Thursday, 26 February 2015

12 ways you're already rockin' the 'Bring It On' look...

I . Love . Bring It On.

If, like me, you know the words to all the cheers....
...and THIS is the basis of all that is important in life...
then all you wanted to do growing up as a teen girl in the noughties, was to be part of The Toros.

However, after realising you can't do a backflip to save your life, and you don't really fancy being constantly tossed up in the air without throwing up, you realise that it probably wasn't your calling in life.

But despite all that, you're probably rockin' the looks and wardrobe of the Toros and Clovers girls without even realising.

1.) First of all, the crop tops
These girls love there crop tops just as much than you do. Oh, and theirs is completely on point for that whole preppy look. 

2.) 'Mom jeans and bomber jackets: killer combo
Before mom jeans were mom jeans, Isis already knew how flattering and oh-so-comfy they were.

3.) Say hello to slogan tees
No, this isn't a #TBT, this is just Missy leading the way with a cropped 90s tee. A must-have for any grunge girl.

4.) Oh! And all the hairstyles!
Yes, The Clovers loved a scrunchie as much as the next person, but HELLO - it's also metallic and gold. These girls knows how to work a pony.

5.) Top knots and high ponytails
Every other girl now has a high pineapple ponytail tied up, and cascading down from the top of their head. But Torance had this one sussed ages ago.

6.) 10/10 hair accessories
Bubble hair braids, headbands, hair slides AND bandanas?! Please excuse me while I take in all this amazing-ness.

7.) Seriously. The bandanas
Not just reserved for male Youtubers and pop-punk boybands.

8.) Total FKA Twigs vibes
Multi-coloured hair elastics at the ready - it's time to get twisting and piling your hair girls.

9.) And who could forget the pleated skirts!
No one can swosh a skirt like Isis - WORK ITTTT.

10.) 90s polonecks
Who knew layering a polo neck and a crop top would look so goddamn good?! 
Even the boys are nailing the look too.

11.) Gym goddesses
Ellie Goulding's instagram is filled with her looking pretty smokin' in workout gear, but I bet she doesn't pair hers with some chopsticks in her hair.

12.) Pink-on-pink
I'm mixing up all my 50 shades of pink now, especially if they have heart prints on them. Ariana Grande would totally be having a slumber party in this get-up. 

Even if you weren't already diggin' the preppy cheer look (in which case, why the hell not?!) then if anything, you won't run out of any style inspiration and outfits for the gym now. You'll won't have to worry about the horror of not having anything to wear again.

Were you as obsessed with 'Bring it On' as I was? (Or am I showing my age now...)

Stay happy!
Until next time,

Monday, 23 February 2015

Week by Numbers: Baymax, denim & Year of the Ram!

7 favourites...
1.) Thursday 19th of February was Chinese New Year! This basically means a 2nd Christmas - family, get-togethers and a ton of glorious food. Unsuprisingly, cheat days turned into a cheat week, and runs went out of the window, because celebrations span over days (gotta make those days last bro). And it's one of the very few times a year that our whole family gets together, so it's just a little bit special, plus, there's a tradition of giving those younger in your family a red packet filled with money...I ain't complain' - Bonus!

2.) I finally got round to watching Big Hero 6 (I know, ridiculous for a Disney gal like me) and I loved it more than I thought I would. It was heart-warming, witty, and of course, included a big squishy robot called Baymax - I desperately want him to be real! All the characters have an amazing personality in their own way, but I'm just in awe of Honey Lemon. She's excitable, crazy good at chemistry, and runs around to battle baddies in hot pink wedges. My kinda girl!
Also just look at this bag that lets her combine elements to create different materials - insane.

3.) The next and 3rd book finished this year, is Caitlin Moran's 'How to be a Woman'. I zoomed stright throguh it and became obsessed with her musings, hilarious anecdotes and frantic rants in CAPS LOCK. It made me laugh and it made me think, and just like Caitlin says how she worships Germaine Greer but respects her enough to know it's ok not to agree with all of her ideas, I feel the same about Caitlin.

4.) I've had a couple of interviews this week (yes, I'm still on a major job hunt - it's a marathon, not a race y'all) and with every one, I'm getting more confident and worry less. Life will be stressful and hectic enough when it happens, so I'm gonna 100% take advantage of the fact I can just wonder around a bookshop with no clue of what to get, discover a new book, and indulge in it at a coffee shop. 

5.) The girls that I went to school with sometimes have dinner where we bring a dish each, which means we end up with about 7 different things. This time round, it was Italian night, and I whipped up these parmesan and gruyere cheese twists. They went down a treat!

6.) My brother bought me tickets to go watch Edward Scissorhands, the ballet production by Matthew Bourne, for Christmas, and it was the first ballet I've been to go see. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was so moving and witty, without a single word being said - definitely won't be my last ballet. (Ooh, get me going to the ballet and everything).

7.) I went out for my friend's birthday on Valentine's Day night, and as we were in the queue, a beautiful vision in a red tutu walked by, and my friend Kim whispered, 'Is that Jade from Little Mix?!' And before I could answer, she yelled 'CHASE HER!' and I was running down the streets of central London while holding her hand. Lo and behold, it was her and we were unashamedly excited and completely fan-girling. We were incomprehensible and silly with our compliments to her - nop, didn't say we liked Little Mix's music, instead Kim screamed 'I love your glittery eyes!' and I followed suit with 'I love your tutu, I have it in lilac!' Great job KLo. When we returned to our friends and they didn't understand why we were so excited, we launched into a ramble how 'Move' by Little Mix if our friendship song and this was our reunion....don't know what on earth a friendship song is, but EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE.

3 thoughts...
"Sooo...after texting for a week or two, the first time you decide to ring me is 4am on Valentine's Day...?"
"Where can I get a phone cover that's a fox, complete with swinging tail a la Honey Lemon?!"
"Can I fit another duck pancake in my stomach? Yes!"

1 outfit...
dress:Bellfield, necklace:Topshop
After going from living in denim skirts in my early teens, to hating jeans in my early 20s, I'm re-kindling my love for denim with a dress - might as well go the whole hog and wrap myself in denim-y goodness! And my new fave piece of jewellery is this longline necklace with glistening gems.

Stay happy!
Until next time,

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

23 reasons why 'Friends' needs to make it's way back into your wardrobe...

"So, no-one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA."
At this point in my life, those lyrics could not be truer. And I'm so glad I have the Friends gang to relate to and take comfort in.
I flipping love Friends - who doesn't* - and it's not just because of the superb writing, brilliant cast and ever-lasting one-liners. But Rachel, Monica and Phoebe were style inspirations on screen for over a decade. And it's about time they inspired your wardrobe once again.

*(Actually, there was once guy who I didn't want to give my number to because they said it was lame I still liked Friends...)

Yes, 'The Rachel' is infamous (we've talked about it enough, have a look at this other great Rach Green hairdo instead), but all 3 ladies had great hair. Always full of body and with lashing of layers. Which way to the hairdressers?

2.) The show was the epitome of the 90s
In the early day of the show, the fashion was 100% unapologetically 90s. Unsuprising, as it was actually the 90s... 
But as the 90s are having a bit of moment in the fashion limelight - which as a 90s kid, I couldn't be happier about - it's time to get your strappy dresses out and start layering them up.

3.) Get your checks in check 
Checked prints aren't just reserved for flannel shirts and lumerjacks. Rachel shows that the red and green tartan look isn't just for Christmas, it's for life.
Or go the whole-hog รก la Phobe Buffay and go full-frontal checks for a 60s look. Groovy.

4.) When in doubt, tie it up
One of my favourite tricks, executed perfectly by these gals. Things go from loose and casual, to sasssy and cropped.

5.) Fitspiration
Monica was all over cropped sports tops before Ellie Goulding and Kendall were posting them all over Insta.

6.) There's no such thing as too much denim
Miss.Green LOVES a denim waistcoat. And here I was thinking they were just for members of B*Witched.

7.) Diggin' the dungarees
I'm being utterly serious here now, but I cannot express to you enough, the love that I have for dungarees. Over the past year, I've dug out and acquired more pairs than is probably sensible for an adult. But you just slip them on, and look instantly effortlessly cool while still feeling oh-so-comfortable.
And no-one rocks a pair of dungarees like Rachel Green. Seriously. She's got a pair in every shape, size and style. If you haven't already, GO GET YOURSELF A PAIR. They'll change you life. Believe me.

8.) Being a slob never looked so cool
Seriously though, how do they manage to look so great in loungewear? When I'm slobbing out for the day, that's exactly what I look like - a slob. But in the world of Friends, you look like you're in a Urban Outfitters ad - all you need is a sweatshirt with a motto on.

9.) See? Slogan tops work everytime
Especially when you match them with something short and have it monochrome.
Even Ross mastered this look.

10.) Classics are called classics for a reason
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Black and white paired with high hemlines worked in the beginning in the 90s, and they did again at the end in the noughties. Kinda oddly philosophical ain't it? Full circle and all that shit.

11.) No really, mini is the key word here
Even the aprons are mini. It might not help protect your clothes from any spills, but dammit, you look like a stylish piece of origami.

12.) Long socks aren't just for your hockey kit
Short skirts and long socks: BFFs of preppy fashion. And you thought you'd seen the back of all the clothes from your school days, pfft.

13.) Max it out
No into micro skirts? No problem, your favourite hippie's got you covered with a long maxi number, finished in crushed velvet and completed with worker boots. Lorde, eat your heart out.

14.) Best of both worlds
Or if you're indecisive, wear them both. The mullet of the skirt world is suprisingly stylish. More so than the haircut anyway.

15.) Have a right ol' party with your hair
Forget pom poms on your shoes and bags that can be mistaken for pets, Phoebe takes it to the next level with fluffy hair ties. Her and Cher Horowitz should team up and inject a bit of fluff into everyone's lives - you'll have a blast!

16.) And follow suit with your coats
Have a whale of a time with your coats too. Thought Alexa Chung brought on the Teddy Coat trend? Nop. Our homegirls Rachel and Phoebe were already there - albeit, in slightly more eye-catching tones.
And you can't forget Janice! No-one rocks a leopard print like her.

17.) You can totes pull off pigtails as an adult
And here you were thinking that you could only have 2 bunches in your hair if you're 6, going as a sexy schoolgirl for fancy dress, or Anna in 'Frozen'. 

18.) Florals always work
Whether it's a tropical dress while you're jamming out to Smelly Cat...
...a cheongsam that even Mulan would be well jealous of...
...or a dressing gown that makes you look like a ethereal goddess. Seriously, stop it Jen An.

19.) Sometimes, you just feel like showing of a bit of skin
Wit-woooo. With the high neck and key hole cut-out, this is incredibly throwback when it comes to 90s. It was like the cast of 'Coyote Ugly' had came to visit.

20.) Or a lot of skin
Who knew when Rachel Green accidently wore a slip dress out for dinner, that in a decade's time, it would be an actual trend. Kudos RG, kudos. We'd just hope our boob didn't fall out at the dinner table as well...

21.) Or cover up in an oversized jacket
It's olive green. It's oversized. It looks like something Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock mode would wear. And it's oh-so-right. Break-ups never looked so good.

22.) They perfected the wistful winter wonderland look
Before the days of 'Let it Go' and sparkly ice princesses, there was Phoebe Buffay's wedding, and I for one will from now on be matching my red-carpet beaded dresses, with J-Lo worthy fur-hooded puffa coats.

23.) Last but not least, a crown is always appropriate
Cause you're the Queen and King of your own goddamn, amazing life. 

You'll never be stuck flicking through your wardrobe, screaming you have nothing to wear again. You may even have a few too many clothes and options...

Which is your fave Friends character? 
(Can I marry both Chandler and Ross....PIVOT!)

Stay happy!
Until next time...