Sunday, 28 December 2014

Week by Numbers: Christmas, rolling pins & Ariel

The excitement of Christmas is well & truly settling to make way for the New Year. So while you pick at the last bits of your Christmas dinner that's leftover (seriously, we've still got turkey to tackle in the Lo household), why don't you sit back, relax - go on, make that cuppa, I'll wait - and scroll on through my week of all things festive.

7 favourites...

1.) Another week, another Christmas jumper: 'Kissing guys for mince pies'. I like to have a Christmas jumper for every occasion - I've got novelty ones that friends LOL at, and fairisle one I whip out for more stylish affairs - and this, is perfect for when I'm feeling a bit cheeky (which is 90% of the time).

2.) As you've gathered by now, I fucking love Christmas. Everything from the food to the fun and games. But when it comes down to it, the thing that makes me the happiest about the festive period, is seeing my family and the ones I love.

As the little diddy 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' says: 'Faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us once more.

And, of course, my dad ended Christmas by falling asleep in front of the telly. LAD.

3.) It may be because it's the season of giving. Or it may be because it's the season for gluttony, but I've been baking like Mary Berry on speed. Gingerbread for get-togethers, cranberry and white chocolate cupcakes for gifts, and mince pies for Santa, naturally.

4.) I grew up with 2 siblings of lego-builders, so when it comes to gifts, there's a high possibility that there's one that requires building. This year, the stakes were raised, and we moved onto nanoblocks, which may be the most fiddly things in the world. But the end result is so damn cute.

5.) Snow! I know snow is a pain after a while, and I try to avoid driving in it at all costs. But it still feels as magical and beautiful to me now as it did when I was little when I see that first snowfall. This is the first time my 2-year-old nephew has ever encountered snow too, and his reaction to seeing it falling, and touching it for the first time, was truly adorable as he watched on with amazement. I think my heart might have burst.

6.) The I.T Crowd. I'm VERY late to the party, but I put it on on Netflix on a whim when I was unpacking when I got home last week. A week later, I've watched it all from beginning and end, and now have a unhealthy appreciation of Richard Ayoade's humour and Chris O'Dowd's accent.

7.) I am very lucky to not only be able to spend my holidays surrounded with love, family and food, but also to receive gifts, for which I'm always grateful for. This year, not only did I get some beautiful, decent headphones to stop myself being crappy, cheap ones that constantly break, a book of one of my favourite people who makes me cackle like a witch, but I also got an Ariel doll. Yes, I know i'm 22, but you should've seen my face when I ripped open the paper and realised what lied beneath the paper. It was a flashback to me as an excited 6-year-old.

Little Mermaid for life yo!

3 thoughts...
"I never want to eat again..."
"Did someone say cheese board?"

1 outfit...


I had festive fawns prancing around my dress for Christmas day, complete with red lips and bow. This was until I had to changed into my onesie to optimise my potential to eat more food. Priorities right?

What did you do to spend your holidays this year?

Stay happy!

Until next time...


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    1. Aw thanks Helen! - love your blog! Your red skirt and beaded black jumper outfit is so cute :)
      Please do stop back again soon! x