Thursday, 1 January 2015

14 things I learnt in 2014

I spent the first moments of 2015 hugging my friends, watching fireworks, clinking champagne glasses, holding hands with one another while mumbling along to 'Auld Lang Syne' (that none of us knew the words to...), which was then followed by watching a bunch of bare bums run around in the cold while I ate a slice of Ferrero Rocher cheesecake. 
Couldn't think of a better way to ring in the new year to be honest.

As we say Au Revoir to 2014 and wave Bonjour! to 2015, it's inevitable that it's a time that we reflect and look back on the year that's passed. 
So, here are all the life lessons I've learnt in 2014, and what I learnt about myself.

1.) Novelty handbags are for life, not just for LOLs
And thank god 2014 was THE year for novelty handbags that gave me lots of new offerings. I bow down to my queens, Anya Hindmarch and Charlotte Olympia, even if my budget is way below them (one day my beautifuls...), but for now, I'm happy with my milk carton and a fluff monster.

2.) I enjoy writing my blog so much more, now that I write it for myself.
When I first started blogging, I had such a clear idea my head that it was going to be a fashion blog, and solely that. After many outfits posts that became more and more half-hearted, and for the days I just lounged in my sweats, I ended up with no content. The first time I wrote a post that was more about something more personal, and not just some dress I bought that week, I actually felt nervous to publish it, and Lo-&-behold, people actually really liked it! Although I still like posting a tutu skirt here and a beaded dress there. I've been doing posts like these more and more. I still always try to make my content interesting for others to read (otherwise, I might as well put it in my diary). Not only am I happier writing them and with my blog, but friends like reading them, and I'm gaining more readers too! Shucks you guys *blushes*.

3.) Never apologise for things you shouldn't be sorry for.
Declining on a 2nd date with someone. Not being able to help out with something because you're working to a deadline. Choosing to stay in and binge on Netflix, instead of going out this one time. These are all decisions that you're allowed to make as a human being and not be made to feel guilty of. No apologies needed.

4.) I'm a feminist.
I've written about it enough this year, so I'm not going to go on about it, but I basically had some warped views of what feminism was, didn't think I was one, and then realised my views actually meant that I was. A pretty proud one at that. You can read more here and here. Grab some biscuits and sit down to have a read.

5.) Fully embrace the fuck out of your personal style.
I pick up a leather pleated skort-playsuit and I full on know it'd look amazing on Jourdan Dunn or that friend of mine with the killer legs. But I put it on, and it just doesn't look...right. It fits ok, it looks ok, but it just doesn't look like me. I just wasn't destined to dress 'cool', and I'm more than OK with that as I sit in my sparkly skirt and bardot top.

6.) Job-hunting is an absolute ballache.
Yes, I know unemployment is dropping, and yes, I've not been graduated for long, but the mountain of applications I've sent over this past year, compared to the minuscule replies I've received, is enough to make Micky Mouse feel down in Disneyland. Companies and magazine: I know you're hella busy but PLEASE, answer back to me! I'm pretty easy-going and positive about the whole thing most of the time, but it's also definitely not a walk in the park either.

7.) One night stands don't make you a shitty person.
I'm a complete, smushy, philosophical hopeless romantic, but sometimes, that's just exactly why some guys stumble into your life. They're not all gonna sweep you off your feet and be the Seth to your Summer, the Ross to your Rachel. And definitely don't spend the next day feeling guilty and bad about yourself. You did nothing wrong. 

8.) Going on a break with technology is a healthy thing.
I love social media and all the hashtags and retweets that go with it. I spend more time on YouTube and Instagram than I care to think about, and although I'm all about the future and jazzy tech things that can do amazing things, I realise that I spend the majority of my day staring at a screen, moving from my laptop to my phone and back again. It's good to disconnect. Go to the pub with your friends and don't instagram about it - just revel in their company. Read a book and let your imagination completely suck you into it. Leave your phone at home and go for a walk. Listen to the birds, embrace the nature - channel your inner David Attonburugh. 

9.) Stop comparing yourself to other people.
There's always going to be someone who's body you idolise towards, or someone who you think is completely ace-ing it and going far with their career. But we all have our own individual worries and struggles, and you're doing the best that you can. What you see of others is only a small champagne-&-shopping filled slice of their life. Instagram lives aren't real lives. 

10.) Friendships grow apart.
Those who care about the friendship you share, will make the time and effort for it. Those who aren't, you'll see them on a yearly reunion basis, and it'll still be lovely, and you'll always have those memories of being embarrassing teenagers together. But you shouldn't always feel like you're the only one making effort to catch up or make plans. It's fine to have some friends who you aren't as close to compared to others. Think of it as a tiered cake of friendship. Yum.

11.) Similarly, friends are just the best.

Deadline stress, date outfit dilemmas, hungover debriefing over endless coffee, or the same old boy troubles - friends are fucking fantastic at helping you through it all. They pour you into a taxi home when you've had one too many, and they invite you round for tea when law revision is getting to you. Whether it's bonkers northerners you've only known for a year that you clicked with straight away, or a group of childhood friends who you've known since you've first shared your first Strongbow together - they're brilliant and you need to make sure you cherish those lil treasures.

12.) Stop caring what other people think.
It's easier said than done. You shouldn't care what other people think about you, but we're all human, and we do. But throughout this year, the thought of whether people will think I look silly in my multi-coloured feather gilet, or think I'm ridiculous when I roller-skate to my friend's flat, disappeared more and more. Whether it's if you care about whether people will like your new hair, or you're worrying about what that guy thinks of you, there's no point worrying. It doesn't matter what someone else's opinion is on the situation. If someone made you feel shit, then they made you feel shit. That's that, and they're obviously not worth it, because, who likes to feel shit?
Worry less, have a laugh, and enjoy your life.

13.) Time goes by way too quickly.
Big cliché I know, but blimey-o-riley, it really does! Having little nieces and nephews running around really makes me realise this more than ever. One moment, they're spitting out strawberries out into my hand and I'm chasing after their snotty noses with a tissue, and the next minute, they're asking me about make-up and teaching me how to play games on my phone. 

14.) As always, tea fixes any and everything.
That's a given. Hasn't changed, never will. 

What have you learnt from the past year? 
I hope you all had fantastic 2014, and 2015 has lots of new memories, love, laughter & adventures stored for you.
Happy New Year you lil' munchkins!

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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