Monday, 14 January 2013

Is it a bird? Is is a plane?...

After my last blog post, all that i was rambling on about must have translated to my life the next day as i put on t-shirt with Wonder Woman herself on it, ready to brave the world and fight evil!
I wore this t-shirt to death when i was about 15-years old and now i've dug it back up, but as i've grown up and as i've changed, what i wear it with and how i wear it has changed also. 
As apposed to red skinny jeans and converses, it's public appearance was a bit more grown-up this time round.
Leather jacket: Urban Code, T-shirt: Junk Food, Skirt: Glamour@Asos, Shoes: Topshop
I love how it's toned down and pastel, and the gold accents that shimmer. I even had my own superhero-esque belt! With sparkly shoes and headband to match! Definitely wouldn't miss me if i was gliding through the sky!

I wore this as i went to go see Life of Pi with my housemates, and it was absolutely amazing.
Beautiful story, visually stunning and the 3d was brilliant too, it made you forget you were wearing those silly glasses and that you were there, in the film too. It made me laugh, made me jump and made me cry and i would recommend it to absolutely anyone as there's something to tickle anyone's fancy in it.

So on the subject on superhereos, do you have a favourite superhero? Or are they not really your thing?
And have you seen Life of Pi? What did you think of it?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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