up to, what they consider 'The North', to come visit me.

And it made me wish I was living in the ridiculous house with the carpet peeling away, birds trapped in the roof and kitchen cupboards always open, all over again.

I was a top tour guide and showed them around the sites, although, they've been here so many times, there's not much else thrilling left to show them...
We went for afternoon tea, made friends with a delightful doggy called Mary, pottered about some shops, reminisced about uni days (which resulted in us crying of laughter), watched posh prats being privileged in 'Riot Club' (which is a fantastic and engaging film - you should definitely check it out) on Saturday, before chatting in our PJs just like old times.
The next morning, I whipped us up some pancakes to make sure we were topped up with energy before we set out for the day. 

One of the things I want to do more, is visit more places in the UK. I've lived here all my life, but have visited so little of it - and there's so much to see! So we went to see some beautiful gardens at a National Trust, and it's amazing how many little gems there are hidden even so close by. 
We went to Biddulph Grange Garden, and the sun even came along for the journey!
We leisurely strolled along, getting lost along the way....that's what happens when you've grown up with sat-nav! - I should have my Map Reader badge stripped off my Cub Scouts jumper!
We came across Egypt, and after a lot of hunting, we found China too - it was hiding away, the cheeky lil scamp!
It's amazing to think that all of this amazing greenery and beautiful sites, were once someone's garden. (I don't think I'd be green-fingered enough to take care of all this...)
Fitting in with the outdoors, I wore a floral crop top, my trusty high-waisted Levis, and slipped on my new favourite kimono over it, which has animals and plants scattered all over it - my fave is the lil Bambi hiding.
top:Topshop, shorts:Levis, kimono:Topshop, hat:Topshop, shoes:Topshop, bag:Mulberry
Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye again, and we're already planning the next time we meet. 
Friendship is such a weird thing if you think about it. You go along in life, and basically pick up people along the way that you decide, "Yeah, I like you, I want you to be part of my life!" Whether you see them everyday, or speak 3 times a year, you share you life with these people. Whether it's because you share the same interests, same views, same opinions, same sense of humour or same hobbies.
And I think a friendship is one of the hardest things to keep. They're not like relationships, as in you don't have to be loyal and exclusive, and it's not like family where you're bonded by genes. There's nothing that ties you together really, but you decide to make a conscious effort to keep these people in your life, and I think they're one of the strongest bonds you can have with someone.
I've said this before, and I'll say it again (WARNING: extreme, cringey cheese coming your way.)
But, I don't know how I managed to have so many amazing, beautiful, hilarious, caring and talented people to share friendships with, at every single stage at my life. I'm a very lucky girl!
(10 points if you get the reference to this classic tune!)
I'm already excited for future plans with these 2 (the words 'Harry Potter tour' have been uttered!), I've been sharing lots of lovely times with my friends from school recently as I've been back home (who I realised, I've been friends with for nearly a decade now!), and next week, I'll be reunited with my partner-in-crime, ready to cause havoc in the Big Smoke! 
I hope you all had a brilliant weekend with your friends - make sure you tell them how much you love them!

Stay sassy & stay happy!
Until next time...


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