Thursday, 26 February 2015

12 ways you're already rockin' the 'Bring It On' look...

I . Love . Bring It On.

If, like me, you know the words to all the cheers....
...and THIS is the basis of all that is important in life...
then all you wanted to do growing up as a teen girl in the noughties, was to be part of The Toros.

However, after realising you can't do a backflip to save your life, and you don't really fancy being constantly tossed up in the air without throwing up, you realise that it probably wasn't your calling in life.

But despite all that, you're probably rockin' the looks and wardrobe of the Toros and Clovers girls without even realising.

1.) First of all, the crop tops
These girls love there crop tops just as much than you do. Oh, and theirs is completely on point for that whole preppy look. 

2.) 'Mom jeans and bomber jackets: killer combo
Before mom jeans were mom jeans, Isis already knew how flattering and oh-so-comfy they were.

3.) Say hello to slogan tees
No, this isn't a #TBT, this is just Missy leading the way with a cropped 90s tee. A must-have for any grunge girl.

4.) Oh! And all the hairstyles!
Yes, The Clovers loved a scrunchie as much as the next person, but HELLO - it's also metallic and gold. These girls knows how to work a pony.

5.) Top knots and high ponytails
Every other girl now has a high pineapple ponytail tied up, and cascading down from the top of their head. But Torance had this one sussed ages ago.

6.) 10/10 hair accessories
Bubble hair braids, headbands, hair slides AND bandanas?! Please excuse me while I take in all this amazing-ness.

7.) Seriously. The bandanas
Not just reserved for male Youtubers and pop-punk boybands.

8.) Total FKA Twigs vibes
Multi-coloured hair elastics at the ready - it's time to get twisting and piling your hair girls.

9.) And who could forget the pleated skirts!
No one can swosh a skirt like Isis - WORK ITTTT.

10.) 90s polonecks
Who knew layering a polo neck and a crop top would look so goddamn good?! 
Even the boys are nailing the look too.

11.) Gym goddesses
Ellie Goulding's instagram is filled with her looking pretty smokin' in workout gear, but I bet she doesn't pair hers with some chopsticks in her hair.

12.) Pink-on-pink
I'm mixing up all my 50 shades of pink now, especially if they have heart prints on them. Ariana Grande would totally be having a slumber party in this get-up. 

Even if you weren't already diggin' the preppy cheer look (in which case, why the hell not?!) then if anything, you won't run out of any style inspiration and outfits for the gym now. You'll won't have to worry about the horror of not having anything to wear again.

Were you as obsessed with 'Bring it On' as I was? (Or am I showing my age now...)

Stay happy!
Until next time,

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