Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Five.

You know how each one of us is attracted to certain qualities in a person? Qualities that make our heart flutter and fancy the pants off them?

And I'm not talking about having blonde hair and blue eyes.

No, stuff that's much more deeper and meanigful than that.

I've wanted to make a post like this ever since I watched Will Darbyshire's video, where he writes a letter to his future wife. I'm not really a video person, and more a writing type of gal, but I decided to give it a shot. But after attempting a video, complete with horrendous bloopers, I couldn't put across what I wanted to say down in words, and it ended up seeming as superficial as I tried to avoid it from being.

That was until I read a post on the Man Repeller, about the top 5 criteria.
This is a list of 5 criteria that are most important to you when it comes to someone you mgiht approach into a relationship with. And as she puts it, it's important to be specific and positive, rather an negative. Because no-one wants an unkind, mean, stupid and horrible partner.

It's about stuff that really matters. Not just listing the thing physical attributes of your teenage heartthrrob that you plastered posters of around your room.

So, without further ado, here's mine...

1.) Love their food.
I love my food. Like, you will find me talking about how amazing food is, whilst I'm eating amazing food. Food and I have had a bit of a rollercoaster relationship, after having a rather chubby exterior while growing up. But I love the healthy stuff as much as the naughty stuff (and it's just as delicious most of the time!), whether it's cooking or dining out, food is more than just something to keep me alive. And I love so many different aspects of it - a world of traditional British grub, sophisticated sushi and endless mountains of pasta, wouldn't be enough! Dinner and good food is a big part of my family as well. It brings us together - whether through happiness or sadness. So dining out on McDonalds every night just isn't gonna cut it soz.

2.) Be Passionate.
About something. Anything.  I've been out with people who don't really have an opinion on anything. And it starts getting a bit tiresome trying to drag out some interest for a conversation. Anime, cooking, 1950s detective movies - anything! Have something that you love, not only for yourself, but then I don't feel as bad when I spend hours going on and on about why Elie Saab is the designer to make all girl's princess dreams come true. And just be passionate about it! 
(As well as being passionate in some other aspects in a relationship too...)

3.) Family-mad
I'm a proper family girl. Nothing fills my heart with as much joy as when my whole family gets together. I'd want you to get involved when my brothers challenge a duel on MarioKart, or my dad wants to share a tipple of cognac. And I'd want to feel like part of your family too. I've been in relationships where this has happened before, and it become so much more meaningful and homely.
The same goes with friends. As the Spice Girls once so poignantly said, 'if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends'. Truth girls, truth.

4.) Not scared of intimacy or their feelings
Not necessarily proclaiming your love via a poem on MSN (yes, this has actually happened to me...), but also, I don't want to be guessing or trying to suss out how you feel about me or what you think about us. I've been in the situation before where I spend every second worrying and analysing, and it's not fun I can tell you..

5.) A big kid at heart
This doesn't mean immature. They're 2 completely different things. I care and work hard at my career and life, but also, I'm a massively young at heart. I'm a big believer in work hard, play hard, and when it comes to playtime, anything goes. I've been in a relationship where all fun and ridiculous ideas were thrown out of the windows and it made me feel like an idiot who needed to grow up. Surely being with someone where you can't fully be yourself, can't be healthy. So, please don't completely write it off when I suggest we go hunting for all the Paddington bear sculptures with marmalade sandwiches in our hands. When I get excited about a night out where there's a bouncy castle and a dance machine, I'd love it if you already had your Pac-man socks on ready to bounce (this is an actual event I've been to. It was amazing. Obviously).

One of the best present I've ever received is a box filled with Haribo heart sweets.

People say they don't know where all the single people are anymore, and I just think, 'Look around! They're everywhere!'
Could it be that people are so used to seeking and talking via the screens that they stare out, that they don't know how to talk to people in person anymore?
So go on - go talk to that person you've been looking at all night, and if there's a spark there, be nice & go for it! 
What have you got to lose?!
But most of well, just be yourself and don't worry!
 Things will happen when they're meant to.

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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