Wednesday, 30 January 2013

If i was him, I would've Mary-Kate & Ashley

Last week, to bookend the successful and guest-filled week of Subjects Future Week at uni, a Masquerade ball was held, and although i failed on the mask front, with a couple of friends in tow, we put our gladrags on joined in on the fun.

Do you ever have a dress or item of clothing that you've bought because you think it would be great for something, but haven't actually had an event as it were, to wear it to? Well, this is that dress....for a good year.

My housemate made a comment along the lines of 'an asian Kate Middleton', who i am no-where near as beautiful and have complete hair envy over!, but i suppose the blue tone of it does have a note of the royal about it, and i love how sophisticated and timeless this royal blue is.
The lace detail is so feminine and beautiful too, with some skin just peeping through.
With it being quite a classic and basic shape and fit, i think the low back is gorgeous, but i do have a soft spot of exposed backs!

It was nice to attend something the Uni, and especially the School of Arts was holding , as i don't think I've gone to a uni event at the student union since freshers! There was yummy sweet treats to pick and mix from and a fun photobooth for you to be snapped away at.
 As uni work goes, this week is going well, after feeling like I'd moved 5 steps back last week, this week I've been seeing results, been very proactive and productive, and feel spurred on and excited. I might post some work soon, depending how i get on with it....we have a rocky relationship...

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Monday, 28 January 2013

Inspiring a Generation

The past week at uni, we’ve had Subject Futures Week, where a lot of guest speakers came in for all the different pathways in the School of Arts, and I think I can safely say for the fasion depreatment that the talks we heard were above and beyond expections.
Some of the personal highlights for me were Katie Greenyer, from a company called Pentland, who I must admit I hadn’t heard of beforehand, but they are involved with a lot of well-known brands, such as Ted Baker and Hunter. Katie was really engaging and just created a buzz of energy and what was really exciting that I learnt that day was the Design Pool scheme that Pentland hold. They understand the cache 22 there is where graduates need experience to get a job, but can’t get any experience due to the fact they’ve had none already.The Design Pool just sounds like such an exciting opportunity where they nurture and help new talent grow into their own, and it great to see a company really care and be excited about the future of young people and graduates.

Next was a wonderful, inspiring and sweet lady (who I secretly wanted  to adopt as my grandma…) who goes by the name of Anne Selby. I was absolutely fascinated by her and everything she has done and accomplished in her life.

                                          Fibonacci scarves: Anna Selby

Not only does she design beautiful, intricate, pleated scarves and pieces that are truly wearable art, but her inquisitiveness to how to execute the pleats caused her to invent and patent her own pleating machine. This all came from an MA she studied in Textiles print, coming from a degree in Science. She just oozed a passion for what she does and what I found most inspiring about her was that she was always yearning to learn more and appreciated how much work goes into all aspects of society and work, such when she entered the world of film when she made her own.
Caroline Hart (Barulis) is a an alumni student who graduated from the University of Northampton 10 years ago and is now freelancing as a creative pattern cutter, who made her own amazing wedding dress.
(that I loved! Ostrich feathers anyone?!)
                                                                       Ostrich feather dress: Barulis
She's also worked with other inspiring creative minds such as Matthew Williamson and even creates the dresses for the 2 sweet internet phenomenons, Sophia Grace and Rosie!
 It was great to see what someone who had come from the started off their journey exactly where I am now, and It was also really interesting to here about the more flexible side of the industry that is free-lancing. She was just so nice and friendly as well, and very approachable and welcoming when it came to helping students.

Gary Assim is a lawyer who specializes in copyrighting and legal rights when it comes to the fashion industry and it was just really interesting to know about the ins and outs of such a fast-paced and creative industry, and also see how what aspects from well-known fashion houses and brands are protected, such as the red and green combination of Gucci.

And last, but definitely very much not least, William Tempest came in to talk to us.
                                                                                                     Image: Twitter
He was so utterly humble and down-to-earth, despite being an amazing and well-known designer who’s dressed the likes of Rihanna, Kate Moss and Emma Watson.
            Rihanna in William Tempest
                                               Kate Moss in William Tempest
                                     Emma Watson in William Tempest
He is just such a creative individual and while giving us an interesting insight into how he got into the fashion industry, what i particularly found intriguing was the difference of him designing for his own high-end label and for high-street brand River Island. He gave us some really helpful tips from his own experience, and one of the things he said that stuck with me the most is that you, be true to yourself and have our own identity. He was friendly, nervous about public speaking like the majority of us, and just a brilliant and inspiring person to hear from.
I know the number of times I've used the words interesting and inspiring in this post is just silly, but that's what all they all have been, and that week has really made me think about my future after uni and also spurred me on to achieve my goals and aspirations.

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Please don't stop the music...

As i mentioned in a previous post, i have re-discovered my love for Ellie Goulding and cannot stop listening to her, and i thought there's quite a few artists i have like that, where i can just listen to their music over and over and not get fed up with it, and still find it as exciting and fresh as i did the first time i heard it.

At the moment, both of Ellie Goulding's albums are in that category. Her first album, Lights, holds so many good memories for me. It reminds of of a special person that i shared a lot of memories and experiences with, at a very special time in m life., so it kind of hits that reminiscent spot in my heart. I just love her use of beats, it's very clever , and i think her voice is just hauntingly angelic. Her lyrics are beautiful and she is absolutely amazing live,there’s so much passion and energy. My constant favourites of hers are 'Lights', 'Guns and Horses', 'Believe Me', 'Your Biggest Mistake' and 'Under the Sheets', which was the first song i heard off her that my brother showed me, so always has a special spot in my heart.
'Figure 8' and 'Only You' are also making me abuse the repeat button...
Another relatively new album that I’ve been loving, and has made me dig out the their earlier stuff, is Two Door Cinema Club. Their music just has so much energy in them and I just can’t get enough of the horns in anthemic song, ‘Sun’. 'Something Good Can Work' was the first thing I heard off them years ago, and till this day I still can’t help but jump madly along to it. 'What You Know' and 'I Can Talk' are my personal favourites from their 1st album, but the whole of 'Tourist History' is a fantastic listen.

There are also some artists that have been away for a break, but are returning back on the scene, with all guns blazing, and I’ve been digging out their old albums…
I don't think i can describe in words how much i love Justin Timberlake and how much Futuresex/Lovesounds dominated my adolescence. His butter-soft, smooth voice, those dance moves, and I just can’t resist a man in spiffing suit…  
 'Suit and Tie' featuring Jay-Z is so catchy and infectious, but I’ve got to admit, was a bit of a grower, but now, I can’t wait to see the video and hear what treasures his new album holds! From the past, i love the beat in 'Summer Love, the lyrics and darkness of Losing My Way, the fun nature of Senorita. Cry Me A River is painfully beautiful, and along with the pure seduction of Sexyback and the brilliant ‘My Love’, the are my all-time favourites that I haven’t and don’t think I’ll ever get sick of.

Along with these oldies but goodies, there’s also been some fresh additions to my music library that has different and exciting to listen. Grimes is one that whenever I’ve heard her stuff in the past I’ve loved it and had that thought in my head that I desperately need to hear more of their stuff! But never caught the name of the artist. When I finally got round to getting her album, I just couldn’t stop playing it. Her music is so refreshing to hear amongst all the music that’s around in the charts, and is so ethereal, sounding like something a nymph would produce. 'Oblivion', Be A Body, 'Vowels = Space and Time' and 'Infinite Love Without Fulfilment' are my personal favourites, so if I had to recommend any songs from her, I’d definitely say go and check this ones out.

Neon Bunny is a Korean artist that my housemate (who is obsessed with k-pop) introduced to me, and I just love the fun nature of her songs which just makes me think of bubbles floating and crossing paths with a rainbow.
I may be the least gangster person in the world, but I love Kanye West’s songs and honestly think he is one of the most creative artists out there, especially when it comes to videos. The way he tells stories via his lyrics, his clever use of beats and merging different genres of music. He has songs that just make me want to hit the dancefloor (Stronger), ones that make me want to put my shades on and have a drive in the sun (Good Time), and ones that are just masterpieces (Dark Fantasy).
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Graduation are some of my favourite albums ever, with 'Slow Jamz', 'Through The Wire', 'Never Let Me Down', 'Power', 'Runaway' and 'Homecoming' having a special spot in my music library.

Two bands that I’m really looking forward to see what 2013 has in store for them are Alt-J and Bastille. Alt-J are just brilliant, the rawness of the songs and voices, they’re filled with passion and pure emotion. 
Bastille’s melodies are so fun and so cleverly done, i'd go check out 'Flaws', i love the bit of the song that goes up in scale when it gets to the chorus! and I am obsessed with their rendition of Rhythm is a Dancer and it have been put on repeat more than I think is normal…
These are the artists who are on my most played list at the moment, are you a fan of any of them?
Are there any new songs or artists you’ve been loving at the moment? Leave a comment below as I always love finding new music!
I love music and it’s a large part of my life, but do you like these posts about music?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Does anyone else ever feel like this? Please tell me i'm not the only one...

Speak soon,

You show the lights that stop me...

As i mentioned in a previous, soppy blog post, i recently went out to dinner for one of my friend's birthday, and a new, snazzy, sale find of mine made an appearance.
I got this with a giftcard i received for Christmas, and it was on sale, so double bonus! 

I don't usually buy heavily-embellished clothing like this as i sometimes find that it can be a bit too much, but i just fell in love with this. It reminds of Arabian nights, an Indian sari, and looks like it could have been plucked out of Princess Jasmine's wardrobe.
Top: Miss.Selfridge, Trousers: Laura Ashley, Shoes: Miss.KG
Since it's so flashy, i just teamed it with some black, skinny trousers and nude heels, and fuchsia lips to boot.
I love how the flowers dance with a shimmer and sparkle when you move, and i thought it was very similar to another purchase i made recently, that's completely different...
I finally found and got some fairy lights for my room at uni, and i love them! 
They just make bed-time so much more pretty and dreamy.
They have little clear and golden crystals intertwined within one another, twisting like branches on a tree, and light from the bounces off them and just makes me feel like I'm in a wonderland when I'm reading my book at night.
 I think they are so fitting along with my top, reminiscent of a lantern.
I got the lights from a seller called primrose & plum on, which if you haven't had a look at before, i would highly recommend, especially for unique and customized gifts. It's kind of like Etsy, and all the stuff I've bought from there before I've been happy as larry about, and i always go and have a gander on there if I'm struggling for a gift.
Along with this sparkling theme of a blog post, as the title suggests, i cannot stop listening to Ellie Goulding at the moment. I've loved her from the very beginning, since the first time m brother played me "Under the Sheets". She's one of those artists that i never get sick of her music, no matter how much i've listened to it already. I always go back and listen to her 'Lights' and i love it just as much and it still feels just as exciting as the first time i heard it. Her new album in amazing too, it's a bit deeper and darker in some ways, but when it came out, i was hooked and just made me re-listen to her whole back-catalogue again. And she's made me want to add some pink in my hair for a while now, but let's see where that's gonna go...

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Friday, 18 January 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my housemate and dear chum, Hannah's birthday!
She's gone home today to spend some quality time with her family, but yesterday evening we went out for a birthday meal along with some other of our housemates and friends on our course, and it was lovely.

We went out for some very yummy tapas, that i should of stopped eating long before i actually did, but it was just too good to leave, sitting there on my plate...staring at me... 
We had fun with moustaches, thanks to Hannah's mum...
Michaela's sister made an amazing oreo-chocolate, birthday cake!...
 And we popped open some celebratory fizz.
There's a comedy-sketch duo on Youtube who i love and think are hilarious, called OMFGIt'sJackAndDean!, and they have this running joke of portraying these overly posh gents who constantly come out with catchphrases such as "BALLS DEEP MY FRIEND!", while clinking their brandy glasses. Hannah and I love this and have kind of incorporated it into our lives, which can be a bit misunderstood when blurted out and we forget we're in public...
And well, this is our tribute to it :) You should definitely go check out Jack & Dean if you want a good chuckle from two talented lads.

Although our friendship hasn't been the longest, Hannah has no doubt become one of my closest and bestest friends. We live, eat, laugh, cook, and dance together and I'm yet to get sick of her....yet ;)

So here's to all the brilliant fashion choices we've made...
...our beautiful photographs....
...all the times we talk about food, even when we're eating...
 ...all the celebrations after we've handed in work...
...the snow we've trekked through...
...that 's been so cold we've shivered down to our bones...
 ...and one of the very first memories i have of our friendship where you frantically picked up an entire outfit in 10 minutes flat!
And even though you're not a gorgonzola-cheesy fool like i am, you don't need to be, because you've been there for me for (and you've slipped in the affectionate hug here and there when you've had a drink or two down you!). 
You've brought out the dirty cackle in me when I've down, by having crazy dance-offs. You get my weird ways and dance moves, and sense of humour. You're always there for a cuppa. You're an amazing person and that I'm so happy to have met you and so glad to be share my uni experience with, and I'm looking forward to what adventures the future holds. And most of all, you always return my slippers when I've left them in your room. And well, that says it all really doesn't it? :)

So here's a Happy 21st (+1) Birthday to you lovely!

 Hope you're having a brilliant day and your fellow peaheads will have a cuppa ready for you on your return :)

Speak soon,

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Think Pink

So if you haven't looked out of the window, or don't live in the UK, a crisp, clean, white sheet of snow has fallen and covered everything, turning even the daily walk to uni, into a magical, winter wonderland.

It came down pretty hard and was not stopping on Monday while i was in uni, so in m lunch break, the big kid within me just couldn't hold in the excitement any longer and me and some friends went outside for a little frolic in the snow.
It was like being a kid again for a brief moment, in the midst of all the hectic work. Sometimes i feel a bit sad, as silly as it sounds, that people moan about snow and how much of a hassle it is. And it is, it's a bitch to drive in, public transport is all out of whack and everything is, well...just a bit more of a hassle. But it's so magical! When that first snowflake falls down, everyone gets a sparkle of excitement in their eye, and there is just nothing like it. It brings back all those childhood memories you had building snowmen and sledging, when you didn't have to deal with the hassle that comes with it. So in my head, i just think, why not enjoy it like you used to?!
A few snowballs were thrown and it was still coming down like no-body's business, so after a short while, back in we went to thaw out.
Coat: New Look, Jumper: Laura Ashley, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Hat: Accessorize, Belt: Asos
I must have been channeling 15-year old me that day, as i had a lot of girly pink donned on me. Also i find too much of this pink can be a bit sickly, I love pastels and i thought it looked so serene amongst the crisp white background of the snow. This skirt is one of those items of clothing that I've had for quite a long time, but have forgotten about and recently discovered how much i love it once again. The watercolour effect is so pretty and reminds me of oriental artwork.

I also like the subtle bits of glitter that glimmer in this jumper, not too different from the snow and ice sparkling outside.
My friend, Hannah, also pointed out how my outfit kind of slotted in nicely with my work and wall space, which made me think that m work may be subconsciously taking over my life more than i thought!
I hope you're all wrapping up warm, as there apparently seems to be more snow heading this way, and hope that you got a cheeky play in the snow too ;)

Hope you're well,
Speak soon,

Monday, 14 January 2013

Is it a bird? Is is a plane?...

After my last blog post, all that i was rambling on about must have translated to my life the next day as i put on t-shirt with Wonder Woman herself on it, ready to brave the world and fight evil!
I wore this t-shirt to death when i was about 15-years old and now i've dug it back up, but as i've grown up and as i've changed, what i wear it with and how i wear it has changed also. 
As apposed to red skinny jeans and converses, it's public appearance was a bit more grown-up this time round.
Leather jacket: Urban Code, T-shirt: Junk Food, Skirt: Glamour@Asos, Shoes: Topshop
I love how it's toned down and pastel, and the gold accents that shimmer. I even had my own superhero-esque belt! With sparkly shoes and headband to match! Definitely wouldn't miss me if i was gliding through the sky!

I wore this as i went to go see Life of Pi with my housemates, and it was absolutely amazing.
Beautiful story, visually stunning and the 3d was brilliant too, it made you forget you were wearing those silly glasses and that you were there, in the film too. It made me laugh, made me jump and made me cry and i would recommend it to absolutely anyone as there's something to tickle anyone's fancy in it.

So on the subject on superhereos, do you have a favourite superhero? Or are they not really your thing?
And have you seen Life of Pi? What did you think of it?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

Friday, 11 January 2013

I am woman!

I have this cute, lil, Lego keyring of Wonderwoman that i got for Christmas from m brother on my set of keys that i see everyday. 
I love WonderWoman and as silly as it may sound, every time that i see it, the inner Wonder Woman in me feels ready to take on the day and whatever it throws at me.
I think Wonder Woman is an awesome female and let's face it, she's damn hot! I always think of her as a strong woman to kind of look up to, as silly as it sounds as she's just a fictional character, but not only is she gorgeous and graceful, but she's also powerful and strong and kicks absolute ass! While still having her hair flowing majestically while she flies across the skyline and looking amazing in her fiery red and royal blue get-up! Before her, the only role models young girls could look up to in comic books were ones who got married and lived happily-ever-after, or bubblegum teens such as Betty and Veronica. But then Wonder Woman came along, who didn't need a man to be happy and was the one who rescued the dude-in-distress. But females all over can still relate, she had to balance all kinds of aspects of her life, just like us. And this got me thinking of all the female figures that appear in the public eye that i personally think are inspiring.
Joanna Lumley
I absolutely love her as Patsy Stone in Ab Fab and is just one of the funniest and most hilarious women in comedy, and her co-star Jennifer Saunders is just as an amazing also. Not only does she make the world laugh while always remaining sophisticated and charming, but she is also involved with more than 70 charities, probably most famously with helping Gurka veterans win the right to settle in the UK.

Tina Fey
Another hilarious woman made a real impact in the male-dominated world of work and comedy and became SNL's first female head writer. Creating a cult-classic, that is Mean Girls, that gets quoted by millions, and creating and starring in comedy favourite, 30 Rock, showing that you can work in a world that can seem like a boys' club, without succumbing to their testosterone ways and that you also can have a personal life without tastelessly exploiting it to become successful. Amongst all this, there is no cliched, female bitchy-ness, she respects and admires smart and talented women, like herself, such as Amy Poehler.

Jessica Ennis
The poster-girl of team GB for the 2012 Olympics, she is a breath of fresh air of hard-work, discipline and graft, in a sea of feckless flakes in our popular culture. With a gold medal hanging proudly around her neck for her hepthalon, brought on from years of hard work, she is beautiful inside and out as she remains humble and engaging. She has also shown young girls that they don't have to strive to a particular female form that society has seemed to deem as perfect, and making sure that girls are not afraid of sport. Her, along with all of the females of Team GB, are an inspiration. Inspire a generation, they definitely did.

Emma Watson
Being part of the most successful film series, she has grown up in the public eye, yet it hasn't seemed to affect her in ways that it has to other young stars. Education has always remained important to her even while balancing Liberal Arts at Brown University with being a fashion icon and playing the part of Hermione in the Harry Potter series. With her fashion work, she has been involved with People Tree, who provide fair trade and organic clothing, showing that you don't need the world and society to suffer for fashion. And despite being a beautiful young woman, her success isn't due to her sex appeal, it has purely been down to her hard work and talent.

Dakota Fanning
Another beautiful, young actress, who has worked with the likes of Tom Cruise and Sean Penn while still going further with her education by studying at New York University. So much so that her absence was noticed at the Twilight Saga: Eclipse screening so that she could take her college entrance exam. She is such a well-adjusted teenager despite growing up in the public eye and realises that she is a role model to many young girls but that she is also just a human and will also make mistakes like everyone else.

 Dame Judi Dench and Meryl Streep
On the other  end of the age spectrum, showing that Hollywood success has no age limit and demanding more female roles in Hollywood, these two women are still going strong and long may they reign!

Ellen Degeneres
An inspirational woman who has always strived for equality and proud and open about her sexual orientation and being strong campaigner for the LGBT community and anti-bullying with her "Be Kind" campaign. Charismatic and funny, she is proudly breaking stereotypes and prejudice, along with her hit talk show

Miranda Kerr
Being a Victoria Secret's Angels, with her gorgeous flowing locks, gorgeous face and adorable dimples, many would may not see a her as an inspirational woman, but she was one of the first models to promote proper nutrition and exercise and the importance of happiness, in a world of fad-diets. She regularly  promotes having a positive attitude and balances her hectic schedule and maintaining an amazing figure, with being a loving mother. Not only a supermodel, but also a role model.

 Kate Winslet
Targeted by the media many times for her weight, she has always spoke out about the importance of the accurate representation of her curvaceous body. When she graced the cover of GQ's magazine and she was photoshopped without knowing, she spoke out about how not she did not look like that, but more importantly, didn't desire to look like that. Not only has she been outspoken about the issue of body image, but she has also been continuously eliminating the barriers that people with autism, face.

 Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly
Both of these women are just the epitome of an era of classical and timeless beauty of a time gone by. They don't make them like that anymore. The were both effortlessly elegant and beautiful, inside and out. Audrey Hepburn gracefully portrays all the roles she played in movie, many of them being m favourites, but was always modes. She sent out such a positive attitude and was an ambassador for Unicef, helping in humanitarian issues and travelling and aiding with those less fortunate. Grace Kelly filled the role of the Princess of Monaco also, and founded a Monaco-based, non-profit organisation which promoted the well-being of children all around the world. Both of these women are icons and unforgettable.

This is just a short list of the amazing women at there in the world, there are so many out there that i could go on and on and make an endless list about, but none of them top my mum. She is Wonder Woman in my eyes, for reasons i won't go into, but all of these women are magnificent in my eyes and beautiful, inside and out, and if don't agree, well, i'll leave you with Wonder Woman herself in action below ;)

What women do you think are inspirational? Do you have any role models in your eyes?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,