Sunday, 14 August 2016

July Highs

Summer means hotter weather. And hotter weather means less clothes. And less clothes means more skin. But clevage central and legs eleven? Give over. It's all about the cold shoulder for me - and I'm not talking about Adele. 

Yep. The shoulders have been well and truly out to play this July, and boy oh boy, did those girls get a lot of action.
From one-sleeved tropical numbers to bardot styles of dreamy woodland of  watercolour prints (which, not to brag, I made myself! well, the fashion degree has to come into use at some point...)

Strappy to strapless, I just couldn't get those sassy shoulders to settle down. 

But thankfully, I have plenty of party playsuits and lacy pastel pieces to show off said shoulders, and even some twinkly temporary tattoos to accessorize them. Well, what else did you expect from me eh?
Throw on a choker as well and you're ready for a school disco like it's 1999.
Ever the 90s girl, when it was the 20th anniversary since Spice Girls' Wannabe came out & not even intentionally, people at work had pointed out I'd dressed in full Girl Power mode complete with a Scary Spice dress on. Spice Girls just runs through my veins so much, I just knew!
Can't let the shoulders take all of the spotlight now though can we? Not when there's not-so-subtle things like big puffy tutus on offer as well. 

Sometimes, that's all a bit too much though, and you just want to throw on a wonderful white dress and feel like you're off to Wimbledon. Or just wear jeans with a novelty tee of your homegirl, Daisy Duck. Yes. I know. ME. In jeans and trainers. 
And even perhaps look, dare I say, a bit sophisticated in a laced-up, backless, floral not-so-little maxi number, while swanning around the streets of Lisbon.
But who are we kidding eh? I'm always going to revert back to something a bit more colourful and nd up looking like a stick of Brighton rock. Well, with the city of Lisbon being so beautifully busy and rainbow-coloured, it'd be rude not to! 

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