Sunday, 3 May 2015

Week by Numbers: perseverance & magic

7 favourites...
1.)  Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. I have some brilliant and exciting news! And no it's not that the Royal baby has been born - although, congrats to Kate & Wills and the new gorgeous princess! No. It's that after nearly a year of interning, uncertainty, literally hundred of cover letters written, endless interviews gone to, and feeling pretty low at points...
Like, I'm a legit, proper journalist at a national publication - say whatttt?! I cannot tell you how the sheer joy and relief I feel at the stability and security I now have, and the fact the all the hard work and grief was all worth it. If you stay true to your ambitions and keep plugging away, you'll get there eventually. Am very grateful and just all kinds of happy!

2.) Apart from landing myself a job, here's what the rest of my April looked like - pretty gutted that my bday month is now over tbh, booooo.

3.) Sometimes, wading through floods of people on the tube isn't what you really wanna do with your weekend. So when that happens, and your friend lives a quick 30 min train journey, the sane thing to do is to jump on that train and head for a land of all things green and surrounded by trees. You get welcomed with creamy mushrooms on toasts and the chance to have a big, deep, breathe of fresh air. Bliss.

4.) After being appalled by myself for not having watched all the Harry Potter films when they first came out, I bought the whole series on DVD during my last year of uni, and blasted through them all in one weekend, sat on the edge of my seat. That was it. Hook, line and sinker, I was in love with the world and the characters. So, me and my 2 besties and housemates from uni booked ourselves to go to the Harry Potter studios for a birthday present for each other and OH MY GOD. It was amazing. There's a surprise round every corner and I genuinely felt like a big kid. From being in Diagon Alley to having my mind blown by the props team and the mechanics behind the mythical creatures, it was such a fun day that I feel sad to be back in reality now. Even if I did genuinely get scared by a deatheater...

5.) I always end up having a song on repeat, and at the moment, it's the Oliver Nelson remix of All Cried Out (which I love anyway) by Blonde ft.Alex Newell. When the sun's shining and I'm skipping along the streets of London, it instantly makes me happy and wishing I was sat on a rooftop terrace , with a cocktail in my hand, cherry blossom raining from the sky and the warmth of the sunshine beaming on me. Heavenly.

6.) Don't get put off by the name, but Scrotal Recall, is an amazing series on Netflix. It's heartwarming, witty, oh-so-British and makes your heart feel all warm and smooshy. Think major 'Cold Feet' vibes.

7.) I have a small hoard of small nephews and nieces now, so that means when I usually see my brothers, it's not without the presence of small humans who I love. But midway through this week, my brother was in London for meeting, he treated me to congratulatory cocktails and dinner. It was so nice to chat and catch up as 2 adults with no lego about and feeling shattered from pushing swings all day. Going from teaching me how to ride a bike (unsuccessfully I might add), to sharing after-work drinks together. Siblings rule y'all.

3 thoughts...
"I'm so excited there is a high possibility I may be sick"
"If you don't want to be an asshole, then you have the choice to not be one y'know?"
"Imagine if you're Kate Middleton and the whole world's waiting for you to push a human out of you..."

1 outfit...
We had a couple of heatwave days in April, so I assumed like any normal person would, that the weather was on the rise, and we were entering a solid Spring. Oh, how wrong I was. It's England. Of course good weather being on the cards isn't a certainty. So a striped poloneck it is, but that doesn't mean I can't flash a bit of leg with a midi-skirt, and channel some sunny shades with a lemony-yellow, embroidered skirt. Add lots of black and gold accessories and a seashell bad and hey presto -you've brought spring to yourself!

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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