Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Week by Numbers: dreams, drinks & braids

How is it already March!? Before you know it, we'll be sipping Pimms in beer gardens and getting awkward tan lines.

7 favourites...
1.) This is my visual update/diary/pretentious monthly scrapbook a la Jack Howard for the past month. It's not the most cinematic, deep or has the most meaningful narrative to it, but I like it as a fun snapshot of that month of my life.

2.) I met up with my homegirl Kim at The Breakfast Club - standard - and after guzzling down pulled pork and burgers, she whispered a secret password to the waiter. Before I knew it, I was clutching onto my glass of wine, being whisked through the kitchen and down into a secret bar. Who knew there was a speakeasy so close by! Cue a night of rum and laughing so much that your cheeks hurt. 

3.) I'm an animal lover, and when it comes to dogs and puppies, I lose all sense of adult sensibility. So unsurprisingly, when I stumbled onto the show 'Supervet' on 4od, it bought me out in waves of coo-ing and tears. This genius works some hard-core Iron Man magic. 

4.) I don't ever really do much with my hair, firstly because there's just too much for me to handle, and secondly, I'm just plain lazy. But I tried something new the other day, and I don't know how I ever lived without it! 2 pigtails plaited and pinned up for some serious Scadanavain vibes, and all in a flash. I can feel my look getting chic-er by ever twist of a braid.

5.) My new music obsession is Jack Garratt. If you're into James Blake and The XX kinda vibes, then you'll dig this dude. 

6.) I've been re-reading 'Bridget Jones' Diary' in preparation of a much delayed start of the 3rd installment. What I've gathered is that, a.) I sometimes share the same thoguhts as her, but I'm on the opposite end of the 20s spectrum, so I need to chill the fuck out. And b.), she talks about how she keeps dialling 1471 to see if the person she's dating has called. Oh, if only she knew the trail and tribulations of iMessage time stamps and 'last-seen's on WhatsApp.

7.) A perfect end to the week came in the form of this bag. It was love at first sight, and before I knew it, I was holding it in my arms as I rode the tube home. Hey, if I can't be Ariel due to my lack of fins and hair that slays, then this is the perfect way to channel my inner mermaid on a daily basis.

3 thoughts...
"Omg, what is little ol' me doing sat here....I'm so out of my depth!"
"Can I justify spending money on a seashell bag? *tries it on and looks in the mirror* Yes. Yes I definitely can."

1 outfit...
I had an interview for basically my dream job the other day. So I went dressed as a smart-n-sassy me, topped off with a metallic blue scrunchie complete with bunny ears, as a sort of 'please-hire-me-i'm-the-perfect-girl-for-the-job!' kind of good luck accesory.
top:ASOS, skirt:ASOS, jacket:Urban Code, bag:Modula, scrunchie:Topshop

Stay happy!
Until next time,

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