Tuesday, 17 September 2013


While I was typing up my last blog post of the update of my past week via Instagram photos, I thought, most weeks, there's certain things that I'm obsessed with. Whether that be music, a book, a certain article, a designer, a tv show, or a film I've seen...anything really, and I would love to share those things that I've been loving that week, with you guys!

This week, my ears have been abused mostly by 4 songs.

Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home
I love the tenderness of this song and how smooth it is, and it's been the first song that I put on when I get in the car for a drive.

Bastille - We Can't Stop
I love Bastille. I think they're a phenomenal and talented band who work so hard, and when they did this cover Miley's 'We Can't Stop' in Radio 1's Live Lounge, they took that song and spun it on its head. Even the most empty of lyrics seemed to contain meaning leader Dan Smith sang them, and their twists of Disney's 'I Can't Wait To Be King', Eminem, and Billy Ray Cyrus, were just genius and hilarious.

The 1975 - What Makes You Beautiful
Since during September, it's Radio 1's more music month, there was another Live Lounge that took me by surprise and I couldn't stop pressing the replay button. The 1975 covered One Direction and transformed it from a spunky lil' pop number into a sultry and tender throwback to the 90s, and it made the whole song sounded so sweet that I'm sure honey was trickling out of my speakers.

Conor Maynard - R U Crazy
Now, I think Conor Maynard's got a bit of a bad rep, because he started out his career when he was reasonably young and got compared to being the British Justin Bieber. When you think of mega stars and talented performers like Justin Timberlake, they started their career pretty young too, and in my opinion, his music is completely different and he's a different person altogether, so no need for comparisons. I thought of his songs as guilty pleasures for a while, then he came out with 'Turn Around' with Ne-Yo which I fell in love with, and 'Animal' showed a more mature sound, and with this new single, that sound continues to grow, which I think is a bit Timberlake-esque, from the 'Cry Me A River' era, and I've got to say...I'm really enjoying it.

My eyes have been feasting on the Great British Bakeoff, which I still love just as much as ever. Drooling over beautiful bakes, wishing the sweet Mary Berry was my grandma, and laughing at Mel & Sue's commentarty, is the perfect way to spend a cold Autumn evenign in. Educating Yorkshire is new show that I've been snuggling down to the sofa to watch, and it's hilairous, heart warming and makes me kind of wish I had the innocence of all these teens, and having he past few years to look forward to. May I add that the headteacher is also amazing and fantastic! I've also been infdulging in some old-school Fresh Prince, which I think if where Will Smith was his funniest and I still never goet bored of this show, the cast and he energy between them all. 

I've also still been getting lost in the world of Japan while reading Memoirs of a Geisha, and the other  week, I picked up a copy of Scott Mills autobiography for a bargin. I've always loved his show and found him hilarious, and his book was no exception, but there was a chapter in it about his work with the documentary he filmed called 'The World's Worst Place To Be Gay', and it was such an eye-opener and made me have a new-found respect for the Radio DJ.

How do you like these weekly favourites? What have you been loving this week? I always love finding new interests!

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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