Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Sparkles

I'm not gonna lie, January has really smacked me around the face and been a bit of struggle for me this year. I think I finally realised the real meaning of January Blues, and it's not a barrel of fun I can tell ya...
As a result of that, I've unapologetically spent days on end in wooly jumpers and bright coloured sweats binging on Netflix.

But dressing bottom half like Paris Hilton circa 2000 aside, I've been brightening up my January with metallic, shimmering goodness - from twinkle toes to skirts paired with backless wonders.
Oh, and not forgetting silver patterned trousers, complete with Delboy coat, which is the warmest, snuggliest thing in the world, and the best find I've ever discovered at a vintage store.
(Don't know who Delboy is? First of all, shame on you, secondly, google and youtube that legend)
It's been cold, and I mean so freezingly cold that it hurts - soz Elsa, the cold really DID bother me anyway - so stepping outside the house with less than 5 layers is just unacceptable. Hence the cowl-polo neck and additional hat. 

So any additional furry and warming wonders is always a must. And if they're dripping in multi-coloured fun, then that's a plus.
Or you could throw caution to the wind and chuck all sensibility and layers out of the window. As long as your boots are high enough to go over your knees, that's fine, right?
What else can you brighten up a grey January day with I hear you say? Anything that will make you aww or LOL. That includes foxes paired with pinafores (who said they were just for school?)
And as for a if all else fails, feel safe in the knowledge that your bum's having a sassy chuckle. Some cheeky treats from Victoria's Secret (pun intended), should do the trick!
Stay happy!
Until next time...

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