Tuesday, 3 March 2015

February Chill

February has been a cold and harsh mistress. The cold has played havoc to my skin and the wind has caused some right run-ins to my hair with my face. And that's just in lil' ol' England, nevermind Prague, where it's minus temperatures. So when it came to a quick get-away there, I packed enough polonecks to give the 90s a run for their money.
Red lips and monochrome stripes - C'est chic, non?! 

But what does one do when it's the perfect mix of refreshingly chilly with glorious sunshine? Whack out your Ray Bans son.
 Navy polo neck, burgundy corduroy skirt and a mustard coat...and not a pastel colour in sight! - where's the real Amy and what have you done to her?! All that's remained is a majestic heart-shaped belt.
This month hasn't just been chilled in terms of temperature, but also when it comes to dressing. Dress-down denim with golden glimpses of longline necklaces is acceptable all day, everyday.
See? Chilled as an Ice Queen. Or a shimmering mermaid, which is what these high-tops are. Ugh, I love them love them love them.
But you know what I love less? Working out until you're a hot mess. But you may as well wear kawaii kit while doing so. *insert girl emoji with one hand raised...you know the one I mean*

Stay happy!
Until next time,

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