Sunday, 27 January 2013

Please don't stop the music...

As i mentioned in a previous post, i have re-discovered my love for Ellie Goulding and cannot stop listening to her, and i thought there's quite a few artists i have like that, where i can just listen to their music over and over and not get fed up with it, and still find it as exciting and fresh as i did the first time i heard it.

At the moment, both of Ellie Goulding's albums are in that category. Her first album, Lights, holds so many good memories for me. It reminds of of a special person that i shared a lot of memories and experiences with, at a very special time in m life., so it kind of hits that reminiscent spot in my heart. I just love her use of beats, it's very clever , and i think her voice is just hauntingly angelic. Her lyrics are beautiful and she is absolutely amazing live,there’s so much passion and energy. My constant favourites of hers are 'Lights', 'Guns and Horses', 'Believe Me', 'Your Biggest Mistake' and 'Under the Sheets', which was the first song i heard off her that my brother showed me, so always has a special spot in my heart.
'Figure 8' and 'Only You' are also making me abuse the repeat button...
Another relatively new album that I’ve been loving, and has made me dig out the their earlier stuff, is Two Door Cinema Club. Their music just has so much energy in them and I just can’t get enough of the horns in anthemic song, ‘Sun’. 'Something Good Can Work' was the first thing I heard off them years ago, and till this day I still can’t help but jump madly along to it. 'What You Know' and 'I Can Talk' are my personal favourites from their 1st album, but the whole of 'Tourist History' is a fantastic listen.

There are also some artists that have been away for a break, but are returning back on the scene, with all guns blazing, and I’ve been digging out their old albums…
I don't think i can describe in words how much i love Justin Timberlake and how much Futuresex/Lovesounds dominated my adolescence. His butter-soft, smooth voice, those dance moves, and I just can’t resist a man in spiffing suit…  
 'Suit and Tie' featuring Jay-Z is so catchy and infectious, but I’ve got to admit, was a bit of a grower, but now, I can’t wait to see the video and hear what treasures his new album holds! From the past, i love the beat in 'Summer Love, the lyrics and darkness of Losing My Way, the fun nature of Senorita. Cry Me A River is painfully beautiful, and along with the pure seduction of Sexyback and the brilliant ‘My Love’, the are my all-time favourites that I haven’t and don’t think I’ll ever get sick of.

Along with these oldies but goodies, there’s also been some fresh additions to my music library that has different and exciting to listen. Grimes is one that whenever I’ve heard her stuff in the past I’ve loved it and had that thought in my head that I desperately need to hear more of their stuff! But never caught the name of the artist. When I finally got round to getting her album, I just couldn’t stop playing it. Her music is so refreshing to hear amongst all the music that’s around in the charts, and is so ethereal, sounding like something a nymph would produce. 'Oblivion', Be A Body, 'Vowels = Space and Time' and 'Infinite Love Without Fulfilment' are my personal favourites, so if I had to recommend any songs from her, I’d definitely say go and check this ones out.

Neon Bunny is a Korean artist that my housemate (who is obsessed with k-pop) introduced to me, and I just love the fun nature of her songs which just makes me think of bubbles floating and crossing paths with a rainbow.
I may be the least gangster person in the world, but I love Kanye West’s songs and honestly think he is one of the most creative artists out there, especially when it comes to videos. The way he tells stories via his lyrics, his clever use of beats and merging different genres of music. He has songs that just make me want to hit the dancefloor (Stronger), ones that make me want to put my shades on and have a drive in the sun (Good Time), and ones that are just masterpieces (Dark Fantasy).
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Graduation are some of my favourite albums ever, with 'Slow Jamz', 'Through The Wire', 'Never Let Me Down', 'Power', 'Runaway' and 'Homecoming' having a special spot in my music library.

Two bands that I’m really looking forward to see what 2013 has in store for them are Alt-J and Bastille. Alt-J are just brilliant, the rawness of the songs and voices, they’re filled with passion and pure emotion. 
Bastille’s melodies are so fun and so cleverly done, i'd go check out 'Flaws', i love the bit of the song that goes up in scale when it gets to the chorus! and I am obsessed with their rendition of Rhythm is a Dancer and it have been put on repeat more than I think is normal…
These are the artists who are on my most played list at the moment, are you a fan of any of them?
Are there any new songs or artists you’ve been loving at the moment? Leave a comment below as I always love finding new music!
I love music and it’s a large part of my life, but do you like these posts about music?

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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