Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Week by Numbers: Czech-ing out Prague

7 favourites...
1.) As mentioned before, I want to use my money on more experiences, and less material things, and having not gone abroad for a few years - cus of being a skint student and the like - I still believe that exploring and opening your eyes to different parts of the world, is one of the bet ways to enrich yourself with your riches. So, off to Prague I went for the weekend. I was faced with beautiful buildings covered in pastels and gold (be still my beating heart!), great beer, vats of hot chocolate laced with Baileys, and miles of walking. I mean, we hiked all the way up to a blooming castle - that's my kind of holiday!

2.) After watching an episode here and there, I took the plunge and watched Parks and Recreation from start to finish, and got completely swept up in all the heartwarming characters, each more weird that the last. And this is one of my favourite scenes, and this unconditional and stupid friendship reminds me exactly of my best friends and I.

3.) Speaking of Parks and Rec, as if my love for Chris Pratt wasn't enough, (though in my heart-of-hearts, he'll always be Che from The O.C in my mind), after watching him photobomb with Jimmy Fallon and Captain America himself, I just want to grab a milkshake and play arcade games with these dudes.

4.) Oh, and on the subject of the Super Bowl, can we just talk about the fact that Katy Perry rocked in on a giant golden lion, brought Missy Elliot back into our lives, and then exited on a flipping shooting star?! I love Katy Perry for all her pop princess goodness, and I don't care who knows it - you keep doing you girl.

5.) I managed to win a couple of £££ from the lottery on the rarity that I decide to buy a ticket which is a nice perk to the week - keep the luck coming!

6.) I worshipped Skins when I was a teenager, and I've found myself dipping back into them. The fashion which I once loved and the life that I once desperately wanted, I now watch back cringing at bits and feeling tear-y and nostalgic at others. (Chris 4evz).

7.) In keeping with trying to use my DSLR more and have a nicer document of my memories, and inspired by Jack Howard's monthly PMS (not what you think - pretentious monthly scrapbook), I've decided to make a lil' round-up video of each month. Nothing snazzy, but I'm happy with how it turned out, and if you want to watch shots of my feet and the M6, then here you go!

3 thoughts...
"Omg I love Andy Dwyer. Where can I get my own?"
"OMG I LOVE BEN WYATT. I love Ben and Leslie and where can I sign up to be in that in my very own Ben and Leslie?"
"No. I'm not from China/Japan/Korea. I flew in from England. No I'm not lying to you..."

1 outfit...
top:Topshop, skirt:Urban Outfitters, belt:ASOS, scarf:Urban Outfitters, coat:Topshop, boots: Topshop, sunglasses:Ray Bans
Going on holiday to somewhere where it's -2 degrees means multiple of layers and making friends with polo-necks is a massive plus. Now, I can hear you screaming that I'm mad for wearing a bloomin' skirt of that length in the freezing cold, but FEAR NOT! I've got super-warm, fleecy leggings on (which every woman should own FYI). And what else do you need in the cold weather? Your sunnies and your wrestler belt of course.

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