Monday, 23 February 2015

Week by Numbers: Baymax, denim & Year of the Ram!

7 favourites...
1.) Thursday 19th of February was Chinese New Year! This basically means a 2nd Christmas - family, get-togethers and a ton of glorious food. Unsuprisingly, cheat days turned into a cheat week, and runs went out of the window, because celebrations span over days (gotta make those days last bro). And it's one of the very few times a year that our whole family gets together, so it's just a little bit special, plus, there's a tradition of giving those younger in your family a red packet filled with money...I ain't complain' - Bonus!

2.) I finally got round to watching Big Hero 6 (I know, ridiculous for a Disney gal like me) and I loved it more than I thought I would. It was heart-warming, witty, and of course, included a big squishy robot called Baymax - I desperately want him to be real! All the characters have an amazing personality in their own way, but I'm just in awe of Honey Lemon. She's excitable, crazy good at chemistry, and runs around to battle baddies in hot pink wedges. My kinda girl!
Also just look at this bag that lets her combine elements to create different materials - insane.

3.) The next and 3rd book finished this year, is Caitlin Moran's 'How to be a Woman'. I zoomed stright throguh it and became obsessed with her musings, hilarious anecdotes and frantic rants in CAPS LOCK. It made me laugh and it made me think, and just like Caitlin says how she worships Germaine Greer but respects her enough to know it's ok not to agree with all of her ideas, I feel the same about Caitlin.

4.) I've had a couple of interviews this week (yes, I'm still on a major job hunt - it's a marathon, not a race y'all) and with every one, I'm getting more confident and worry less. Life will be stressful and hectic enough when it happens, so I'm gonna 100% take advantage of the fact I can just wonder around a bookshop with no clue of what to get, discover a new book, and indulge in it at a coffee shop. 

5.) The girls that I went to school with sometimes have dinner where we bring a dish each, which means we end up with about 7 different things. This time round, it was Italian night, and I whipped up these parmesan and gruyere cheese twists. They went down a treat!

6.) My brother bought me tickets to go watch Edward Scissorhands, the ballet production by Matthew Bourne, for Christmas, and it was the first ballet I've been to go see. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was so moving and witty, without a single word being said - definitely won't be my last ballet. (Ooh, get me going to the ballet and everything).

7.) I went out for my friend's birthday on Valentine's Day night, and as we were in the queue, a beautiful vision in a red tutu walked by, and my friend Kim whispered, 'Is that Jade from Little Mix?!' And before I could answer, she yelled 'CHASE HER!' and I was running down the streets of central London while holding her hand. Lo and behold, it was her and we were unashamedly excited and completely fan-girling. We were incomprehensible and silly with our compliments to her - nop, didn't say we liked Little Mix's music, instead Kim screamed 'I love your glittery eyes!' and I followed suit with 'I love your tutu, I have it in lilac!' Great job KLo. When we returned to our friends and they didn't understand why we were so excited, we launched into a ramble how 'Move' by Little Mix if our friendship song and this was our reunion....don't know what on earth a friendship song is, but EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE.

3 thoughts...
"Sooo...after texting for a week or two, the first time you decide to ring me is 4am on Valentine's Day...?"
"Where can I get a phone cover that's a fox, complete with swinging tail a la Honey Lemon?!"
"Can I fit another duck pancake in my stomach? Yes!"

1 outfit...
dress:Bellfield, necklace:Topshop
After going from living in denim skirts in my early teens, to hating jeans in my early 20s, I'm re-kindling my love for denim with a dress - might as well go the whole hog and wrap myself in denim-y goodness! And my new fave piece of jewellery is this longline necklace with glistening gems.

Stay happy!
Until next time,

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