Monday, 26 May 2014

Florals..? For Spring?

Grounbreaking...well, for once - perhaps.
source: sneakernews
Despite my love of all things that look like a beautiful bouquet of Spring florals, I could not agree more with this infamous 'Devil Wears Prada' quote.
Year after year, when Spring rolls around, florals are made out to be the new hottest thing since Beyonce told men if they like it, they should've put a ring on it. And it's not. Really not. It's the same every year.

Unless, you're one of the longest running department stores in Britain, collaborating with one of the biggest brands in sports.
source: talkcasuals
Liberty London not only is one of the most beautiful buildings in London (which I still find as breathtaking every time I see it now), but also produce some quality and gorgeous printed fabric.
source: ftape
So when they're delicate and nostalgic florals were mixed with the fresh and clean lines of Nike last year, the world went mad, and this year was no different.
And after lusting after the collection last time around, this year, I decided to nab myself something. And this beautiful shorts are now mine to snuggle in forever.

The calm and relaxing tone is blue is the perfect juxtaposition to the rush of activity of Nike 
And my favourite thing is that when you look closely, every section of the shorts are a different archive Liberty Art print - it's like wearing your own personal patchwork quilt!

With these, on a lounging Spring day, I wore them with my favourite piece of knitwear at the moment.
jumper:Topshop, shorts:Liberty
Yellow is one of my favourite colours (it's so goddamn happy!) and when it comes with 3 of my other favourite things as well - that it's pastel, has floral lace on it, and shoulder cut-outs - well, that's just a winning streak right there!

What do you guys think of the Nike x Liberty collection?
Have you guys seen anything from the collaboration that's taken your fancy?

Hope you're all well!
Speak soon,

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Denim: on-duty

I bloody love dungarees.
Me and dungarees go way back - you could hardly tear the off of me when I was a wee nipper-snapper. And now I've grown out of them, one pair still isn't enough for me. So, I got myself a longer legged twin, and I cannot stop wearing them.

They are one of the comfiest things ever, and 90% of the time, if I end up making plans with a friend on a Saturday, these babies are my go-to. 
They're perfect for spring -whether I've got an Iron Man sweatshirt and Nikes on with it, or this sheer daisy top and wraparound chunky sandals (or what a girl I met liked to call, my Spice Girl shoes!)

With my hair whipped up into a high ponytail, and some square gold hoops hooked on, my and my denim buddies were ready for the weekend!
dungarees:Topshop, top:Topshop, shoes:Topshop, sunglasses:Raybans
 I especially love the scalloped edge to the top, and whenever I do up my Spice Girl shoes, I feel a little bit like a ballerina!

Do you ever like an outfit so much, that you wear it to death? Well, I'm a bit worried that it's gonna happen with this!

Hope you're all well!
Speak soon,

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Met Ball: top hat & tails

This week saw the yearly return of the Met Ball, and the web was bombarded with photos of beautiful dresses that put Disney Princesses to shame.

The Met Ball is a annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, and every year there's a dress code and theme, and every year, I get completely bowled over by how amazing and beautiful everyone looks in their gladrags.

I love the Met Ball - it the one night that everyone has that old-school Hollywood glamour, especially now, when the world is filled with quick Instagram snaps and tweets that share your opinion with the world before they're fully formed in your mind.

These were some of my personal favourites, that make me wish I could wear long, trailing, beautiful dresses everyday, which wouldn't be inconvenient at all....

Chanel Iman and Lea Michele both wore silky and slinky metallic numbers that looked like liquid wrapping around their body, and Jordan Dunn was a ray of sunshine in her deep cut frock....
Lea Michele in Altuzarra, Jordan Dunn & Toni Garrn in Topshop, Chanel Iman (& A$AP Rocky) in Topshop

...Emma Stone and Joan Smalls brought a fresh vibe to the event, while still looking tip-top,with sporty crop tops, fushia tones, blue lips, and braids that Rapunzel would be envious of. Georgia May Jagger upped everyone's heart rates with her sultry take on a tux. And Cara Delevinge took the rule book, and made them her own, n her sexy and smart black and white two-piece...

Emma Stone in Thakoon, Cara Delevinge in Stella McCartney, Joan Smalls in Vera Wang, Georgia May Jagger in Mugler

...Kylie and Chloe Moretz both looked angelic and pristine, with Kylie looking liked she was plucked out a line-up of Greek goddesses, and I love Chloe's addition of a long black tie. Kendall Jenner was a vision of champage dreams - this dress is just classic and timeless, the shape fit her perfctly, and it makes me so proud to know that it was made by the Birtish high-street! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were the Barbie and Ken of the ball, and I love the train draping down from her shoulder, trailing behind her.
Suki Waterhouse in Burberry, Kylie in Marchesa, Chloe Moretz in Chanel, Blake Lively and Ryan Renolds in Gucci, Kendall Jenner in Topshop

But the absolute belle of the ball for me, was Suki Waterhouse - look at that beauty! (and I'm not just talking about the dress!) She looked like an absolute pristine princess, encased within tiers, upon tiers of ruffles and frills.

Who's dress do you wish you could play dress-up in? 
Images: Vogue

Hope you're all well!
Speak soon,

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bubble. Pop. Electric

I bought this dress when I was a know-it-all adolescent, and thought it was fitting to wear to a rave party.
Yep, that's right. You heard me. RAVE.

Baring in mind in I was 17 at the time, thought 'raves' where you put stripes of  bright pink gunk on your face, was the most fun you could ever have - this dress seemed to fit the bill.

Since that party, i't's just been collecting dust in the back of my wardrobe. Obviously as we grow, our style does as well, and I wasn't sure if graffitti really shouted out 'me' anymore.
But i couldn't bare to get rid of it either. 
So, I decided, if I wasn't getting rid of it, i HAD to wear it. And so i did.
dress:Topshop, cardigan:River Island, boots:Timberland, necklace:Topshop
With a fresh pop of blue tied across it and black boots zipped up, it;s a fry cry from the dress that I thought was only worthy of a neon-themed party.

And with a dress so fun, I couldn't help but carry on the party with a daisy necklace and a ribbon to hold together my plait (complete with bunnies and kisses!)
I'm pretty bad with getting rid of clothes, and I know there's probably a hundred items in my wardrobe that I could afford to bag up for charity - and I definitely need to!

But sometimes, it's nice to revisit those old favourties, and work them in a new and different way.

Are there any clothes you haven't worn in years but still keep? Or do you still have old favoutire you still wear till this day?

Hope you're all well!
Speak soon,