Sunday, 1 September 2013

Instagram Week: Insta-update!

I love instagram. I love how it keep you up to date with all your friends and favourite people, and all the food porn always makes me drool.
And I always enjoy Milk, Bubble, Tea's instagram in a week updates on her blog, and with my bestie Hannah recently doing one also, I thought I'd try my hand at it too!

I love seeing these on people's blogs, as not everyone has instagram and i love the way it looks, and it's a great and visual way to update people easily and quickly for when life gets a bit hectic and full blog posts get a bit thin.

So, here's what I've been up to recently!
1. my love for Libertys and it's beauty never gets old  2. gorgeous flowers outside of Libertys  3. fancy dress party with all my besties for jess' 21st birthday  4. vodka jelly shots at Iyesha's  5. catching up and partying with uni friends  6. spent the day smelling the flowers with my parents  7. shorthand textbook arrived ready for masters degree in september  8. rediscovering my undying love for an old t-shirt  9. having sushi with hannah in milton keanes  10. another trip to beautiful London  11. rollerskating, discoing fun  12. delving into this gem on the train journey home
Some of you might also remember I had a bit of a think and delve into my childhood in a recent blog post, ready for my friend Jess' 21st birthday, where the fancy dress theme was childhood hereos.
Well, in the end, I hauled a load of aqua coloured material and sparkly gems and gold trims, and got my scissors and sewing skills out, and got to work.
What do you guys think?! Think I could pass off for Princess Jasmine herself?!
I love fancy dress and loved dressing up as one of my favourite characters as a child, especially after all the time I played pretend being her when I was younger!

I'm planning to do more of these little instagrams updates, what do you guys think?
If you want to check out my instagram, it's @amylo92
Do you have an instagram? Let me know your username in the comments, I love checking people's account out :)

Hope you're all well,
Speak soon,

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