Sunday, 16 April 2017

Keeping kitsch in March

Monochrome is the one of the most sensible outfits you can rock right? Whether it's casual with a Nike crop top and swooshy maxi, or full-blown Sandy from Grease after her makeover. (sassy swinging ponytail not sold separately.)

But we've all been here long enough to know that this monochrome madness doesn't last for long, so it wasn't long until I started looking like something out of a Fleetwood Mac pastel-coloured tribute band. 

And from the ultimate Rock goddess Stevie Nicks to my own low-key impersonation of a rock chick. Silky pyjama top tied up and tight disco pants zipped up, and you're ready to head to any gig with a sticky floor spilled with beer.

And let's face it, I'm never far from a pair of dungarees. From one musical icon to another, glittery pink boots and a fedora hat will give you some strong Dolly Parton vibes (and that ain't no bad thing.) 

Shimmering, mermaid looks can also be tied up nicely with a criss-cross across the top or the sandals.

Now Spring is on it's way as well, there's no way this girl can avoid a touch of double denim, cus you know, I live in a nostalgic 90s haze.

So 90s in fact that a day hardly goes by without me rocking a slogan top. Cheers for having my back CK and Fila. 

With all this fluctuating Spring sunshine and showers, the bomber jacket is my go-to item. And with it, I am completely 100% ready for my audition as Ryan Gosling in Drive. 

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