Wednesday, 3 December 2014

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Unashamedly, one of my favourite colours is pink.

Yes it's stereotypically girly. Yes, it's mainly pink of the pastel varirety that you'll see me in. But I do love it oh so much. Even after all my years of tomboy-loving of navy blue and Addidas tracksuits.

So it's no surprise that my love of this sugary shade, goes hand-in-hand with my love with Mean Girls.

I quote Mean Girls nearly every day of my life. So to save the muscles in my mouth - I jabber on enough anynway! - what better way to fulfil my inner Cady Heron than with this extrmemly quotable t-shirt.

Complete with pink skirt and scarf, both in a knitted fashion, and a shearing lined denim jacket, I was ready to take on anything real world - or girl world - had to throw at me!

Oh, and the piece de resistance? This fantasticly fluffy bag.

Can someone say Cher Horowitz?

You know how magpies are attracted to sparkly and shiny things? That's me, but with fluffy things.
tshirt:Tee Island, skirt:ASOS,  jacket:Topshop, bag:Topshop, boots:Topshop

And this little fella is like my new bestie when it comes to fun frolics and adventures!

This alphabet scarf is also quite a little find. 

It's the softest thing that you would wrap yourself in to warm yourself up this Winter, and not only can you get a letter personalised to your name or initial, but also all the proceeds of it goes to charity - pretty pastels, cozy and charitable, what more do you need!

You can get your very own one here. All profits go to Alder Hey Children's Hospital Charity. 

During the weekend excursion to the country that this outfit accompanied me to, I enlisted the help of my good ol' friend Hannah. She lives half and hour from the Big Smoke, and that meant only 30 minutes until rolling hills - Yes!

As much as I love London and all it's fun, food and places to frolic, the country-loving girl in me does miss seeing green grass, stepping in muddy grounds and not constantly having bright lights shining.

And you definitely wouldn't come across a group of deers in the capital!

We went to Woburn Abbey and Gardens, where we stumbled over a secret rainforest garden...

She took me to Woburn - and was top tour guide may I add - which was beyond adorable (eveb the post boxes are precious!)

We wondered around muddy fields aimlessly, chatted over warm cups of tea, ate in a cozy pub with a roaring fire, and even had a mug of festive winter Pimms to tie it all up (trust me, it's a winner!)

Although we both work in London now, we never have time to see one another. And it was just so lovely to spend some downtime doing pretty much nothing.

Literally, the only word I can use to desicrbe that day, is lovely.
And just the much needed escape that I needed.

Stay happy!
Until next time...

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