Sunday, 5 April 2015

Week by Numbers: underground secrets & fun by letters

Hope you'e all been enjoying the long weekend and having lots of Easter fun, you lil' bunnies!
Netflix marathons and copious amounts of travelling have meant that this week by numbers is more or a fortnight by numbers, but hey, I won't tell if you don't.

7 favourites...
1.) First of all, how on EARTH is it April already?! I've always loved April - not only because it's the month of my birthday (HOLLERRR) - but because to me, it's the beginning of Spring, flowers blossoming, the sun making more of an appearance. But before I jump into April, here's what my March looked like.

2.) Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favourite movies is Clueless. And it's not just cus of the killer outfits that I wish I had and could disect for hours. It's based on Jane Austen's 'Emma', it's nostalgic, and is so damn quote-able! So when my bestie told me that it was being played at an underground cinema where seats are massive bean-bag-beds and blankets, I was there in a flash. 
There was pillows, and afterwards, board games and ice-cream cocktails were had. A perfect playdate, defo.

3.) I bought an alphabet necklace and it's the best £3 I've ever spent. I can express my philosopical musings and emotions solely via my neck from now on.
I need never express my feelings verbally again!

4.) I'm a sucker for different cases for my phone. And I unfortunately go for novelty and design over practicality and protection, every time. And this newest member of the family, may be the most ridiculous of them all - and I bloody love it.

5.) My nephew and niece came to visit, so I was faced with a very tough conundrum when one of them wanted me to play MarioKart with them, and the other wanted me to make Disney Princess bracelets with them. It was a dilemma I tells ya. Of course, I zoomed round course throwing red shells, whilst wearing a Cinderella beaded beauty around my wrist.

6.) I cannot stop wearing/buying/being drawn to suede and denim at the moment. I have enough denim jackets and dungarees at my disposal to dress a 90s pop band, but I keep trying on more. And this lime-yellow suede skirt is my new BFF - soz rest of my wardrobe - but may also take the making taking care of. Rain, spillages and accidents, STEP AWAY FROM THE SUEDE.

7.) I went a bit overboard with the festively-themed nails. Which is something that happens more than it should. Speckled mini-egg anyone?

3 thoughts...
"Clueless, is truly, fabulous."

"Is Adele coming back yet? PLEASE."


1 outfit...
dress:Topshop, shoes:ASOS, necklace:Topshop
I went out (OUT-out) in the town that I grew up. It was a last-min affair, so I peeled my sweats off me and grabbed a LBD. Since pastels and swishing around are my fave things, a bodycon little black dress is something that you'll rarely see me in, but hey, variety's the spice of life right? I felt ridiculously old amongst teenagers, and at the same time, like I had taken a time machine back to when I was 17 and underage drinking. But it was a jolly way to spend a Good Friday nontheless. That's what Easter's for, right? 

Stay Happy!
Until next time,

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