Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Think Pink

So if you haven't looked out of the window, or don't live in the UK, a crisp, clean, white sheet of snow has fallen and covered everything, turning even the daily walk to uni, into a magical, winter wonderland.

It came down pretty hard and was not stopping on Monday while i was in uni, so in m lunch break, the big kid within me just couldn't hold in the excitement any longer and me and some friends went outside for a little frolic in the snow.
It was like being a kid again for a brief moment, in the midst of all the hectic work. Sometimes i feel a bit sad, as silly as it sounds, that people moan about snow and how much of a hassle it is. And it is, it's a bitch to drive in, public transport is all out of whack and everything is, well...just a bit more of a hassle. But it's so magical! When that first snowflake falls down, everyone gets a sparkle of excitement in their eye, and there is just nothing like it. It brings back all those childhood memories you had building snowmen and sledging, when you didn't have to deal with the hassle that comes with it. So in my head, i just think, why not enjoy it like you used to?!
A few snowballs were thrown and it was still coming down like no-body's business, so after a short while, back in we went to thaw out.
Coat: New Look, Jumper: Laura Ashley, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Hat: Accessorize, Belt: Asos
I must have been channeling 15-year old me that day, as i had a lot of girly pink donned on me. Also i find too much of this pink can be a bit sickly, I love pastels and i thought it looked so serene amongst the crisp white background of the snow. This skirt is one of those items of clothing that I've had for quite a long time, but have forgotten about and recently discovered how much i love it once again. The watercolour effect is so pretty and reminds me of oriental artwork.

I also like the subtle bits of glitter that glimmer in this jumper, not too different from the snow and ice sparkling outside.
My friend, Hannah, also pointed out how my outfit kind of slotted in nicely with my work and wall space, which made me think that m work may be subconsciously taking over my life more than i thought!
I hope you're all wrapping up warm, as there apparently seems to be more snow heading this way, and hope that you got a cheeky play in the snow too ;)

Hope you're well,
Speak soon,

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