Monday, 4 May 2015

20 pieces of fashion advice from younger me

We all have photos from our past that make our cringe glands flare up - whether that be a picture of you naked in a bath as a kid, or a snap from that precious first time Vodka got the best of you. 

Or, y'know, when your mum dressed you up in the cut-offs of her curtains, or orange leggings layered under checked dress (literally WTF?)
But sometimes, perhaps your younger self knew better - you frolicked through life footloose and fancy-free, and you didn't care what anyone else thought, because opinions weren't even a thing in your cartoon & nap-filled world. You just wore whatever the hell you wanted!
So, I think it's about time I took some tips from lil' Amy when it comes to all things fashion and style.

1.) Always make sure your shoes are shined & buffed to the max
There's nothing that ruins an outfit more than mucky shoes - am I right? So make sure you can see your beautiful reflection in those babies. And if you want to team them with frilly socks and a preppy, pleated skirt, well, then you'll look all the better for it.

2.) Match your bag to your trousers
Especially when said bag features a Disney fashion icon, and those trousers are checked and cute af.

3.) Sometimes all you need is a matching set of leggings and sweatshirt
If casual-sporty-chic is what you're going for, then look no further. Oh, don't forget your light-up trainers as well.
Especially when that set features your boy Bugs Bunny and your homegirl Lola, all wrapped up in a poweder blue background - I wore this lil' duo to death. God I loved this outfit, I legit wish I still had it now.

5.) In fact, you can't go wrong with a co-ord set
Literally wore a striped long-sleeve with a red skirt the other week. And lemme tell you, look is still looking strong.

6.) Sassy slogan tees are always appropriate
Sometimes words are just too much effort, and all your need to say can be done so via a sassy slogan. 'Fashion goes first'? 'Cute not just clever'? Yep. Definitely all very important points to make as a teen.

7.) You can never wear too much sparkle
Can I have a garland made up of stars around my neck everyday please? Don't worry, I've already got the glittery tutu.

8.) A pair of shades will take your outfit to the next level 
Whether it's for protecting your eyes or blocking out the haters, you should always have a pair of sunglasses on hand. Essential y'all.

9.) Yellow is a killer colour 
Yellow is one of my favourite colours, and not only just because it's so goddamn cheerful and happy, but also cause it compliments olive-asian skin tone like a godsend. Work. It.

10.) Sometimes all you need is a throwback sweatshirt
Animaniacs and chill-out sweatshirts are both as brilliant as each other. And you know it.

11.) Remember that hats are always an excellent option 
Especially if that hat is worn backwards, and features a tuft of your fringe spilling out of it. That's how all the cool kids wear it right?

12.) Especially when you're being a baller
Sometimes, you listen to some Biggie Smalls, and just want to rock the day with some Stussy and an Air Jordan tracksuit.

13.) Collars and tartan go together brilliantly 
Look how smug I look on the right that my coller's so darn frilly and cute. And who do I think I am flashing the inside of my checked coat so you can see the full beauty of that tartan and chain get-up?! OOTD in the making.

14.) Never forget to use knitwear as a cover-up
As someone who is quintessentially British as hell, knitwear is always the right option - cardigans, jumpers, cable knits - you know it makes sense. (Odd rolled-up hairstyle: optional)

15.) Always remember to represent your idol
Remember to cross your arms because you're wearing an Ariel jumper and that means your DA BOSS, or if it's in the wash, then don't forget to leave the house without your My Little Mermaid colouring-in kit.

16.) When in doubt, remember your hair accessories
Minnie mouse ears, gemstone-studded cowboy hats - it's all good. 

17.) Don't forget your roots
Just like my homegirl J.Lo says, "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block." Remember where you came from guy and gals, and represent yo.

18.) Denim denim denim
Denim jackets back then. Denim jackets still now. Denim sandals worn with socks - not so much...

19.) If all else fails, STRIKE A POSE
WHO DO I THINK I AM. Arms in the air like I just don't care apparently. And I'm thinking I need to bring back those crossed legs as my signature move, right? (Also, is it mad to think the velvet-floral emsemble on the right is kiiiinda channeling Alexa Chung vibes? Long shot? Ok.)

20.) Oh, and the best accesory?
A great big, fat smile! 
Even when your sunglasses aren't properly on your face and your Barbie heart-shaped watch doesn't even tell the time, your outfit will always look on point if you're wearing the emotion, Happy No.5

Stay happy!
Until next time,

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