Friday, 4 January 2013

Knowledge is power...

With the festive season being tucked away back into the dusty attic, normal life has resumed back and I've been chipping away at my dissertation, and although it's a mountain of work, I've been really enjoying it! Is that strange...?
It can only be a good thing and i now understand how important it is to pick a subject that really interests you personally, and i suppose it helps that m topic is about the Disney Princess films and franchise. Reliving my childhood and watching Disney films isn't the worst thing i could be doing for research, let's be honest!
In all seriousness though, i have learnt so much about the history of the movies and the social and cultural connotations are associated with them. 

I honestly do think you learn something new all the time and you can never stop learning. Many people think when you're finished with education, you're done, but there is so much out there that can broaden your knowledge about every aspect of the world. Even just going on Youtube, you discover amazing music in different languages and read about different ways of living from different blogs on the net. There are negative sides to the internet, but in the whole, it is such an amazing tool to explore this big, wide world we exist in.

While I'm reading up, discovering and learning more and more about my topic, i have also been reading a new book i received for Christmas from my brother.
 I was eyeing up this book when it came out and in short, it's a book about has different fonts, why certain ones are used and why people like or dislike certain fonts. I know it might sound a bit geeky (which, to be honest, deep down, i am just a bit of a nerd who loves Nintendo :p), but it is so interesting and has just opened up a whole new world to me.

I also used to take piano lessons, and because i was kind of forced to by my parents, i was being a bratty, typical teenager. Now, i love playing it and wished I'd taken it on further, so I'm hoping to start learning more of the piano now, and along with trying to learn the ukulele from scratch, I'll be like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins anytime now!

It's not just books and instruments though, life provides so many learning experiences. I learnt so much just going to uni, not only through my education there but also because i moved away from home, i learnt social skills, things about myself and just general simple life skills.

Are you guys reading any books at the moment you can recommend me after i finish this book?

Have you guys got any resolutions or aspirations to take up learning a new skill this year?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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