Sunday, 25 January 2015

14 Things That Makes Uni the Best Time Ever

Being a student is one of the most messy, confusing, weird, hectic and fun times of your life.
 And I flipping loved it.

I've recently just graduated (yet again), and along with re-living and binge watching Fresh Meat from beginning to end, all of that has left me feeling a bit nostalgic about my old uni house, and the whole student life.
There's so many things that are brilliant about not being at uni anymore - essays are a thing of the past and not having to bicker about who takes out the bin is bliss - but there's also so many weird and wonderful things that make me want to enrol onto a course and do it all over again.

1.) Going to the corner shop at your worst. 
Pajamas. Onesies. Or whatever kind of lounge-wear your heart desires. It doesn't matter, if you've stayed in them until 2pm and decide you want a bag of sweets, it's socially acceptable as a student for you to not get changed and pop out. The staff at the Sainsburys Local in Northampton have seen some pretty spectacular get-ups on me. Including but not limited to rollers in my hair, and flats with polka dot socks and pink sweatpants. 

2.) The debrief the morning after the night before
One of my favourite things about uni was waking up and going downstairs to reconvene with your housemates and figure out and discuss last night's drunken events. There'd be endless cups of tea, embarrassed faces, waves of laughter, recollections of drunken snogs, and screams of 'OMG, NOOOO'. A hangover is so much more bearable with company.

3.) Your dancemoves come out in full force

Since it's student night every night, that means plenty of opportunities for you to bust out your moves, but that doesn't stop you from cracking them out at home as well. It may be the Jagerbombs, or just the fact that you're having fun with your friends, but you stop caring about what you look like when you're dancing, and just have a laugh. After that, there's no going back, and it's the best! 

4.) Your diet is bizarre and brilliant
Making a dinner as a joint effort and sharing it together is the best. But it's rare. Sharing a whole trifle, finding out chocolate bars are great to use as straws for tea, and taking full advantage of the yoghurt offer they have at your local shop however, are all completely reasonable. It may be because you're stressed or hungover or have a lack of sleep from staying up and chatting all night. Or it may be because your parents aren't there to tell you off and you can eat whatever you want cause you're a badass bitch.

5.) You suffer essays and deadlines together 
Yes, you have a horrific portfolio to finish, and there's simply no more words you can possibly write about art deco design, but at you've got a house of other people suffering the same plight. You know what they say, misery loves company, but with all of you huddled in the library or your living room together, with shed-loads of snacks and constant tea breaks, you'll get through it. I promise it.

6.) Your friends are never more than 15 mins away
It's like living in a bubble of students, so anyone you could ever want to hang out with or house you'd want to crash out, is always within arm's reach.

7.) Your creative juices are running to the max

Because you're a student, that means your skint. Probably due to all the student nights out that you end up going to, and the student discounts on ASOS that you can't say no to. So that means you can't just go out and buy Christmas decorations willy-nilly. Oh no. Cue cutting out snowflakes and stringing up your own baubles from Poundland.
You also get creative when it comes to pranking housemates - disguising your mannequin in a onesie ready for when your roomie gets out of the bathroom?

8.) Having one big-ass shared wardrobe
Hit a wall while trying to put together an outfit? Never fear, you've got a house full of other wardrobes for you to rummage through - you're bound to find a top or pair or heels to make your look work. Just beware: your room may be one big mess of a floor-drobe when you get home at 3am.

9.) Using fridge magnets and post-it notes is a perfectly reasonable way to communicate
Need more milk? Stress-baked some cookies to share with everyone? Your housemate needs to throw out that 3-month-old pot of hummous out of the fridge? All these notices are perfectly fine communicated via lettered fridge magnets from The Early Learning Centre. These are also a great tool for putting up artistic doodles and polaroids up on your fridge. Home decor at it's finest.

10.)  You do some weird-ass shit.
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You live together and there's nowhere to hide. Even if you didn't want people to know that you sing along to Knarls Barkley's 'Crazy' in a weird voice while you wash up, they're gonna. And truth is, they'll probably find it hilarious and love that you're a bit bonkers, because they are too. Before you know it, you'll be making up dance routines to the Pokemon theme tune in the kitchen, and hiding under one another's beds together. They're really random and bizarre memories that you'll look back on thinking 'WTF?!', but you love and cherish them oh-so-much.

11.) Creating a spectrum of new concoctions at pre-drinks
You always end up with half bottles of spirits that guests have left over from the previous pre-drinks, so what better way to use them up by putting them all together in one big cauldron of mixers, and see what you come up with. Some will be successful - Fruit Twist Fanta and gin - and some, not so much - sambuca with...anything. Ever. 

12.) Going out on a weeknight on a budget of £5
Student nights means student prices. Everyone will try and lure you in with their special offers they've got going on (and sometimes even carry you over their shoulder in order to get you to their dead empty club...) But, rejoice! This means after a fiver and a couple of drinks, you'll think you're Sasha Fierce strutting you're stuff in the club, when in reality, you're quite drunk and probably look like Betty Spaghetti falling over. Ah, the high life.

13.) Crawling into one another's bed unexpectedly is completely acceptable

 When you're upset/hungover/stressed/all of the above, you can run upstairs, knock on your housemate's door and climb into their bed and vent or cry your little heart out, no questions asked.

14.) You always have friends there 24/7 
You can literally run across the hall to your roommate when your freaking out cause youe ex has crept back into your life unexpectedly, or crawl up the stairs to them as a hot mess when you're hungover. They'll make you tea when you're sad, cook you pancakes when you're happy, post pictures and sprinkle confetti all over the house when it's your birthday, make sure you've not fallen into the bathtub at 4am when you're drunk, make sure you're up for uni at an ungodly hour, dye your hair for you, and just be there for you. You're just surrounded by these people who are pretty damn great!
You grow with them, You learn with them. You live with your friends and they become you're home. 

It's a fucking fantastic time. 

What do you miss about your uni time?

Stay happy!
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  1. Reading this made me dread graduating uni even more!! All so true!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

    1. Aw, i'm jealous you're still there - just enjoy it all! Hope it all goes well :)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting - make you you follow and pop by again!