Thursday, 16 April 2015

25 reasons why I grew up wanting to be Gwen Stefani

When I was a mini version of myself, I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani. I tried with all my might to replicate her awesome style, and wanted nothing more than ice-cool peroxide blonde hair, and it's not hard to see why...

1.) She's the queen of the red lips and ice-blonde combo
She is completely the reason why I started wearing lipstick. Teenage Amy accidentally broke one of her mum's lipsticks when trying it on, begged her if she could buy her her own, and it's been a match-made in heaven ever since. Cheers Gwen.

2.) She just OOZES cool
Ugh. It hurts just how damn cool she is. She's such a sexy badass that I don't even know how to deal with it.
And she's still just as awesome to this day (also, how does she not seemed to have aged one single goddamn day?!) As Bruno Mars would say, "too hot, HOT DAMN" indeed.

3.) She was part of epic band of the 90s, No Doubt
If you don't like No Doubt, we can't hang out, soz - they were basically the epitome of the 90s. For reals. They were all sorts of weird and wonderful in a sea of girl and boy bands back in the day.

4.) She rocks a pair of tracksuits like no other
15-year-old me LONGED for a pair of matching green Adidas tracksuits. But teen me also only had pocket money to spend, so it's probably a good thing that I didn't splurge my money on them, as I have no doubt (eh? geddit?!) that I would defo NOT look that killer in them.

5.) Oh, and can we just take note of her KILLER ABS?!
BRB as I go do 12945829 ab crunches.

6.) 'Just A Girl' spoke the absolute truth
As I jumped around to this song when I was younger, I didn't realise how ahead of it's time it was, and how poignant and meaningful it would mean to me now. It's not only an insanely good song, but also an education, and is sarcasm at it's best - PREACH.

7.) She is a style icon. Fo' realsies.
The master of personalised fashion: LAMB top and No Doubt belt anyone? 

8.) She clashes patterns like a trooper
Teach us your ways oh masterful one!

9.) Think that having your bra straps on show is tacky?
Think again. 

10.) She's all over leopard print

11.) Off-duty look on lock
Ugh, this whole ensemble is so brilliant and effortlessly cool, it makes me want to cry.

12.) Oh, and let's not forget the gold-n-stripes phase during 'The Sweet Escape'
I own some striped jeans - others call them Beetlejuice pants, I call them my Gwen Stefani trousers.

13.) And think she's just all about being cool chick?
 Think again, look at her all glam and sophisticated! We are not worthy.

14.) She's just like a multi-faceted GEM!

15.) Let's not even get started on the art piece that is her hair
She was all FKA Twigs before FKA was even born. 

16.) Who'd ever thought your string bikini could be so versatile?!
Gwen did, THAT'S WHO.

17.) 'Don't Speak' is lyrically heart-breaking and oh-so-honest
When I got over the 1st boy I ever fancied at school, I listened to this on my MP3 player on repeat. I wish that was a joke (school girl Amy was very emo over the whole thing). But now I'm older - and hopefully wiser - OMG, those lyrics convey 100% how you feel when you go through a break-up. And the fact she wrote it about her split with ex-boyfriend and bass player of the band, Kana, as well, just tugs at my emotional heart strings even more.

18.) She taught a whole generation how to spell 'bananas'
And also made me wish I was in band in American high school, just so I could wear that feathered hat. 

19.) Her wedding dress was flipping pink!
Tranditions? Pft, who needs traditions when your wedding dress looks da bomb.

20.) 'Hey Baby' is a tune and a half
It's also the 1st song I heard of from No Doubt, before trawling through their back-catalogue and vowing to love them forever more.

21.) On that point, their comeback single was perfection
All was right in the world again in 2012 when No Doubt reunited and bestowed upon us this ultimate summer jam. They're like an ol' rum & coke - they never go out of style and are always a sturdy choice to making you feel-good.
Oh, and Ms.Stefani's hair was crazy-good in the video too.

22.) 'What You Waiting' for was a crazy pop masterpiece
Laying some truth down on us about the music industry. Not to mention the video was a crazy, wonderful, Wonderland-filled dream as well. 

23.) She's super kawaii
And not in the Avril Lavinge way (Thank God...remember that?! Let's never speak of that again...)

24.) She's probably the most badass mama ever
Just look at the matching quiffs yo! 

25.) Long live the queen of cool!

 But alas, young Amy realised that red lipstick and a mint Adidas zip-up hoodie alone wouldn't turn her into Gwen Stefani. And besides, probably not the safest idea to try and bleach your deepest of dark hair to a bright, white blonde. That's just a catastrophe waiting to happen...
There's only one Gwen Stefani, and that's what makes her so goddamn special! 

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