Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Step into Christmas!

When the 1st of December rolls around, I am Little Miss.Christmas.

The Christmas jumper will be on, the festive songs will be on full blast and I will have already eaten a whole box of mince pies.

My and my 2 housemates that I lived with at uni (they're becoming a bit of a regular feature on here now aren't they?) used to have a yearly tradition to go to Winter Wonderland every winter, and forget about all our deadlines and other uni-related stresses, while eating chocolate covered churros and soak in all the festive fairy lights.

However last year this tradition got broken due to all of us being silly-busy. And the thing is the times we did go to Winter Wonderland, yeah we felt all festive and fuzzy inside, but honestly, we didn't do THAT much.

So this year, we ventured onto new pastures, and hopped on over to Winterville at Victoria Park. And boy, did we do lots of activities!

We devoured into crab burgers (mine had pickled cucumbers, chili and wasabi mayo in - yum!), sipped on hot toddys and mulled wine to keep us warm, laughed like mad as we got spun round like mad on fairground rides, and then, we only went along and did one of my favourite fun things.

Ever since me and Hannah went one summer (here - deja vu!), I wanted to get better at it and after buying my own roller skates at a bargin, I have a blast on them! 
I'm still no pro, I mean, there were guys and gals there dancing around on them, and I just stared at them in awe. And they, are my aim.

Dressed in a Christmas jumper (naturally)...

And a great big lilac tutu - because why not...

And my Ace of Hearts at hand, we scooted along. 

I mean, when your outfit of the day is this...'s pretty great.

After wearing ourselves out like a couple of kids running around in the park, we made out way home, and as we were walking to the station, a guy behind me said, "Excuse me. My little girl was just telling me how much she loved your skirt and wanted me to tell you!" 
Isn't that the sweetest thing! It brought a big smile onto my face, but if only she knew how much room I took up on the tube home...

Do you know why I love Christmas so much? 

Yes, stuffing yourself silly with food is fantastic.
Yes, wrapping up presents for others makes me feel like an excited lil' elf (and getting gifts ain't too shabby either).
Yes, the tinkling lights and cheesy songs make me feel all sparkly and magical - even more so than usual.
And yes, spending time with the ones you love is something that is priceless.
But at Christmas, everyone seems to band together. Everyone just seems, nicer somehow. Friendlier. You forget all your troubles, squabbles, worries and stresses that you may have, and just let go.

What your favourite thing about Christmas?

Stay happy!
Until next time,

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