Sunday, 14 August 2016

July Highs

Summer means hotter weather. And hotter weather means less clothes. And less clothes means more skin. But clevage central and legs eleven? Give over. It's all about the cold shoulder for me - and I'm not talking about Adele. 

Yep. The shoulders have been well and truly out to play this July, and boy oh boy, did those girls get a lot of action.
From one-sleeved tropical numbers to bardot styles of dreamy woodland of  watercolour prints (which, not to brag, I made myself! well, the fashion degree has to come into use at some point...)

Strappy to strapless, I just couldn't get those sassy shoulders to settle down. 

But thankfully, I have plenty of party playsuits and lacy pastel pieces to show off said shoulders, and even some twinkly temporary tattoos to accessorize them. Well, what else did you expect from me eh?
Throw on a choker as well and you're ready for a school disco like it's 1999.
Ever the 90s girl, when it was the 20th anniversary since Spice Girls' Wannabe came out & not even intentionally, people at work had pointed out I'd dressed in full Girl Power mode complete with a Scary Spice dress on. Spice Girls just runs through my veins so much, I just knew!
Can't let the shoulders take all of the spotlight now though can we? Not when there's not-so-subtle things like big puffy tutus on offer as well. 

Sometimes, that's all a bit too much though, and you just want to throw on a wonderful white dress and feel like you're off to Wimbledon. Or just wear jeans with a novelty tee of your homegirl, Daisy Duck. Yes. I know. ME. In jeans and trainers. 
And even perhaps look, dare I say, a bit sophisticated in a laced-up, backless, floral not-so-little maxi number, while swanning around the streets of Lisbon.
But who are we kidding eh? I'm always going to revert back to something a bit more colourful and nd up looking like a stick of Brighton rock. Well, with the city of Lisbon being so beautifully busy and rainbow-coloured, it'd be rude not to! 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Month by Numbers: Lisbon, love & life

7 favourites...

1.) I’ve been looking forward to July for SO long and for SO many reasons. And while there was a small bump in the road, there were holidays planned, weddings to attend and a relationship to blossom. Simultaneously one of the worst and best months I’ve ever known.

2.) You know that small bump in the road I mentioned? Well, my mum receieved some bad news and although it’s the last thing anyone ever wants to hear about a loved one, it’s the best of a bad situatuation. And do you know what the best thing is? How flipping great my family are. We all love each other so much that without asking we all assembled together like the Power Rangers and were there for my mum – and each other – without a second’s thought. And the thing that has caught me off guard to make me weep like a baby the most, is the support and love and well wished thoughts that people around me in my life have given. From hugs, and deep chats, to flowers and little notes and even just a text. It’s all meant so much and really reiterated to me just what great people I have in my life. Thanks chick-a-dees.

3.) The perfect remedy to being a bit drained from a mad emotional rollercoaster, is a getaway to the colourful city that is Lisbon. I truly fell head over heels in love with the capitol of Portugal, and the people in it. It has everything you could possibly want in one place – rooftop bars with RnB songs to bust your dancemoves over the sparkly skyline, authentic, fresh and amazingly delicious food, palaces and castles aplenty, clear blue water lapping onto the scorching hot beach, and more pretty balconies, brightly coloured building and more jaw-droppingly impressive graffiti than you could shake a stick at.

4.) After what seemed like a lifetime of scrolling on Rightmove and going to viewings of places that weren’t ever quite The One, we finally found a new house to move into, and guys, it’s pretty damn dreamy. We’ve got a garden of luscious green space and everything. AND THE WARDROBE. I can’t even begin to explain to you just HOW fab it is. You can even hop out of my window and sit yourself on the roof and watch the sun set. If that’s not great, then I don’t know what is.

5.) Summer brings out the drinker in me (not that there’s much to bring out to be fair..) It’s the late sunsets, it’s the Pimms, it’s the pub garedens. And when brans like Rekordelig and Stella Artois invite me to their brilliant and boozy events, well, who am I to say no? So in comes the sweet Swedish summertimes of grilled meat and floral feasts, and the wacky, weird and wonderful immersive theatre experiences of being transferred to 1809 Wimbledon, solving crimes with Sherlock Holmes. Yes. I know. It felt as weird typing that as it did for you reading it.

6.) And with these summer months, come the summer nights, like Danny and Sandy sang with all their might in Grease. Summer nights that consist of FINALLY going to see the The Lion King on the West End (I know, criminal for someone whose loved Disney all their life), 1920s bar in old underground stations to surprise your friend who's back from travelling, and a picnic and Pimms date while watching the sun set over the London skyline (yes I know how soppy that sounds, and yes, it was delightful thank you very much.)

7.) One of my closest friends and most beautiful human beings - inside and out - that I know, got married and I honestly felt priviledged to be invited to her and her newly-wed's husband's special day. 3 years ago, these 3 girls and I didn't even know one another, and after this date being on my calender for a year and a half, the big day finally arrived and I couldn't have felt more content, happy and joyous the entire day! We cried (a lot), we cheers-ed, we hugged, we laughed and we were the first and last ones on the dancefloor. Naturally.

5 tweets...
1.) Last night my flatmates went to a party - I declined, started my #OITNB binge, did my nails & eat doughnuts in an empty flat. IT WAS BLISS 🍩
2.) The Pokémon Go app is now more popular in Tinder and that's exactly the kind of world I want to live in ⚡️✔️🔥✖️
3.) I miss singing hymns. But as @anna_tabs points out it's not the same if you're not with a congragatio. You're doing Sing Hosanna alone 👼🏻🎶⛪
4.) I'm out in central London with no bra & no make-up on. TMI? Perhaps. Blissfully free? You bet your sweet ass🚫👙💄
5.) BF: 'you look sexy - & I never thought I'd say that about a pair of culottes...' Changing perceptions on fashion💪

3 songs...
1.) M.O - Who Do You Think Of?
Sassy 90s R'n'B throwback anyone? I became obsessed with these girls when the came out with Dance On My Own with an old-school sample of 90s garage, and I'm so psyched that these girls are finally getting the recognition they deserve!

2.) Disclosure - Boss
I love those Disclosure boys and this song is no exception. Over a month on and when this song comes on my shuffle, I still stut along the tube platform like I'm the boss. Yep. That's what this song will do to you guys.

3.) Christine and the Queens - Tilted
Whimsical and good ol' pop at it's best. If this doesn't make you feel you're meandering along the street of Paris with a bouquet of Peonies in your bicycle basket, well, then I don't think we can be friends. Soz. 

Until next time,