Monday, 19 January 2015

Week by Numbers: graduation 2.0

This week has been pretty much centered around my graduation, so unsurprisingly, that's what a lot of my favourite things have been about.

7 favourites...
1.) Lo and behold boys & girls, but lil' old me now had 2 degrees! Amy Lo, MA & BA - which as my brother points out, I now have more letters behind my name than in my a chula surname... 
This is my 2nd graduation, but someone i felt more emotional and excited about it. As I've mentioned before, I have somewhat of a connection and love with Sheffield, so celebrating the time I spent there, with all that I had achieved and learnt with the people I've met there, just made me really happy. It was just the most lovely day, every part of it that I think back to, brings a smile to me face.

2.) And this sense of happiness wasn't just felt by me, but walking out in my silly hat, with my certificate in hand, to see my dad with the biggest grin across his face just oozing with - what I assume is pride - made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks for all you've done and your support Mama & Pops, I'll never be able to tell you enough.

3.) And the happiness trickles to my friends, who I genuinely do not know how I would've gotten through this year without. And what better way to celebrate our achievements together than by going out in they city we bonded, and clink some glasses together and dance madly around to Proud Mary and Christina Aguilera.

4.) During said night out, me and my friend Kim went skipping around the dance floor, providing a social service of sorts to humanity, stressing the importance of appreciating your best friends (after locking both of us in one toilet cubicle and telling each other how much we love one another haha). Our speech went like so: "Do you have a best friend? Do you connect with them? We're best friends and we connect all the time! CHERISH YOUR BEST FRIEND!" It may have been the Desperados talking, but I wholeheartedly stand by this statement. Don't take your besties for granted yo!

5.) Graduation also made me realise how many people care about me, which sounds stupid, but we kind of just trot along with life and sometimes forget to let people know how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate them - and that's coming from a pretty sentimental gal. But between friends whopping for me when I went on stage, to my brothers texting congrats and other soppy things to me, I'm one lucky bunny who's has a lot of love and support.

6.) If that wasn't enough - what else does a girl need?! - I also received a pretty, amazing and extravagant graduation which left me pretty giddy and speechless. When I graduated last time, my parents wanted to get my something as a present for all my hard work, but there was nothing that I really wanted or needed, so I said don't bother. This time, they took it upon themselves and this beautiful floral leather jacket from Mulberry is now mine for keeps!

7.) And what do you after graduation when you're pretty badly hungover? Binge on yet another series on Netlfix of course. This time round, it's Brooklyn Nine Nine, which when I first saw the adverts of, I wasn't too keen on and thought it was trying too hard, but my god, was I wrong. It's brilliantly written and the cast are fantastic. The humour's sharp, clever and witty, and there's a bonkers and amazing character for everyone to fall in love with. I watched the whole 1st series in one day, and my crush on Andy Samberg has also gone from pretty pedestrian to ridiculous. 

3 thoughts...
"How can I still be obsessed and listen to George Ezra's album non-stop from beginning to end a whole flipping year later?! God I love that boy and that voice..."
"Ahhh I'm so happy and all these people make me happy and I don't want graduation to end!"
"This is horrific and I'm not going to drink ever again and I just want this day to end so the suffering can stop."

1 outfit...
top:ASOS, skirt:ASOS, bag:Next, shoes:ASOS
Since this week has been graduation based, why stop here? Along with my gap and gown silly hat and cape, I had a silver and black embellished, pastel blue co-ord outfit on, along with what are now turning into my favourite heels. They're strappy, spotty and glittery - such fun! Much like this bag. Who said graduations had to be serious?!

How was your week?

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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