Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Week by Numbers: 23, bowling & bright skies

This week, I turned the grand ol' age of 23!

7 favourites...
1.) I started the 1st hours of being a 23-year-old with a gold crown on my head, eating rainbow cake. I had a lovely day full of sunshine, animal pjs (complete with unicorns - winner!), a Cinderella-worthy Michael Kors bag, and lots of love and birthday wishes. I felt so lucky and thankful to have so many people who care about me in my life.

2.) As a kid, my brothers would come home every year to celebrate my birthday with me, watch me blow yet another set of candles out, and spend 3 hours building me that Barbie dream house. But now we're all grown-ups, and the big 2-1 has been and gone, and we've all got busy lives, sometimes it's a rush just to send a card off in time. But even now, I got this box of birthday goodies in the post. And as someone who loves receiving letters and hand-written letters, a package of fun made me insanely happy. Especially when it including a box of Disney Lego to build.

3.) Birth-Day? More like birth-week! Back in the capital I had an all-weekend sleepover with my bestie, got greeted in the morning with birthday cake, marshmallows, Hairspray on full blast and Minnie Mouse ears on my head. Spend all day wondering around Regents Park in the sun, enjoy a bubblegum ice cream, and go from getting gutter balls to getting strikes and ultimately winning at bowling, complete with a cocktail in hand. Oh, and screaming along in karaoke. Course.

5.) I can't stop listening to Marcus Mumford's (of off Mumford & Sons fame) cover of Bob Dylan. Literally the best thing to have on while walking in the sunshine. Get this song in your life, you shan't regret it.

6.) Speaking of sunshine, London in the spring and summer is legit one of my favourite places to be. When the blossom's out, and you can hear joy in people's voice as they natter, and you can spend all day just aimlessly wandering around - it's the best. Brings so much happiness into my lil heart.

7.) As I mentioned Hey Claire's last week, with her sunglasses video, I have fallen in love with THIS pair. Unfortunately, they're Miu Miu and I can't justify spending so much £££ on some shades, but MY GOD, they're beautiful.

3 thoughts...
"Please don't be a dick, please don't be a dick, please don't be a dick..."
"It's so quiet and activity-less back at the house. WHERE'S ALL THE FUN."
"I can definitely hit this high note in Whitney Houston. 100%..."

1 outfit...
bag:Aldo, trousers:H&M, shoes:Topshop
Now, I don't want to speak too soon, but I think Spring has finally sprung! I'm all over the floral trousers and equally floral shoes - complete with jelly sandal flatforms. Oh, and what this? This pink suede tassled number? Yeah, it's pretty great so shimmying around in the sunshine, thanks for saying. 

Stay happy!
Until next time,

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